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八年级上unit2 how often do you exercise Section_A-1(1a-2d)

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Unit 2
How often do you exercise?
Section A Period 1(1a—2d)

What do you usually do on weekends?

different activities
do housework


use the Internet

go to the movies

watch TV


play the piano

go shopping

play tennis dance

1a Make a list of the weekend activities.
b a
What do you usually do on weekends? I often go to the movies.



1. help with housework 2. watch TV 3. go shopping

4. read books 5. exercise

1b Listen and write the letters from the pictures above on the lines below.

always (100%) _______ exercise, usually ________
often _______ sometimes ________

hardly ever_______

never (0%) ________

频率副词在句中通常放在实义动词之前, be动词或助动词之后。 它们所表示的含义和频率是不同的,从高 到低依次是:

always意为 “总是”, 表示动作的重复或状态 的延续。 usually意为 “通常”, 表示很少有例外。 often意为 “经常”, 表示动作的重复, 但不如 usually那么频繁, 中间有间断。 sometimes意为 “有时”, 表示动作偶尔发生。 hardly意为 “几乎不”, 常和ever连用表示强 调。 never意为 “从未”。

hardly always usually often sometimes ever never 100% 总是 80% 通常 60% 40% 经常 有时

20% 0 很 少 , 从不 几乎不

Adverbs of frequency
dance play football swim

play badminton play basketball


usually often


sometimes hardly ever never

根据汉语句子, 用适当的频率副词或表示频 率的词组完成英文句子。 1. 有钱人未必总是幸福的。 always happy. The rich are not _______ 2. 他通常7点钟去学校。 usually goes to school at seven He _________ o’clock. 3. 他上学经常迟到。 often late for school. He is ________

4. 天气忽冷忽热。 It is _________ sometimes cold and __________ sometimes hot. 5. 这些天我几乎不出门。 I _______ hardly ever go out these days. 6. 我父母从不吵架。 never quarrel with each My parents ________ other. 7. 她一天吃三次蔬菜。 three times a day She eats vegetables ________________.

Do you know their difference?
? sometime ? some time ? sometimes 某个时间 一段时间 有时

? some times


I sometimes go to school by bus. I will go to America sometime this year. I have been to the Great Wall for some times. I watched TV for some time last night.

Fill in the blanks with sometime, some time, some times or sometimes. sometime next month. 1. We'll go to Beijing ________ 2. _________ Sometimes I get up very late on Sunday morning. 3. It took him _________ some time to finish the book. some times last 4. He met the woman __________ month.

do housework

go to the movies
play tennis

play the piano


go shopping

watch TV

use the Internet




d e

What do you usually do on weekends? I often go to the movies.

A: What do you do on weekends? B: I usually watches TV. A: Do you go shopping? B: No, I never goes shop


Proverbs about exercise
Wealth is nothing without health. 失去健康,钱再多也没用。 There is no medicine against death. 没有长生不老药。 Reading is to the mind while exercise to the body. 读书健脑,运动强身。 Health is better than wealth. 健康胜过财富。 Eat a mouthful less. Take a walk after dinner. 吃饭少一口,饭后走一走。

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