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八年级上unit2 how often do you exercise Section_B-2(2a-2e)

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Unit 2
How often do you exercise?
Section B Period 2(2a—2e)

How often do you …?

How often do you …?

New words and phrases
percent online television although through mind n. adj. n. prep. conj. n.
百分之?? 在线的;联网的 电视节目;电视机 虽然;尽管;即使 以;凭借;穿过 头脑;心智

body n. such adj. & pron. such as together adv. die v. writer n.

身体 这样的;那样的;类似的 例如;像??这样 在一起;共同 消灭;灭亡;死亡 作者;作家

Rank these activities according to how 2a often you think your classmates do them (1=most often, 6=least often).
watch TV
play computer games

go to the movies

exercise or play sports
use the Internet

go camping in the country

百分比英语表示法 百分数用基数+ percent表示 50% fifty percent 百分之五十 3% three percent 百分之三 0.12% zero point one two percent 百分 之零点一二 这里的percent前半部per表示“每一”, cent这一后半部分表示“百”,所以百分 之几中percent不用复数形式。

2b Read the article and complete the pie charts on Page 14.
15 20

10 20

13 46

2 3

4 6



Read the article and mark True (T) or False (F).
F 1. We found that twenty percent of our students exercise every day. T 2. Ninety percent of the students use the Internet every day. F 3. Most students use the Internet for homework. F 4. Only twenty percent of the students watch TV two or three times a week. T 5. Do exercise is healthy for the mind and the body.

2c Read the article again and answer the questions.
1. How many percent of the students do not exercise at all?
Twenty percent

2. How many percent of the students use the Internet every day?
Ninety percent

3. How often do most students watch TV? What do they usually watch?
Most students watch TV every day. They usually watch sports and game shows

4. What does the writer think is the best way to relax? Why?
He thinks the best way to relax is through exercise. Because it is healthy for the mind and the body.

5. Do you think the students at No. 5 are healthy? Why or why not?
No, I don’t think so. Because they spend too much time on the television and the Internet.

According to the article and the pie 2d charts, write sentences with the percentages using always, usually or sometimes.
percent of the students always use the Internet. 1. 90%: Ninety __________________________________ percent of the students always watch TV. 2. 85%: Eighty-five __________________________________ percent of the students usually exercise. 3. 45%: Forty-five __________________________________ percent of the students usually use the Internet. 4. 10%: ten __________________________________ percent of the students usually watch TV. 5. 13%: Thirteen __________________________________ Two percent of the students sometimes watch TV. 6. 2%: ___________________________________

1. not…at all 用于否定句,意为“根本不、 一

点也不”。如: It wasn’t difficult at all. 这一点也不难。 There was nothing to eat at all. 根本没什么可吃的。 To try and fail is better than not to try at all. 尝试而失败也比不尝试好。

注:在否定句中,at all 可位于句末, 也可跟在否定词后。如: He isn’t tired at all. / He’s not at all tired. 他一点也不累。

另外,在口语中单独说 not at all, 可用来回 答感谢或道歉。如: A:Thank you very much. 多谢你了。 B:Not at all. 不客气。 A:I’m sorry to keep you waiting. 对不起,让你久等了。 B:Oh, not at all. 噢,没关系。

1. 我一点也没生气。 I am not angry at all. 2. 他们一点也不喜欢牛奶。 They don’t like milk at all. 3. 休一点也不喜欢语文。

Sue doesn’t like Chinese at all.

2. at least 至少 例如: We should brush our teeth at least twice a day. 我们每天应该至少刷两次牙。 A good cigarette will smoke at least ten minutes. 一支好烟至少可以抽10分钟。 反义短语:at most 至多

3. although 虽然;尽管 例如: Although my uncle is old, he looks very strong and healthy. 我的叔叔虽然老了,但他看上去还是很 健壮。 注意: although引导的从句不能与but, however连用,但可与yet, still连用。

_______ he is ill, _______ he goes to school. A. Although, but B. /, / C. Although, / D. But, although C although 表示“仍然”,不能和but同时 使用。 I’m not very strong, ____ I usually exercise . A. because B. and C. although C 前后意义有转折。

4. It is + adj. to do sth. 干某事是?? 例如: It is interesting to play computer games. 玩电脑很有趣。 -It is very important _____ C make a plan before a new term. -Yes. You must try to make it carefully. A. of B. for C. to

5. spend v. 花费;消耗 例如: How did you spend your summer vacation? 你是如何度过暑假的? I spent 5 yuan on this book. 这本书花了我五十元。

辨析 take, spend, pay
例如: It usually takes me half an hour to do my homework. 做作业通常花费我半小时的时间。 Students often spend one and a half hours (in) doing homework. 学生们经常花一个半小时的时间做作业。 I paid 10 yuan for this book. 我买这本书付了十元钱。

根据以上例句可知: It takes sb. some time to do sth. 意为“花 费某人??时间来做某事”。 spend 的主语必须是人,而spend …on sth. 意为“买某物花了??钱”。spend +时间 +(in) doing意为“花费多少时间来做某事”。 可以与it takes sb. some time to do sth. 来进行 句型转换。 pay 的主语必须是人,而“花钱买某物” 为pay … for。

It usually takes me a few minutes to make my bed. (改为同义句) spend a few minutes I usually ________ making my bed. _________

A 1. They spend too much time _____ the report. A. writing B. to write C. on writing D. write

B for my dinner, 2. -- Will you please _____ Peter? -- Sure! A. spend B. pay C. take A me too much time to read this 3. It will _____ book. A. take B. spend D. pay

4. She usually ________ A much time shopping in the supermarkets. A. spends B. takes C. pays 5. He likes English. He spends lots of reading(read) it every day. (2009 time ______ 宿迁) 6. It took Alice five minutes to finish reading the book. in reading spent five minutes ____ Alice ______ the book.

2e Choose one of these free time activities or

think of your own. Then ask your classmates how often they do this activity and make a pie chart. Show the pie chart to your class.
How often do you …? 1-3 times a week 4-6 times a week every day Names of classmates

play computer games read books go shopping draw pictures play sports

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