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Unit 6 Detective stories


Task 1 Warm up
1. Mike is very _________( 谦虚) even though modest he is the top student in our class. 2. The victim ____________( 明显) put up a obviously good fight before he was killed.
comparing 比较) David with Martin, I 3. After _________( decided to recommend David as our monitor.

4. Her lovely pet dog’s ___________( 死) made death her very sad.

Task 1 Warm up
5 This job proved ________(证明) to be much more difficult than I had expected. 6 Orange can bring you _______( success 成功) and cheer you up when you are feeling sad. 7 Thank you for _________( listening 倾听) to my problem and giving me some advice.

8 In the film Monte Carlo Baby, Audrey’s attracted 吸引) the writer’s beauty and charm ________( attention.

Task 2 Presentation直接引语和间接引语 直接引语是直接引述别人的原话,原话用引号,而间接引


直接引语改为间接引语时,主句动词是一般现在时, 则从句中的时态和时间状语不变,但人称要做相应 的变化。如: She says, “ I?ll never forget the moment.” 变成间接引语为: She says that she?ll never forget the moment.

但如果主句中的动词为一般过去时,从句中的动词时态 一般要作相应的变化。遵循以下规律:

一般现在时 现在进行时

间接引语 (宾语从句) 一般过去时 过去进行时

一般将来时 现在完成时 一般过去时


Pay attention:如果直接引语表达的是客观真理时, 变为间接引语时时态不变。如: The geography teacher said to us,“The earth goes around the sun.” The geography teacher told us that the earth goes around the sun.

Task 3 Practice

Change the sentences into reported speech. 1. “I like apples”, he said.

He said that he liked apples. 2. She said, “I’m doing my homework. ”
She said that she was doing her homework.

3. “I have received the letter,” said Tom. Tom said that he had received the

letter. 4. “I don’t see the cat,” he said. He said that he didn’t see the cat.
5. “I will be late for school,” said Kate.

Kate said that she would be late for school.

Task 4 Time change

We change the adverbials of time when using reported speech. Direct speech Reported speech then that day that night

today tonight

Direct speech this morning/week tomorrow
next week

Reported speech that morning/week the following

day/the next day
the next week

Direct speech
last month yesterday two days ago

Reported speech
the month before the day before two days before

Task 5 consolidate

How to change the sentences: 1. 直接引语为陈述句时,间接引语 的

“I have lived in the south f

or years,” Mrs Li said. Mrs Li said (that) she had lived in the south for years.

“I shall tell him exactly what I think,” she said.

She said (that) she would tell him
exactly what she thought.

Task 6 Exercise

Ⅰ. Complete these sentences.
1. “I am doing some important work,” Mr Smith said. Mr Smith said ____________ he was doing some important work. 2. “who are you looking for?” Tom asked Sandy. who she was Tom asked Sandy ____________ looking for . __________ 3. “Do you want me to help you with your English?” asked he. if I wanted him to help me with He asked _________________ __ my _ English.

4. “I want to know if you can learn it by yourselves,” the

teacher said.
wanted to know if we The teacher said he/she _____________ could learn it by ourselves ___________ _________. 5. Our teacher asked if we knew the answer. Do you know the answer?” our teacher asked. “___________ 6. Millie asked where her book was. where is my book Millie asked, “________________?”

Millie?s Report (I)
had been scared. The victim’s mother said (that) she ____________
Mrs White said that she _________ had seen a man with blood on his shirt. Mr Frank said that he had _____ seen blue van _____________. the day before. a strange man in a

Mrs Wu said that her cousin ____________a man had noticed running down Upper Street _____________. the night before. he didn?t care to go Mrs Ma said ___________________

____________________________. out alone at night then and there was a risk of getting killed.

Millie?s Report (I)
Mrs Sun said ___________________________________. she would move to Moon Town for safety the police People in Valley Town said they hope _____________ would catch the murderer soon. ____________________________________________.

time was running out. Detective Lu said that time ______________________.
Detective Lu said that he would ________ put up a drawing of the suspect the following(next) day. ___________.

2. 直接引语为一般疑问句时,间接引 语的连词用if / whether。如:

He said,“Are you interested in

He asked if I was interested in

He said,“Did you see him last

He asked whether I had seen him
the night before.

3. 直接引语为特殊疑问句时,间接引 语的连词用特殊疑问句本身所带的 疑问词,后面变成陈述句语序。如: “What do you want?” he asked me. He asked me what I wanted. “How can we improve the condition of the soil?” the farmers asked him. The farmers asked him how they could improve the condition of the soil.

Interviewing Detective Lu
1. The interviewer: How many crimes have you solved?

The interviewer asked Detective Lu how many crimes he has solved. 2. The interviewer: Why did you become a detective?
The interviewer asked Detective Lu why he had become a detective. 3. The interviewer asked Detective Lu when the Valley Town murder had taken place? 4. The interviewer asked Detective if/

whether there had been more than one attacker. 5. The interviewer asked Detective Lu if/ whether he had solved the Valley Town murder.

把动词原形变成动词不定式,并在动词不 定前加tell,

ask, order , advise等动



1). Mom said,“ Don?t chat with strangers.” Mom told me not to chat with strangers. 2). “ Go shopping with me, please?” said Mr. Wang . Mr. Wang asked me to go shopping with him.
For example


? She said to us,“Please sit down. ” ? →She asked us to sit down. ? He said,“Don’t make so much noise, boys. ” ? →He told the boys not to make so much noise. ? “Please explain why you’re two and a half hours late,” the boss said. ? →The boss asked him to explain why he was two and a half hours late. ? “Don’t give up!” Father shouted at him. ? →Father told him in a loud voice not to give up.

Do exercise

Finish the exercise in your workbook.

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