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新目标英语九年级unit3 第二课时(2013 新)

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Unit 3

Teenagers should be allowed
to choose their own clothes. Period 2

1.继续运用第一课时所学内容来谈论家规 和校规。 2.so+助动词+主语结构。 3.掌握本课时的短语。

根据中文完成句子。 1. 应该允许青少年选择自己的服装。 Teenagers ______ ___ ______ to choose should be allowed their own clothes.
2. 安娜想穿耳洞。 Anna wants to get her ____ pierced ___ ___ ears ______.

sixteen-year-olds I think ________________ shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

1. Can Sun Fei go out on school nights? No, she can’t. 2. Can Sun Fei study at a friend’s house? Yes, she can. 3. Who is allowed to go to the movies with friends on Friday? Both Sun Fei and Wu Yu.

4. Does Sun Fei have to be home by
10:00 p.m?

Yes, she does. 5. What isn’t Wu Yu allowed to do?
She isn’t allowed to get her ears pierced.

Sun Fei

Wu Yu

Don’t go out on school Don’t go out on school nights. nights. You can study at a friend’s You can go to the movies with friends on Friday nights. house. Don’t go out after 10:00 pm. You can choose your own clothes. You can go to the movies with friends on Friday Don’t get your ears pierced. nights. You can go shopping with friends on Saturday afternoons.

Useful sentences and expressions

1. have a lot of rules 2. at one’s house 3. for example 4. stay at home 5. on school nights 6. study at a friend’s house

7. go to the movies 8. on Friday nights 9. to be home by 10:00 pm 10. on Saturday afternoons 11. go shopping with… 12. choose one’s own… 13. get one’s ears pierced

Useful sentences
1. —We have a lot of rules at my house. —So do we. Jim works hard on his Chinese, and ________. A. so Lucy does B. so is Lucy C. so does Lucy D. so Lucy is C。当后者的情况和前者一样时,常用 “so+系动词/助动词/情态动词+主语”结 构,意为“……也……”。

2. So do we. 我们家也是(有)。
1) 用副词 too 多用于口语,句末, 肯定句/问句. either 多用于口语,句末, 否定句表 “……也一样”, also 多用正式文体,句中近动词, 各句型。 2) 用倒装 陈述部分肯定用 “so+谓动+ 主语” 陈 述部分否定用 “nor/neither+谓动+ 主语”。 3) 相关:so +主语+助动词 确实如此

1.----I have changed my job. -----________. A.So do I B.So have I C. So I do D. So I have 2.---Did you go to Nacy’s birthday party last night? ----Yes, I did . _______. A.So did Tom B.So Tom did C. Tom did so D. Tom went so 3.---Zhou ming likes reading English magazines. ----________It’s good for English learning. A.So do I B.So am I C. So I do D. So I am

4.----Peter ,I will visit our teacher this Sunday. ----_____.Let’s go together. A.Not do I B. I will so C. So will I D. So I have 5.If you want to see the movie this evening, so____I. A. do B.am C. will D. does

6.----My brother and I will go to the library tomorrow.----

_____.Shall we go together? A.So do I B.So will I C. So I do D. So I will 7.----I never drink coffee.----_______. A.So do I B.So did I C..Neither did I D.Neither do I

8.---Tom, I’m watching a football match,what about you? ----_______. A.So do I B.So am I C. So I do D. So I am 9 .--- Hi, Kate. We're going to help Grandma Li with her housework this Saturday afternoon. --- _____________. A.So I am B.So do I C.So I do D.So am I

3b PAIRWORK Role play. Cover the conversation in 3a and practice. Use the information in the chart.

A: What rules do you have at home? B: Well, I’m not allowed to go out on school nights. How about you? A: I’m not allowed to go out on school nights, either. But I can … (eg. study at a friend’s house)

1.so+ 助动词+主语 和…一样 也 相关:so +主语+助动词 确实如此 2. on school nights 在上学时间的每个晚上 3. what about/how about doing sth …怎么样?(表 示建议) 4. go shopping 去购物 5. stay up 醒着不睡 6. clean up 打扫、清除 7. stay at home 待在家里

1.复习本单元的生词和已学过的有用的 短语。 2.预习第第三课时,完成讲学稿及课时 训练课前准备的练习题 。 3.完成p20 .4 的内容。 4.完成第二课时训练的练习。

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