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河北 中考英语 陷阱选择题

( )1. --Which would you like, a cup of tea or a glass of milk?

-- ______. I think I’ll just have a glass of water.

A. Both B. Neither C. None D. Either ...

( )1. --Which would you like, a cup of tea or a glass of milk?

--- ______. I think I’ll just have a glass of water.

A. Both B. Neither C. None D. Either

( )2. I’ve never seen ______ match before.

A. such an exciting B. so an exciting C. such an excited D. so an excited

( )3. We usually _____ hello to each other.

A. tell B. talk C. speak D. say

( )4. She did the exercise again. She forgot _____ it.

A. to do B. doing C. do D. did

( )5. There _____ a great number of students over there. The number of the students ______ five thousand.

A. are, is B. are, are C. is, are D. is, is

( )6. I think he must be in the office now, ______?

A. don’t I B. mustn’t he C. isn’t he D. can’t he

( )7. --- How many people were there at the meeting? ----_______.

A. Nobody B. No one C. None D. Nothing

( )8. I _____ the mouse for 18 yuan in the supermarket.

A. paid B. bought C. cost D. spent

( )9. _____ of us felt very tired but quite happy after _____ sports meeting.

A. Everyone, a two days’ B. Every one, the two days

C. Every one, the two-day D. None, a two-day

( )10. --- Will you please _____ your radio a little? I can hardly go to sleep.

--- Oh, sorry.

A. turn off B. turn on C. turn down D. turn up

( )11. I’ll spend as much time as I can _____ after the flowers in the garden.

A. look B. to look C. looking D. looked

( )12. It’s _______ that we will never forget.

A. such a nice city B. a such nice city C. a so nice city D. so a nice city

( )13. I’m afraid I’ll spend _____ two hours on the problem.

A. other B. more C. another D. else

( )14. There used to be a house_____ on the top of the mountain.

A. standing B. stands C. stood D. stand

( )15. —Can you remember this park? We _____ here.

—Sure. But now I ______ in that swimming pool.

A. are used to take a walk, am used to swim

B. are used to taking a walk, am used to swimming

C. used to take a walk, used to swim

D. used to take a walk, am used to swimming

( )16. Girls like to ________ themselves in modern dresses.

A. dress B. make C. put on D. wear

( )17.– Will you please tell John to come to my office? -- _____.

A. Yes, I do B. I’ll be glad C. Thank you D. I’ll be glad to

( )18. – Who cleaned the blackboard yesterday, Dick?-- John _____.

A. cleaned B. does C. did D. is

( )19. – Which sweater do you prefer, the yellow one or the pink one?

-- ____. I like a light blue one.

A. Either B. Both C. Any D. Neither

( )20. The doctor worked for ___ after twelve o’clock.

A. two more hours B. two another hour C. more two hours D. another two hour )21. Who is the man over there? Is it Mr. Li?

-- No, it ___ be him. Mr. Li is much taller.

A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D. needn’t

( )22– Your dress is very beautiful, Mary. -- ____.

A. Not at all B. Just so-so. C. No, it isn’t. D. Thank you

( )23. We_____ spend too much time in watching TV.

A. told don't B. told not to C. were told not to D. were told to not

( )24. He said he ___ never seen _____ an exciting football match before.

A. has, so B. has, such C. had, so D. had, such

( )25. We study five days week and on Sundays we often play ____football.

A. a; the B. 不填; a C. an; a D. a; 不填

( )26.____John ____ Jack may go with you because one of them must stay at home.

A. Neither; nor B. Both; and C. Either; or D. Not only; but also

( )27. He told me that he _____ here for five minutes.

A. has come B. had arrived C. had been D. came

( )28. -_____ are the Olympic Games were held?

-Every four years.

A. How often B. When C. How soon D. How long

( )29. You won't pass the exam you study hard.

A. if B. when C. after D. unless

( )30. -Could I use your bike?

-Yes, of course you _____.

A. can B. could C. must D. will

( )31. All of us preferred _____ to _____ there by bus.

A. walking; go B. to walk; go C. to walk; going D. walking; going

( )32. I've given you everything ____ I have.

A. which B. that C. who D. whom

( )33. Forty minutes _______ for the children to finish all the work.

A. is quite a long time B. are quite long .

C. was a quite long time D. were quite long time

( )34. ______ of us has read the story,so we know nothing about it.

A. Some B. Both C. None D. All

( )35. -Would you like some more rice?

-Yes, Just ______. A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

( )36. -Look! That man looks like Mr. Brown.

-It _____ be him, for he _____ America.

A. can't; has gone to B. may not; has gone

C. mustn't; has been to D. can't; has been to

( )37. Jim with his parents _____ abroad. They ____ back in two weeks.

A. have gone; will come B. has gone; will come

C. have been to; have come D. has been; come

( )38. ______ he failed in the maths exam again, ______ he never gave up.

A. Because, so B. Because, / C. Although, but D. Although, /

( )39. -Would you mind my opening the windows?


A. Sorry. I wouldn't B. No, of course not C. It doesn't matter D. Yes, please

( )40. -Why not come and join us in the game?

-_____. But I must meet Mr Smith at his office now.

A. I'd like to B. Let's go C. Yes, please D. It's a pleasure

( )41. -Will you please show me the photo of your family?

-OK. I will _____ it here tomorrow.

A. take B. catch C. bring D. carry

( )42. Keep _______, and you'll succeed.

A. to try B. tries C. trying D. tried

( )43. -I hear Tom is working hard at his lessons.

-I'm ______ he will pass the exams this time.

A. afraid B. surprised C. sure D. sorry

( )44. Mary is flying to France soon. She will arrive ____ London ____ the morning of July 19.

A. to, on B. in, on C. in, in C. at, in

( )45. Would you mind ___ me how ____English words?

A. telling, to remember B. telling, remember

C. to tell, to remember D. to tell, remember

( )46. Mary doesn't like dancing. _____.

A. Neither do I B. Either do I C. So do I D. So I don't

( )47. We couldn't see because the light in the room was poor.

A. enough clear B. clear enough C. enough clearly D. clearly enough

( )48. woman over there is popular teacher in our school.

A. A; an B. The; a C. The; the D. A; the

( )49. -What's your English teacher like?


A. He is good B. He likes reading C. He's thirty D. He's thin and tall

( )50. We should keep on _____ English every day.

A. to practise to speak B. to practise speaking

C. practising to speak D. practising speaking

( )51. There was a strange sound outside. Mary went out and____ around, but she ___ nothing.

A. looked; saw B. saw; saw C. watched; looked D. looked; find

( )52. Would you please ____ it in English?

A. speak B. say C. tell D. talk.

( )53. I have ______ for my pen everywhere, but I just can't _____ it.

A. found, find B. found, look C. looked, find D. looked, look

( )54. After a short break he went on _____.

A. to speak B. speak C. speaking D. spoken

( )55. -Do you like milk or coffee? -I prefer milk ___ coffee.

A. with B. to C. than D. of

( )56.—Will you please _______us a story, Miss Gao?

—OK. Shall I _______it in English or in Chinese?

A. tell; speak B. talk; speak C. tell; say D. talk; say

( )57. He eats______ food, so he is ________ fat.

A. much too; too much B. much too; too many

C. too much; much too D. too much; many too

( )58. —I’m sorry I left my exercise book at home.

—Don’t ___________it to school tomorrow, please.

A. forgot; to take B. left; to bring C. forgot; to bring D. left; to take

( )59. Remember ________ with others.

A. not to be angry B. don’t be angry C. don’t angry

( )60. My CD doesn't work well. I'll go and _______ this evening.

A. have them repaired B. to repair C. have it repaired D. have it repair

( )61.—It is very kind of you to help me with my English.


A. That's right B. Thank you C. With pleasure D. Don't say so

( )62. I can hardly hear the radio. Would you please __________?

A. turn it on B. turn it down C. turn it up D. turn it off

( )63. We decided not to climb the mountain because it was raining _________.

A. badly B. strongly C. hardly D. heavily

( )64. —You haven't been to Macao, have you?—_____.How I wish to go there!

A. Yes, I have B. Yes, I haven't C. No, I have D. No, I haven't

( )65. —Can you come on Monday or Tuesday?—I'm afraid ___ day is possible.

A. either B. neither C. some D. any

( ) 66. The Chinese ping-pong players will join in the match. Let's _____ them success.

A. wish B. to wish C. hope D. to hope


1-5 BADBA 6-10 CCACC 11-15 CACAD 16-20 ADCDA

21-25 CDCDD 26-30 CCADA 31-35 DBACC 36-40 ABDBA


41-45 CCCBA 46-50 ADBDD 51-55 ABCCB 56-60 CCCAC 61-66 CDDDBA

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