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8B unit3 vocabulary

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How much do you know about the computer? Do you know the names of the parts of computer?


printer keyboard machine a/this set of keys mouse


hard disk

floppy disk
a flat piece of plastic programs

What do you use them for…/to do…?

keyboard type screen see words and pictures cursor a short, movable line

move the cursor on the screen

store information

floppy disk

hard disk

store more information

put the words and pictures onto the paper


sets of instructions
control the computer programs

Let’s do Part A1

Reciting game:



Go on with A2

1. a set of keys 1.一组按健 2. store more information 2. 储存更多的信息 3. move the mouse with… 3. 用…移动鼠标 4. put…onto… 4. 把…印到…上 5. sets of instructions 5. 几套指令 6. on the floppy disk 6. 在软盘上 7. on the screen 7. 在屏幕上 8. a flat piece of plastic 8. 扁平的一片塑料 9. 一条短的,可移动的线 9. a short, movable line 10. 把电子词典保存在硬盘 10. keep the e-dictionary on the hard disk

The phrases:

Fill in the blanks
? 1.

We use the keyboard for typing 打字) ________( printer ? 2. I have a very cool ________(打印 机). ? 3. This e-dictionary need a lot of memory ________(储存). isk ? 4. Do you have a floppy d_____? ? 5. A computer is one of the most useful _____________(use) tools in the world.

? 1. ? 2.


电子字典需要很大的储存量,所 以你最好把它保存在硬盘里。

? 3.


? 4.最好在课堂上认真记笔记。

Make a dialogue

want to buy a computer, but you know nothing about it. ?Your partner is a shop assistant. She/ he is helping you. She/ he is introducing the computer to you . ?You may begin like this: --- Is there anything I can do for you?

Suppose you are the computer sellers. You want to sell your computers. Please introduce the names of each part of your computers, the function of each part, and the different uses of your computers.

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