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1.[bla?z] 2.[ˊb?r??] 3.[?mˊp?tnt] 4.['da:ns??] 5.['m?dn]

6.[ m?t?] 7.[ˊh?stri] 8.[ t?e?nd?] 9.['d?fr?nt] 10. [ dri:m]

三、单项选择 从每题A B C D中选出一个正确的答案。(本题共15分,每题1分)

( )1.My sister likes music

A. a B . an C the. D.不填

( ) 2 I hope our dreams

A comes true B come true C to come true D coming true

( ) 3. Mo Yan looks _______when he gets the Nobel Prize for literature.(诺贝尔文学奖)

A. happily B. happy C. sorry D. really

( )4. Her parents ______ from Shanghai.

A. are all B. all are C. both are D. are both

( )5. They give us some candy ______a treat.

A. like B. for C. in D. as

( )6. On the Spring Festival, we often eat ______.

A. mooncakes B. chocolate eggs C. dumplings D. rice dumplings

( )7. _______can help you keep healthy.

A. Do exercise B. Doing exercise C. Do exercises D. Doing exercises

( )8. The student _______a lot of money _______books.

A. takes; toB. takes; buying C. spends; on D. spends; to buying

( )9. The price of the computer is not _____ but cars are very _________.

A. high; expensive B. expensive; high

C. high;high D. expensive;expensive

( )10.— ____________, sir?

—I’d like to buy a gift for my friend.

A.Can you help me B. What can I do for you

C. How are you D. What about you

( )11.—How often do you clean your classroom? —_________.

A.Last week B.In the afternoon C.For ten minutes D.Every day

( )12.His aunt always_________ a black dress.

A.put on B.puts on C.wear D.wears

( ) 13.She doesn’t know________.

A.what she can do it B.what to do it C.how to do D.how to do it

( )14.The white trainers are nice.Can I________?

A.try it on B.try on it C.try them on D.try on them

( ) 15.________you often late for school?

A.Do B.are C.Is D.Does



After high school, many students go to college(大学). They can go to a small or a large one. They usually have to ( ) 1. A. student B. school C. class D. teacher ( ) 2. A. of B. on C. at D. in ( ) 3. A. winter B. autumn C. summer D. spring ( ) 4. A. two B. three C. four D. five ( ) 5. A. day B. week C. month D. year ( ) 6. A. July B. August C. September D. October ( ) 7. A. two B. a second C. the second D. second ( ) 8. A. Many B. Much C. Lot of D. A lot ( ) 9. A. the school B. school C. schools D. a school ( ) 10. A. from B. to C. and D. or ( ) 11. A. classes B. class C. the class D. one class ( ) 12. A. many B. a few C. a little D. a lot of ( ) 13. A. school B. high school C. college D. middle school ( ) 14. A. to get B. to take C. have D. give ( ) 15. A. to B. for C. in D. on


D. Math

( ) 1. What lesson do they have at 1:45 p.m. on Wednesday? A. Physics

B. Chemistry C. History

( ) 2. Do they have lessons at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday? A. Yes, they do

B. No, they don’t

C. We can’t know from the table(表). D. None of the above. ( ) 3. On Friday, a physics lesson begins at _______. A. 9:10 a.m.

B. 10:30 a.m. C. 1:45 p.m. D. 3:00 p.m.

( ) 4. When do they have an English lesson?

A. Only on Tuesday B. Only on Friday

C. On Tuesday and Friday D. Every day ( ) 5. How many kinds of lessons do they have in a week? A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6


Everyone hopes to have a healthy lifestyle. But do you know what a healthy lifestyle is like? Here are some ways that lead to(导致) a healthy lifestyle.

Get active(积极的)

This is the most important way of a healthy lifestyle. Walking, running and playing basketball and other sports will help you keep healthy.

If your job needs long hours of sitting, get up often and walk. Don’t let laziness(懒惰) stop your body and mind. Be active at your workplace, around your neighborhood(邻近地区) and wherever(无论那里) possible.

Keep clean

Keep the places around you clean. Cleanliness(清洁)can create(创造) a healthy lifestyle. Unclean(不干净 ) and untidy(不整齐) places can not only make you angry but also make you ill.

Eat healthily

Our health depends on(依赖于)our food, so everyone should remember to eat healthy food. The healthier food you eat, the healthier you will be.

Live green

This is the easiest way to live a healthy lifestyle. Plant trees around your house. Try your best to save water. Stop using things that are bad for the .

( )6.Which is the most important way to have a healthy lifestyle?

A. Living green. B. Keeping clean. C. Eating healthy. D. Getting active.

( )7. How many ways does the passage tell the people to have a healthy lifestyle?

A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Five.

( )8. Which is the easiest way to live a healthy lifestyle?

A. Getting active. B. Living green. C. Keeping clean. D. Eating healthy.

( )9. What does the underlined word “environment” mean in Chinese?

A.空气 B. 矿藏 C. 环境

( )10. How will unclean places make people feel?

A. Excited. B. Sad. C. Happy and healthy. D. Angry and ill.


Once there was an old man in a town. He always forgot a lot of things. So his wife always had to say to him, “Don’’”“ t tforget this! ”

One day he went on a long trip alone. Before he left home, his wife said, “Now you have all these things. They are what you need for your trip. Take care of your things during the trip.” He went to the station, bought a ticket and got on the train with it.

About half an hour later, the conductor began to see the tickets. He came to the old man and said, “Will you please show me your ticket?” The old man looked for his ticket in all his pockets, but he could not find it. He was very worried. “I can’t find my ticket. I really bought a ticket before I got on the train.”said the old man.

“I believe you bought a ticket. All right, you don’t have to buy another one,”said the conductor(检票员) kindly. “But how can I know where I’m going? I can’t remember my station!”the old man said sadly.

( )11.The old man in the story was very . D.垃圾

A. kind B. poor C. forgetful D. sad

( )12.Where is the ticket? A. The old man forgot go buy it.

B. The old man could not remember where it was.

C. The old man showed it to the conductor.

D. The old man’s wife took the ticket away.

( )13.The old man bought the ticket A. after B. before C. as D. when

( A. didn’t believe B. laughed at C. believed(相信) D. felt sorry for

( A. he had to buy another ticket.

B. he lost all the things his wife gave him.

C. he did not know where he was.

D. He did not know where he should get off.


This is my first day in our new school. In the morning, I help my new teacher Mr. Hu put some new English textbooks into a big box. And then I carry it to the classroom. The box is very heavy.

I walk very slowly(慢) with the big heavy box in my arms. A boy runs very fast to me. He can’t stop(停止). Oh, dear! My box drops on the floor and there are books everywhere on the floor.

'I’m very sorry.' The boy says again and again. He helps me to pick up(捡起) all the books. He then helps me to carry the books to our classroom.

Who is he? He is my classmate. His name is Jim. He comes to China with his father. He comes from England.

( ) 16. In the morning, I help ________to carry the box to our classroom.

A. my parents B. my new classmate C. my new teacher D. my good friend Jim

( ) 17. My box drops on the floor because________.

A. I walk very slowly with it B. I walk very fast with it

C. Jim walks very slowly to me D. Jim runs very fast and he can’t stop

( ) 18. Jim is new. He is ________.

A. an American boy B. an English boy C. a teacher D. a Chinese boy

( ) 19. Later, ________ carry the box of books to our classroom.

A. Jim and I B. Jim, Mr.Hu and C. Mr. Hu and Jim D. some of my classmate and I

( ) 20. Jim and I are _________.

A. the same age B. in the same bedroom C. in the same class D. Mr. Hu’s workmates


1.This pair of jeans _______ (look) nice.

2.Do you know where _______ (go)?

3.He spends two hours _______ (do) homework every day.

4.Taizhou is a good place ____________( live ) in for the old.

5.It’s nine o’clock. Tom and I _____________( chat ) on the Internet.

6.. There are lots of 7.I changed my diet because I want to be (health).

(three) stop.

9.Show ____(my) your sharpener, please.

10.They knock on their _________ (neighbour) doors and shout.


Everyone in our school loves sports. Every morning after we get up, we do morning exercises. After the second class, we do exercise again. (1)We only have P.E classes t_______ a week, b_______ we do exercise at five every afternoon. The most popular sport is basketball. The boys enjoy playing it and some of the girls like it, too .Another popular sport is football and in.every class there are a lot of football fans. We play volleyball when the weather is good. 友谊赛)with teams from other schools. When there is a match, many of us go to watch it and cheer for our side.(为我们队喝彩).

Besides(除了)ball games, some of us like track and field events(田径项目). We often practice running and jumping. Every term we have a sports meeting. Sports help us to keep fit and healthy(保持健康结实)。

1. 在(1)处 填上适当的词,使句子通顺正确。___________ ___________

2. 把(2)处划线部分的句子译成中文。


3.回答问题:How often do we have a sports meeting?



Both boys and some of the girls like playing it.




八、缺词填空 根据短文内容及所给首字母,填写所缺单词,使短文意思通顺、语法正确。每空一词。(10分)

On morning, Millie and Amy went to Sunshine Park. They love to there .As u a whisper. They were frightened . They ran away. On their back , they Andy. Andy helped them find the ghost. It was a cat. They of it. The next Sunday, Millie and a good time there.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.





2. 喜欢听音乐,打篮球;





My name is Wang Li and I’m 13 years old.



1---5 CAABA 6----10 ABBAB 11---15 CABBA



1---5 DBBDD 6----!0 DBCAB 11----15 DDDCB

四、完形填空 (15分) 1—5 BDCAD 6--10 CCABD 11--15 BDCAB


1----5 ABCCC 6----10 DCBCD 11---15 CBBCD 16 ----20 CDBAC


1.looks 2.to look 3.doing 4.to live 5.are chatting

6.potatoes 7.healthy 8.third 9.me 10.neighbours”


1. twice, but

2. 我们有校篮球、足球和排球队。

3. Every term. / Once a term / Twice a school year.

4. The boys enjoy playing it and some of the girls like it, too.

5. Everyone in our school loves sports.

八、缺词填空 (10)

1.Sunday 2. chat 3.usual 4.heard 5.way

6. met 7. white 8.center 9. care 10. had


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