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( )1. --- What’s your name? --- _________ Jim.

A.I B.My is C.I’m D.My name

( )2.I am ________ ,I am an English boy.

A.John Brown B.Brown John C.Gina Green D.Green Gina

( )3.---What’s this? ---It is_____.

A. an ID card B. a orange C. ruler D. an UFO

( )4. --- Have a good day! --- _______!

A. Me, too B. Nice to meet you C. Thanks D. Yes, I can

( )5. --- Are these his grandparents? --- No, ________.

A. they aren’t B. they are C. these aren’t D. these are

( )6. In _______ photo is his grandpa. A. the one B. first C. a first D. the first

( )7. --- __________? --- Yes, it’s my pencil.

A. What’s this in English B. How do you spell pencil

C. What color is your pencil D. Is that your pencil

( )8. _______ are Eric’s ________.

A. This; keys B. These; key C. This; key D. These; keys

( )9. If you find my dictionary, please call me _________ 790-3215.

A. at B. to C. on D. in

( )10. Where _______ the clock and radio? --- _______ in the room.

A. is; They’re B. is; It’s C. are; It’s D. are; They’re

( )11. --- Are these ________ tapes? --- No, they aren’t. ________ are in my schoolbag.

A. your; Mine B. yours; Mine C. your; My D. my; They

( )12. ---Let’s play soccer. ---________. I want to watch TV.(2013山东济宁微山期末)

A. That’s good B. Yes, it’s difficult C. No, it’s boring D. Let’s watch TV

( )13. ---______ John have a soccer ball? ---No, he _______.(2013山东滕州腾西中学月考)

A. Does; doesn’t B. Do; don’t C. Is; isn’t D. Does; isn’t

( )14. ---Do you often play _______ soccer with your friends?

---No, i don’t like sports. I often play _______ piano in my free time.(2012.山东烟台)

A.a; the B.the; / C./; the D.the; a

( )15. Let’s ________ TV. A football game is on TV.(2013河北保定涞水林清寺中学期末)

A.look B.look at C.watch D.see

( )16. He has some ________ and i have some _______.(2013河北沧州青县期末)

A.egg; salads B.tomatoes; pear C.ice-cream; apple D.strawberries; milk

( )17. Tom has a _______ eating habit. He eats _______.(2013山东济宁微山期末)

A.good; good B.well; good C.good; well D.well; well

( )18. ---Can i help you? ---_______. I need a sweater.(2013山东济南天桥区期末)

A. Yes, i do B. Thank you C. Yes, please D. Happy birthday

( )19. ________ girls, we have skirts _______ purple for only $20.


A. To; of B. About; at C. For; in D. With; for

( )20. ---I want to buy the book If i have three days. Do you know its ________?

---Not quite sure. Maybe forty yuan. A.writer B.size C.price D.color


Dear Linda,

Thank you for your last letter. You asked me about the ___1____ in China. Let me tell you about it. The Spring Festival is the most ____2___ festival in China.

Before the Spring Festival, families usually ___3_____ their houses. ____4____ the eve of the Spring Festival, children put their new clothes and shoes beside their beds ___5___ they go to sleep. Children really like the Sping Festival , ____6___ they can wear new clothes and get red pocket money from their parents or other older people.

On the first day of the Spring Festival, people ___7____ very early and make dumplings. Peole often put coins in some dumplins. If a person gets the dumplin with a coin in it, he or she will have good ___8___ in the coming new year. After breakfast, people do lots of things, such as ___9____ cards, visiting relatives and friends and so on. In ____10___ places people like to set off firecrackers(鞭炮). It’s very interesting.

During the Spring Festival, families get together and have a very happy time.

Yours, Li Mei

( )1. A. Children’s Day B. Spring Festival C. Teachers’ Day D. National Day

( )2. A.interesting B.funny C.important D.boring

( )3. A.clean B.buy C.make D.change

( )4. A. In B. On C. With D. At

( )5. A.after B.before C.ago D.when

( )6. A.so B.but C.however D.because

( )7. A.get on B.get off C.get to D.get up

( )8. A.start B.luck C.habit D.feeling

( )9. A.playing B.making C.collecting D.doing

( )10. A.much B.many C.a lot D.other



In many English homes people eat four meals a day. They have breakfast at any time from seven to nine in the morning. They eat porridge( 粥) eggs or bread and drink tea or coffee at breakfast. Lunch comes at one o'clock. Afternoon tea is from four to five in the afternoon and dinner is about half past seven. First they have soup, then they have meat or fish with vegetables. After they eat some other things, like bananas, apples or oranges. But not all English people eat like that. Some of them have their dinner in the middle of the day. Their meals are breakfast, dinner, tea and supper and all these meals are very simple.

( )1. Many English people have _____meals a day. A. two B. three C. four D. Five

( )2. People may have_____ for their breakfast according to the passage.

A. tea and eggs B. hamburgers and tea C. coffee and salad D. eggs and fish

( )3. People have lunch at ______. A. anytime B. nine C. five D. One

( )4. People don't have ______ for their dinner.


A. bananas and apples B. soup and meat C. meat and fish D. Porridge

( )5. Most Englishmen have dinner _______.

A. at one B. at any time C. at noon D. in the evening

( )1. Allan has music on ________.

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday D. Thursday

( )2. Gina thinks math is _______.

A.difficult B.interesting C.relaxing D.exciting

( )3. Mr. Brown is Gina’s _______ teacher. A.music B.art C.history D.Chinese

( )4. _______ loves PE very much. A. Gina B. Jim C. Mr. Brown D. Allan

( )5. According to the table, which is NOT true?

A. Allan’s favorite subject is music B. Gina likes her math teacher

C. Jim likes to play basketball D. Mr. Brown is a history teacher


1. 你想说你爱吃水果,因为你认为它是健康的。你应该这样表达:

2. 咱们踢足球吧。__________________________________________________________________

3. 我最喜欢的科目是科学,因为它能使人放松。


4. 你想感谢Tina对你的帮忙,可以这样表达: __________________________________, Tina.

5. 你想问同学你的书包在哪里,你会这样问:_____________________________________________.


A: What’s your favorite __________? B: Science.

A: Why do you like science?

B: _________ it is interesting. What is your favorite subject?

A: ________ favorite subject is math.

B: Why? It’s difficult and boring. Do you know?

A: Yes, i know it is not interesting and it is hard to learn, ________ i like it.

B: What is your favorite day?

A: My favorite day is __________.

B: ________ is that?

A: Because i can stay at home and _________ TV all day.

B: Do you have any homework to do on Saturday?

A: No, we don’t. We are free on Saturday. How ________ you?

B: I have no homework on weekends, but my mother asks me to do other things. So i am b________.

A: I’m sorry to _________ that.





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