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Unit 7
Where ’s the post office?

an office

a restaurant



a library

a supermarket

a market

a bank

a park

a pay phone

a bridge

a street

a walking street

an avenue

a house

an airport

a hospital

a post office

post a letter/ parcel…

Match: 1. post office ___ f 2. library ____ a 3. hotel ____ e 4. restaurant ___ i c 5. bank ____ 6. supermarket ___ b 7. street ____ h g 8. pay phone ___ 9. park ___ d




h Is there a bank g nearf here? Yes, there’s a bank e on Center



-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s … the box.

on the box

in the box

under the box

-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s ________ behind the box.

-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s _____ near the box.

-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s ________ next to the box.

-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s in _________ front of the box.

-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s across ___________ from the box.

-Where is the soccer ball? between the big box and the small box. -It’s _________________________________



on the street

next to
pay phone






between …and…

Fifth Ave
Bridge Street

post office


across from

behind in front of


Fifth Avenue

Pair work:-Is there a/an … near here? -Yes, there is. It’s … / No, there isn’t.

Is there a bank near here? Yes, there is. It’s on Center Street.

-where’s the supermarket? -It’s next to the library. i a b

h g f e d







bridge restaurant Supermarket
Long Street





Is there a supermarket library park near here? Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.


Where is it? It’s _______the between restaurant ____the and bridge. hotel It’s ____ on Huizhen Street.

My House

the library It’s across from______.

Look at the picture. There’s a school in the picture. on behind It’s________ School Street. The book store is______ next _______ to the school. The bank is ______ the school. The pay phone is_______ between the school and the hospital. across from Can you see the post office? It’s_____ ______the school. There is a supermarket. It’s_____ ____ ____ in front of the park.

A: Where is the supermarket?
B: It’s across from the hotel.

Make conversations

There be 句型 ? 1. There is / are ... + 地点 ? 某地有某物 ? 2. Is /Are there... + 地点 ? 某地有某物吗?

这附近有银行吗? 有,在邮局的对面。 -- Is there a bank near here? --Yes, there’s a bank across from the post office.

附近有酒店吗? 有,中央大街有一家。 Is there a hotel in the neighborhood? Yes, there is a hotel on Center Street.

What are the differences between

the two pictures?
Book school store park
bank school library bank park Book store

Post office





Picture 1
hotel librarypayphone

Picture 2
Superpost office market

___________. Excus

e me Is there a post office in the neighborhood? Yes. It’s _____Bridge down Street___________. on the right Where is the hotel ________________?

It’s down Bridge Street on the left .

Where is the bank/park/…?

go straight

turn left

/ei /

turn right



Yaohang ST


Tianyi Square

Caihong ST

primary school

Xinhua International Bookstore Hotel

pay phone middle school

Zhongshan Road

straight _____ down Zhongshan Road and____ Go _____ turn _____at left on the left It’s _______ Caihong Street. Wal-mart is _________. between and the restaurant. the International Hotel _____

--Excuse me. Is there a hospital in the neighborhood?

--Yes, there is. turn right Go straight/ down ________________the street and___________. The hospital is_____________ on the right.


Excuse me. Is there a hotel in the neighborhood?

Bridge ST

straight/ down -Yes, there is. Just go _________________Bridge on the left turn left The hotel is _________. Street and ________. It’s ______________the bank. across from

Read and find Paul and Nancy in the picture. Paul: Excuse me. Is Country: there a hotel in the City: Toronto neighborhood?
Nancy: Yes, there is.Just go straight and turn left. It’s down Bridge Street on the right. It’s next to a supermarket. Paul: Thank you very much.

Nancy: You’re welcome.

1 . Is there a pay phone in the neighborhood?
Go straight down New Street and turn right. There is a pay phone on the right.

2.Where is the bank?

Go straight down New Street and turn right. Turn left at Bridge Street. The bank is across from the street.

3. Is there a post office in the neighborhood?

Yes , there is . Turn right then go straight down Bridge Street. The post office is on the left. It’s across from the restaurant,next to the supermarket.

Asking the way:
1. Is there a bank near here? 2. Is there a bank in the neighborhood? 3. Where is the bank? 4. Which is the way to the bank? 5. How can I get to the bank? 6. Can you tell me the way to the bank?

turn left

go straight go along go down turn right

No.7 High School

go across Bank of

Answering the way:
1. Go (Walk) straight. 2. Go (Walk) along / down the street. 3. Turn left / right. 4. Go across the street. 5. It’s down / along the street on the left / right (side). 6.Turn left / right at the first / second crossing. 7.Take the first turning on the left / right.

If I have a lot of money, I want to have a house with a big garden.
If I’m hungry, I can buy some food in the supermarket. 1.If you want to borrow a book, you will go to the ______. library park / garden 2.If you want to have fun, you will go to the __________.

3.If you want to buy some food or household goods, you will go to the _________________. supermarket/market 

restaurant 4.If you want to have a meal, you will go to the _________. post office 5.If you want to mail a letter, you will go to the _________.



Shan Street

Jie Fang Street


hotel park


Jian Guo Street


post office hospital police station library park

supermarket hotel bank cinema restaurant

Asking the way:


1. Is there a bank near here /in the neighborhood? 2. Where is the bank? 3. Which is the way to the bank? 4. How can I get to the bank? 5. Can you tell me the way to the bank?

Answering the way: 1. 直走 Go (Walk) straight. 2. 沿着…路走 Go (Walk) along / down the street. 3. 左转/ 右转 Turn left / right. 4. 穿过马路 Go across the street. 5. 在这条街的左边/右边 It’s down / along the street on the left / right (side). 6.在第…个路口左转/右转 Turn left / right at the first/… crossing. Take the first turning on the left / right.

a new house

an old house

a busy street

a quiet street



Match the words with the pictures. 1a:

a clean park e
a new hotel d a quiet street a a big supermarket h a dirty park f a small supermarket g an old hotel c

a busy street b

Ask your partner about where he/she lives. A: Is there a big supermarket near your house? B: Yes, there is. There is a big supermarket. No, there isn’t. No! There is a small supermarket.

make sentences like this
“——Is there a busy street near your house? —— No,there is a quiet street near my house.” 1.a busy street 2.an old hotel 3.a big garden 4.a clean park 5.a small supermarket 6.a quiet library 7.an old post office 8.a new bank
near your house across from the park behind the park next to the hotel near here in front of the hotel next to the school on the left

Make a new dialogue: 1
( 1 ) Excuse me, Could you tell me the way to the nearest post office ? ( 8 ) Thank you very much. ( 2 ) I’m new here. You’d better ask the policeman. ( 5 ) Go down to the end of this road, turn left.then take the second crossing on your right.It’s about a hundred metres along. ( 4 )Excuse me, sir, could you tell me how to get to the nearest post office, please ? ( 6 ) Sorry, I can’t follow you. ( 7 ) It doesn’t matter, You’d better take a bus. ( 3 ) Thank you any way.

Welcome to the Garden District
Turn left on First Avenue and enjoy the city’s quiet streets and small parks. Take a walk through the park on Center Avenue. Across from the park is an old hotel. Next to the hotel is a small house with an interesting garden. This is the beginning of the garden tour.

请按照出现的先后顺序排列以下地点 Center Avenue hotel park

First Avenue hotel

First Avenue garden
park Center Avenue garden


across from The old hotel is___________the park. The house with a garden is next ______the old hotel. to

Read 3a and circle the correct picture.


hotel house





park hotel

house park

Welcome to the ______ District.
Turn ____ on First Avenue and _____ the city’s _____streets and ____ parks. ___ ____ ____ ____ the park ____ Center Avenue. Across from the park is ___ old hotel. N

ext to the hotel is a small house ______ ______interesting garden. This is the __________ of the garden _______.

Come to visit Bridge Street
Bridge Street is a good place to have fun. It is busy a very ______street. You can play the guitar park It’s there, between the _______ in the ______. restaurant and the__________. post office And if you’re hungry, you can buy some food in the __________. supermarket It’s across from ___________the post office.

Welcome to center street. Center Street is a great yourself There are ______ a lot of stores and place to enjoy _____. busy shops on it. It is a very _______street. If you want to play games. You can go to the video arcade. It’s ____ across _____ from the big supermarket. There is also a new park enjoy ___the supermarket. It is clean __ and quiet. You can ___ near your lunch in it. If you want to see movies ___ you can go to the movie house. It is between ____ the supermarket and the park.

Dear friend,

Read and draw!

I know you are arriving next Sunday. Let me tell you the way to my house. Take a taxi from the airport. You pass a bank on your right and then go down Long Street. You go through Six Avenue ,Seven Avenue, and Eighth Avenue. When you see a big market, turn left. Then go down Bridge Street and turn left at New park. Go down Center Street and my house is on your right. I hope you have a good trip. Yours, Mike

Exercises in class way 1. A: Excuse me. Which is the____ to East Park, please? along/down B: Let me see. Er, walk _______ this road and ____ turn right. Go ____ on until find the park you reach _____ the end. You’ll ___ in front of you.

how 2. A: Excuse me. Can you tell me ____ to the post office, please? turn B: Sure. Go ____ alongthis street and ____ right. Then you’ll see a tall building. That’s the _____ ____, and it s between the zoo post office ____ and the fruit shop. You can’t _____ miss it. A: Is it ____ far from here? B: No, it s quite near. It’ll only ____ take you about 10 minutes if you walk there. A: Thanks a lot. B: You’re welcome.

3. Rewrite the sentences as required. (1)Walk along this road. (1 - 5 同义句) Go _____________ along/ down this road. ___ (2)Take the fifth turning on the left. _______ the fifth turning. at Turn left _______ (5) She needn’t clean the room every day. doesn't _______ have to clean the room She _______ every day. (6)The park is about 6 kilometres away. How ______ far ______ is the park? (7)You will take a No.6 bus. (同上) Which ______ bus shall I ______? take ______ (8) Mr. zhang needs some help. (一般疑问句) need______ any help? Does Mr. zhang ______ ______

Listen and practice
Could you please tell me the way to Hilton Hotel? 您能告诉我怎么去希尔顿饭店? Can I take a bus there? 我可以乘车去吗? How long does it take to get to the Hotel? 要多长时间呢? Can I go there on foot? Does this bus go to Hilton Hotel? 这车到不到希尔顿饭店? One ticket to Hilto

n Hotel. How much is the fare? 一张去希尔顿的票。多少钱? Could you tell me which stop to get off at? 您能告诉我在哪站下车吗

Make sentence.
(1) the, neighborhood, is, a, post, office, in, there ____________________________________? Is there a post office in the neighborhood (2) next, the, to, it, is, library It is next to the library _____________________. (3). bank, is, a,, there, the, park, between, pay phone, and, the Is there a pay phone between the bank and the park ____________________________________? (4)an old hotel ,there ,on ,is ,Bridge Street,the There is an old hotel on the Bridge Street ______________________________.

Complete the conversation in A: Excuse me, Is there a bank ____(1) the neighborhood? turn go B: Yes. Just _____(2) straight and ______(3) left. on It’s down the Second Avenue _____(4) the right. to (5) a post office. It’s next _____ Is A: ____(6) there a supermarket near it? across B: Yes. It’s _________(7)from the bank. A: Thank you very much. welcome B: You’re ___________(8).

? ? ? ? ? ? next to the library between the library and the bank near the library among on the bank / on the street on Center Street / on the road / on one’s way to on Baishi Street / at 22 Baishi Street across from= on the other side of 在…的对面 on the right 在右边; on the left 在左边 on the right of…在..的右边防 on the left of… 在…的左边 go down 和go up 的区别

? ? ? ?

? welcome to… ? enjoy +sth/ doing sth ? be interested in… 对…感兴趣 ? the beginning of… …的开始 ? at the beginning of… …在…的开 始 ? be busy with sth 忙于某事 ? be busy (in) doing sth 忙于做某事

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