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Book2 U3 L2 The Internet

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Lesson 3
The Internet

Question: What is your usually used ways of communication ? 1、Making a call 2、Sending a message through the phone 3、Writing a letter 4、Chatting on the Internet 5、Sending an e-mail

Look and say: What can you do on the Internet ?

Read and choose:
Nowadays, getting online for information has become popular. Thanks to the Internet, a world of information is just a click(咔嗒声) away. A computer user can communicate with The rest of the world. E-mail can send out message quickly and safely. Doctors may cure their patients over the Internet. Students may get new knowledge through the Internet.

Businessmen can do e-business on the Net. In fact, the Internet has been a communication medium. Many companies have already discovered how to use the Internet successfully. They are using the Web to buy and sell goods. And they also serve customers and work together with business partners on the Net. In short, with its high speed and efficiency (效率), the Internet will be very popular in the near future.

1、What does “e-business” mean in the B passage? It means ___ A.we buy things in shops B. we can buy and sell things on the Net C. we buy things over the D. electronic economy A 2、The best title for this passage is___ A.The Internet B. E-business C. Surfing the Net D. Getting online


have/ has + 动词的过去分词

否定句的构成: have/ has+ not+ 过去分词 Have/Has+ 主语+ 过去分词 一般疑问句的构成: 2、现在完成时的主要用法:表示过去发生或已 经完成的某一动作对现在造成的结果或影响; 表示过去已经开始,持续到现在的动作或状态。

1、 Read the passage again and write the Sentences with the present perfect tense 2、Use “have, has, hasn’t, haven’t” to fill in the blanks.

Teacher Have you ever had an e-mail address? Has Zhang Lili ever had an email address?

Student A

Student B

have Yes, I _____. I No, I have haven’t _____ had one __________. since 2005. Yes, she No, she has hasn’t ______. She _______ never has ______ had had one. one for 4 years.

Grammar: the present perfect tense

Task 6 Pre-view Lesson 4

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