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Unit2 P38

Breakfast Is Important

Breakfast is important. But not all the students have realized its importance. Here’s the result of our survey. About 55 percent of the students have breakfast every day. They keep healthy and look active(有活力的). 25 percent of them just have junk food. They don’t have a balanced(平衡的) diet. It is bad for their healthy. 20 percent of the students go to school without breakfast. As a result, these students often feel hungry in class and can’t listen to teachers carefully. What’s worse, they get ill easily.

It’s necessary for us to have breakfast and we should also have the right kinds of food for breakfast.

Unit3 P56

For me, a true friend will bring sunshine and happiness to me and make progress with me. Lucy and I are in the same class. We look different, but we are good friends. It’s interesting. Lucy is taller and more outgoing than me. But I like playing computer games and I exercise three times

a week. We have different interests, but we also have the same interests. For example, both of us like sports and music. We enjoy reading. We usually go to the library on weekends. We are both good at our subjects. Friendship is one of many wonders in the world and we can not go without friends.

Unit4 P73

Last week we did a survey of good places in our city. And this is what we learned. Most of the high schools are good, and the No.10 High School is the best in our city. It has the best teachers and it’s the most beautiful school. People’s Hospital is the best of all hospitals. It has the most comfortable beds and the friendliest service. Modern Cinema is the best of all movie theaters. It has the biggest screens and the best clothes store in our city is Xiwang Clothing Store. It has the friendliest service and it’s the most popular store. As for radio stations, most young people think 168 FM is the best. It has the most news and the most interesting music.

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