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( )1. This _________ my sister and those _________ my friends.

A. is, are B. are, is C. are, are D. is, is

( )2. Oh, I find ________ eraser and ________ useful book.

A. an, an B. a, an C. a, a D. an, a

( )3. --- __________ is your father? --- He is fine, thank you.

A. What B. where C. How D. Who

( )4.It is not my dictionary. __________ is green..

A. My B. I C. Me D.Mine

( )5. Dave isn’t in my family photo. He is my __________.

A. friend B. mother C. grandfather D. sister

( )6. ---Let’s play volleyball. ---No, it’s _______.

A.boring B.interesting C.relaxing D.fun

( )7. Math is difficult, _______ it’s interesting.

A.and B.only C.but D.too

( )8. Bananas are my mother’s favorite(最喜欢的) ________.

A.fruit B.vegetable C.breakfast D.lunch

( )9. We must eat a lot of _________ food.

A.difficult B.relaxing C.healthy D.boring

( )10. I like hamburgers for lunch. What ______ you, Linda?

A.for B.about C.with D.of

( )11. ---________? ---Yes, please. I want a baseball.

A. Do you have baseballs B. Do you want a baseball

C. Can i help you D. Can you help me

( )12. The shop _______ school things _______ the students.

( )13. The sports sweater is on _______ $5.

A.sell for B.sale for C.buy from D.sell to

A.sells; to B.buy; from C.sells; from D.buys; from

( )14. I have _______ books.

A.twenty-one B.twenty-first C.twenty one D.twentieth-first

( )15. The long desk is _______.

A. Lily’s and Lucy’s B. Lily and Lucy’s C. Lily’s and Lucy D. Lucy’s and Lily

( )16. There are _______ months in a year. _______ month is December.

A.twelfth; twelfth B.twelve; Twelve C.twelfth; the twelfth D.twelve; The twelfth

( )17. My son’s favorite _______ is science. A.fruit B.vegetable C.subject D.sport

( )18. I finish ________ the report at ten o’clock.

A.write B.writing C.to write D.written

( )19. Emma married(嫁给) Frank Brown. So we can call her _________.

A. Mrs. Emma B. Miss Emma C. Mrs. Brown D. Miss Brown

( )20.--- What color is it? --- It’s ________.

A.a orange B.my orange C.orange D.an orange


It’s ___1____ Monday, Dennis comes to school at 8:15 in the morning. He has science ___2____ eight thirty. He likes science ____3___ it’s interesting. Dennis doesn’t like math because it’s ____4____. At eleven he has math. The math teacher speaks very well, but Dennis doesn’t like. _____5___ favorite 1

teacher is PE teacher, Mr Smith. He is fun. His class sounds funny. He has PE _____6___ Monday afternoon. So, Dennis ____7___ Monday. On weekdays, from Monday to ____8____, Dennis has ____9____ at school at 11:45. After school, Dennis plays ___10____ on the school playground. Then he goes home.

( )1. A.on B./ C.in

( )2. A.on B.at C./

( )3. A.because B.and C.so

( )4. A.interesting B.scary C.difficult

( )5. A. Dennis’s B. He’s C. Dennis’

( )6. A.on B.in C.at

( )7. A.like B.want C.likes

( )8. A. Saturday B . Friday D. Wednesday

( )9. A.breakfast B.lunch C.dinner

( )10. A.a soccer B.soccer C.the soccer



Mrs Smith is Jim’s mother. She loves her family very much. She goes to the store every day. She often buys food, fruit and clothes for Jim and her husband. Now many clothes are on sale at a good price at Renmin Clothes Store.

Mrs Smith comes to the store and she wants to buy some clothes for her family. There they have sweaters in all colors for ¥15 each and sports shoes for only ¥28. Mrs Smith likes the red sweater and she buys one for herself. She buys a pair of sports shoes for her son. The great T-shirts in the store are just ¥18! She buys a white one for Mr Smith. And that’s not all. The socks, in all colors, are ¥2 each. She buys five pairs.

( )1. Mrs Smith often buys __________ for her family.

A. balls, vegetables, fruit, clothes B. fruit, coffee, clothes, shoes

C. clothes, fruit, food D. clothes, vegetables, school things

( )2. The clothes at Renmin Clothes Store are _________.

A. very great B. very cheap C. very long D. big

( )3. Mrs Smith likes the _________.

A. red sweater B. blue T-shirt C. green sweater D. red hat

( )4. She buys _________ for Mr Smith.

A. a pair of shoes B. a pair of shorts C. a T-shirt D. a white sweater

( )5. Mrs. Smith spends(花费)________ on the socks. A. ¥2 B. ¥4 C.¥10. D. ¥20 B

I have three good friends.We like sports very much.My favorite sport is basketball.I have three basketballs.I think playing basketball is interesting. But Jim and Tim think it’s boring to play basketball.Their favorite sport is soccer ball. They play soccer every afternoon. They have four soccer balls. Mary is a nice girl. Her favorite sport is volleyball. She plays it very well. It’s relaxing for her to play volleyball. But she only has a volleyball. Sports are good for us.

( )1.The favorite sport of Jim and Tim is _____ .

A.basketball B.soccer ball C.volleyball D.baseball

( )2.The favorite sport of Mary is ____.

A.soccer ball. B.basksetball C.volleyball D.baseball

( )3._____ has/have only one ball. A.I B.Jim C.Tim 2


( )4.Does Mary think it is boring to play soccer?

A.Yes,she does. B.No,she doesn’t. C.Yes,she is. D.We don’t know.

( )5.I have _____ balls. A.one B.three C.four D.six


1. 你想知道你的同桌最喜爱的学科是什么,应该这样问:


2. 你想知道吉姆的生日是什么时候,应该这样问他:Jim, ________________________________



4. 想确认这是不是Nancy的橡皮擦,你可以这样问;

Nancy, _________________________________________________________?

5.要告诉朋友这是你的全家福,可以这样说: ____________________________________.


A: Can i ________ you? B: Yes, please. I need a sweater ________ school. A: Ok. ________ color do you want? B: Blue.

A: How ________ this one? B: It looks nice. How ________ is it?

A: Nine dollars. B: I’ll take it. How much ________ those yellow socks? A: Two dollars ________ one pair and three dollars for two pairs.

B: Great! I’ll take two ________.

A: ________ you are. B: Thank you.

A: You’re __________.



Dear Tom,

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Love, Lin Tao


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