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How many children are there in your class? –66 Can we put our coats here? –Yes, you can. How many pens do you have? –I have 2 pens. Can I see your licence? –Yes, you can

How are you? –I’m fine, thanks. 3. 重要的词组与句型 初一英语知识点 How is your father? –He’s well.

How do you do? –How do you do? Where is she? –I think she’s at home. Where is the washroom? –It’s over there. Where are her photos? –They’re on the wall.

Which is your friend? –The one in a hat. What’s your name? –I’m Liu Ying. –My name is Liu Ying.Which boy is Tom? –The boy on the bike. What’s your number? -I’m Number One. Whose clock is this? -It’s his.

What class are you in? –I’m in Class Two Whose is this clock? -It’s his.

What grade are you in? –I’m in Grade One Whose shoes are these? -They’re mine. What row are you in? –I’m in Row One. 2. 一般疑问句

What row are they in? –They’re in Row 7 Are you Lin Tao? –Yes, I am.

What class is she in? –She’s in Class One, Grade OneAre you in Row 4? –Yes, I am. What colour is your bag? –It’s black. Are you ten? –Yes, I am.

What’s his number? -He’s Number One, in Row One.Are you English? –Yes, I am

What’s one plus two? -It’s three. Are these your English books? –Yes, they are. What’s this? -It is a clock. Are those your pens? –Yes, they are. What’s that in English? -It’s a book. Are we all here? –Yes, we are

What’re these? –They are books. Are they on her desk? –Yes, they are. What’re those? –They are cups. Are there two boys in the room? –Yes, there are What can you see in the picture? –I can see a clockAre there any girls in the room? –Yes, there are. What can she see? –She can see a dog. Is one plus two three? –Yes, it is. What’s in the room? –There is a desk. Is this a cup? –Yes, it is.

Who is this? –This is Joy. Is that a ruler? –Yes, it is.

Who is that? –That is David. Is it a cake? –Yes, it is.

Who’s not here? –Ann is not here. Is it on the desk? –Yes, it is.

Who isn’t at school today? –Li Ming and Wei FangIs everyone here today? –Yes, we are. Who’s that girl? –That’s my sister, Joy. Is she at school today? –Yes, she is. Who’s that man? –That’s my father. Is this your pencil-box? –Yes, it is. Who’s on duty today? –I am. Is that my cup? –No, it isn’t.

How old are you? –I’m eleven. Is there a bag on the bed? –Yes, there is. How old is she? –She’s seven. Do you know? –Yes, I do.

How old is Polly? –It’s two. Can you spell your name? –Yes, I can. (1)What’s …plus…? It’s… (2)What’s …minus…? It’s… (3)How old…? (4)What’s this in English? (5)in English (6)an English car (7)a Japanese jeep (8)I don’t know. (9)I think he is two. (10)This is Li Lei.这是李磊。 电话中表示“我是李磊”。 (11)Is that Tom? (12)How are you? –Fine, thanks. (13)Is Bill in? =Is Bill at home? (14)Is your friend a boy or a girl? (15)That’s right. (16)That’s wrong. (17)She is at home. (18)He is at school. (19)Where is she? (20)Excuse me, is this your book? (21)Here you are. –Thank you. (22)Thank you. –That’s all right. -That’s OK. –You are welcome. (23)It’s very good. –Thank you. (24)Come in, please. –Thank you. (25)on duty (26)Who’s on duty today? (27)Are we all here? (28)Who isn’t at school today? =Who isn’t here today? (29)two new students

(30)welcome to our class

(31)Please sit down over there. (32)Are you English? (33)look after the twins (34)This way, please. (35)in the same row (67)What colour is your purse? (68)a tree house (69)like to play

(70)a Young Pioneer

(71)How many children are there in your class? eight five =five past eight 8:15

eight fifteen=fifteen past eight=a quarter past eight8:30

eight thirty=half past eight (36)put our coats here (37)put them here (38)Let’s go. (39)twin sisters (40)twin brothers (41)look at the picture

(42)Can I see your licence? (43)have a big family

(44)go to the same school in Beijing (45)You look like Lucy’s hat. (46)go to No. 2 Middle School (47)Can you guess?

(48)have a seat =sit down (49)on the desk (50)behind the chair (51)under the bed (52)near the door

(53)What can you see in the room? (54)Can you see a book? (55)a picture of a classroom

(56)There is a map on the wall in the room. (57)a map of China (58)The door is locked. (59)We must find Miss Gao. (60)Can you help me? (61)Can I help you? (62)Isn’t it in your bag?

(63)There is some money in it. (64)Let me help you find it. (65)Don’t worry.

(66)There’s a purse in here. (72)There is only one. (73)They’re at work. (74)Let me count.

(75)Are there any pears in the picture? (76)There isn’t a cat here. =There is no cat here.

(77)There are not any cats here. =There are no cats here. (78)come on (79)a little cat (80)Can’t you see? (81)a very nice sweater (82)It looks very nice.

(83)I want a sweater like this.

(84)The man in the green car is his father. (85)The girl in red is Lucy. (86)come here

(87)Whose is this shirt? (88)Whose shirt is this? (89)Let me have a look. (90)put on

(91)What about…? =How about…?

(92)What’s the time? =What time is it? (93)give it to Mr. Hu (94)It’s time to get up. (95)go home go to school

go to the classroom (96)8:05


eight forty-five =fifteen to nine=a quarter to nine8:55

eight fifty-five=five to nine 1:58-2:02

two to two to two two (97)half past one

(98)It’s time for lunch. (99)It’s time for break. (100)play games 4.




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