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七年级下五单元 why do you like panda

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For ShiYi

第五次课 七下5 14/1/22 why do you like panda?





? 重点单词短语梳理:

1. 老虎 2. 大象 3. 树袋熊 4. 熊猫 5. 狮子

6. 长颈鹿 7. 动物 8. 象牙 9. 懒惰的 10. 聪明的

11.吓人的 12. 种类 13. 澳大利亚 14.非洲 15. 宠物

16. 友好的 17.羞怯的 18. 救助 19. 象征 20. 旗帜

21. 忘记 22. 地点 23. 危险 24.向下 25. 超过

1.有点儿 2. 用两条腿走路 3. 整天睡觉 4. 来自

5. 非常喜欢 6.象征之一 7. 走很久的路 8. 迷路

9. 有水和食物的地方 10. 处于巨大的危险之中 11. 砍伐

12. 为…而杀死 13. 由…制成的东西 14.第一面旗帜

15.和..一起玩 16. 安静 17.在夜间 ? 重点语法、句法:

1.--你为什么喜欢熊猫? ----因为他们有点儿有趣。

2.你喜欢哪些种类的动物呢? ---那些可爱的动物。


区别: kind & Kind of & kinds of & a kind of

1. A cat is __________ animal.

2. I'm _______ tired.

3. Mr Wang is a ______ teacher.

4. We all like our class teacher.She is _____ and ________humorous.

5. There are all ___________ book in our school library.


4.---袋鼠是来自与哪儿的? ---他们来自于澳大利亚。

5.---你是来自成都的嘛? ---不,我是来自北京的。 区别:be from $ come from







1. Li Ming didn't go out for a walk because of the rain.

Li Ming didn't go out for a walk because it __________ ____________.

2. Li Ming won't go to the meeting because he is ill. Li Ming won't go to the meeting because of ___________ __________.

3. Because of ur help, I can do this.

Because____ ____ ____, I can do this.

4. ----- what makes her so unhappy? ----- one of her favourite books.

A.Because she lost B.Because of her losing

C.shelost D.Her losing




区别:in great danger & dangerous

1. lt is ___________to go into a forest alone.

2. The old temple is_________,for it will be covered by floods.

3. The tiger is _________, and now some species are _________,because they are dying out.

13. 难道他不美吗?




? 小练:

part one:

1.There is_____________ elephant in the zoo,___________ elephant is from Africa.

A. a, the B. an, the C. /, an D a, an

2. I like penguins best, ______________ they’re my ___________ animals.

A. because, best B. why, best C. because, favorite D. why, favorite

3. They are good____________, they are very ______________.

A. friends, friends B. friends, friendly C. friendly, friends D. friendly, friendly

4. He likes his work, but it’s _____________ dangerous.

A. a kind of B. kinds of C. a kind D. kind of

5. She often ______________ the piano, she likes _____________ it very much.

A. plays, plays B. plays, playing C. playing, playing D. playing, plays

6. I want ___________ the lions, let’s ____________ them.

A. to see, to see B. see, to see

C. to see, see D. see, see

7. --- ____________ lions from? ---- They come from South Africa.

A. Where do B. Where are C. Where is D. Where

8. Elephants can remember places ____________ food and water, this helps them _______.

A. with, live B. with, to live

C. in, to live D. A and B

9. ____________ trees!

A. Not to cut down so many B. Don’t cut down so many

C. Not cut down so many D. Don’t cut down so much

10. People kill elephants ____________ their ivory.

A. with B. in C. for D to

Part two:

Animals are our friends. We can find different ______________of animals. Some animals are living _____________ big woods(森林). And some animals are living with ______________. Animals are very _________ to men. People can teach the elephants to do some heavy _______. And they can also teach the dogs to look ________ the house. A watch dog is very ___________ . It can help people in danger. Children ___________ dogs very much. _____________ children like to go to the zoo, _________ there are many animals in zoos. Zoo is a good place for children to get to know animals.


1.. -Would you like some more rice? .-Yes, Just ______.


Passage one:

Maria: Hello! May I speak to Emily, please?

is Emily speaking.

Emily: Yes, I’d like to. But do you know 4your mother likes? Maria: Of course I know. She likes a woolen sweater.

does she like?

dark blue to light blue.

shall we buy the dark blue sweater?

Maria: Let’s go to Renmin Street. There are a lot of big shops there.

Emily: Is it far from here?

. It's about three kilometers away. We’d better take a bus. Emily: Which bus shall we take?

us there.

Emily: When and where shall we meet?

the No. 8 bus stop. Emily: Ok. See you there at 2:30 this afternoon

Maria: See you later!

Passage two:

A: Who is your best friend, Ma Li?

B: Cathy.

is she a good friend?

things as I do. She is popular, too.

at sports, too?

athletic than me. I’d say we

are both pretty outgoing.

A: What else do you like about Cathy?

B: She is funnier I am, and she is wilder. I’m a quieter.


B: My best friend is Lana.


B: Well, she is a good listener, and she can secrets- that’s

important to me.

C: Is she a lot like you?

the same. We’re both tall, and we

quieter than me, and

she is also smarter. I’m more outgoing.

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