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Smoking is bad for our health. Does your father or people around you smoke? If he does, talk about how to persuade him to give up smoking with your partner.

Look at the following pictures and tell what we must do and mustn’t or Don’t do.

1. Don’t arrive late for class. 2. Don’t run in the hallways. 3. Don’t eat in the classroom.

4. Don’t speak loudly in classroom.

5. Don’t leave classroom freely. 6. Don’t speak without the teacher’s admission in class. 7. Don’t fight with others. 8. Don’t throw rubbish away. 9. Don’t say bad words to others.

Work in pairs. Talk about your school rules and write them down. Then tell them to the whole class.

Let’s learn some healthy habits.
Healthy Habits


/ cup mud love


/ father start hard
/ lot not wash

1. article n. 文章;物品;条款;[语]冠 词 e.g. His article has never appeared in print. 他的文章从未出版过。

2. smoke n. 烟;抽烟 v. 吸烟;以烟熏;冒烟 e.g. Smoke is coming out of the chimney. 烟囱正冒着烟。 Do you smoke? 你抽烟吗?

3. even adv.甚至 e.g. Even a child can answer it. 甚至连小孩都能回答这个问题。 4. necessary adj. 必要的;必然的 e.g. Do you have the necessary skills for this job? 你具备做这项工作所必需的技能吗?

5. active adj. 活跃的;积极的;起作用 的;灵活的 e.g. He is an active member of the school's stamp club. 他是学校集邮俱乐部的一名活跃会员。

选出恰当的单词完成下列句子,有的 需要变换形式。
litter, article, necessary, cause, energy 1. Did you read the article about _____ cancer in the newspaper yesterday? 2. Did they know what _____ the fire? cause

3. Please take your _____ away litter

with you.
4. The food can give us ______ for energy the whole day. 5. It’s _________ for you to have sports. necessary

根据括号内的要求改写下列句子,每空 一词(含缩略形式)。
1. Mike feels terrible. (改为否定句) Mike doesn’t____ terrible. ______ feel 2. His brother often smokes. (改为一般疑问句) ____ Does his brother often ______? smoke

3. I felt tired because I went to bed late
last night. (对划线部分提问)

____ ____ Why did you feel tired?

Make a survey about your classmates’ bad habits, write them down, and give them advice.

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