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( )1. —Who picked those__________?

—I picked them by_____________.

A. potatoes ,myself B. potatoes , me

C. potatos ,myself D. potatoes, me

( ) 2. English people like drinking tea _______ milk in it.

A. has B. have C. and D. with

( ) 3. You have sore eyes. You’d better ________.

A. not drink cold water B. eat ice cream

C. not stay up late D. stay up late

( )4.If you have sore eyes,you’d better____________.

A. see a doctor B.not drink hot water

C.to see a dentist D.don’t drink cold water

( )5..—I have a toothache.

—You should _______. A.drink lots of water C.see a dentist B.take a rest D.have a good sleep

( ) 6. — I had a backache. I can’t sleep.

— ____

A. Don’t worry.

B. Not so well. D. Why? C. I’m sorry to hear that.

( ) 7. — Must I take the medicine every day?

— No, you ____.

A. must not B. may not C. don’t have to D. haven’t

( )8.—How often do you exercise?

—_______ A.Less than three times a week. B.More than 10 hours. C.From one thirty to three. D.I often do it.

( )9.If you eat ___ food and take __ exercise, you’ll keep healthy.

A.more; more B.less; less C.more; less D.less; more

( )10.—Humans can’t live _______ air.

—I agree with you. A.without B.with C.in D.for

( )11. A:I’d like a cup of tea ________ honey , what about you ? B: I’d like a cup of coffee ______ anything .

A. with , with , B. without , without

C. without , with D. with , without

( )12.—Must I take the medicine every day?

—No, you _______. A.must B.mustn’t C.needn’t D.can’t

( )13.---Must I return the book tomorrow morning?.

---No,you ______.You_______keep it for three days.

A.mustn’t , can B.mustn’t , must

C.don’t have to , may D.needn’t , must

( )14.My mother is ill. I _______ stay at home to take care of her.

A.can B.may C.should D.maybe

( )15.—May I use your dictionary, Lily?

—Sure, _______. A.go ahead

C.you can’t B.you can ask Bill D.that’s all right

( )16.I have an _______ reading book. Are you _______ in it?

A.interesting; interesting C.interested; interesting B.interesting; interested D.interested; interested

( )17. The movie is very _____, so all of us are ______ in it.

A. interesting; interesting B. interesting; interested

C. interested; interesting D. interested; interested

( )18.I become _____ in the book , because it is so _________ .

A. interested , interesting B. interesting , interesting , C, interested , interest . D.intereted , interested

( ) 19. Linda didn’t do morning exercises yesterday ______ she was ill.

A. so B. but C. because D. and

( )20.I don’t know _______ he will come or not tomorrow.

A.that B.when C.what D.whether

( )21.—Jane, can you play _______ baseball?

—No, I can’t. But I can play _______ violin.

( )22.Mr Li had_____flu last week, so he can’t play ____ violin today .

A.the , / B./ , the C.the , a D.the , the

( )23.—Hi, Linda. _______ a hot day! Let’s go swimming, OK?

—That’s a good idea! A.How B.What C./ D.Which

( )24.Could you make her _______ her radio? It’s too noisy.

A.to turn up C.turn up B.to turn down D.turn off

( )25.Class was over, but some students continued ___ in the classroom.

A.study B.studied C.studies D.studying

( ) 26. In my spare time, I write songs and I play the guitar .

A. either B. also C. well D. too

( )27.A: I ______ vegetables . What about you ?

B:I didn’t , __________.

A.used not to have , too B. didn’t used to having , either

C.didn’t use to have, either D. didn’t use to having , too

( ) 28. The doctor said to me, “Take the medicine three times a day, and you well soon.”

A. will get B. get C. don’t get D. won’t get

( )29. ---A lot of people got SARS three years ago.It was terrible.

----Yes,we should _________our bodies and keep healthy.

A.look up B.build up C.stand up D.pick up

( )30. —Why do people like to ____ pets?—Because pets can ____ them feel happy.

A. make; keep B. keep; make C. grow; keep D. keep; get

( ) 31. My little brother wants to be a teacher when he .

A. stands up B. wakes up C. gets up D. grows up

( ) 32. Most of the boys are watching football games now, and they don’t want to miss any football match.

A. afraid of B. fond of C. tired of D. angry with

( )33.The smile on my father’s face showed that he was__________me. A.angry with

B.afraid of C.pleased with D.worried about

( ) 34. The boy can play ____ guitar, but he can’t play ______ baseball.

A. the; the B. a; a C. the; / D. /; the

( ) 35. If you are late for school again, your teacher will be _____ you.

A. angry with B. pleased with C. proud of D. afraid of

( )36. I’m sorry that I can’t be with you for long,because I______Beijing tomorrow.

A.arrived in B.am leaving for C.go to D.get to

( )37.—What do you think of the math problem?

—It’s too difficult. I think _____ can work it out.

A. nobody B. someone C. anybody D. everyone

( )38. My father is very tired now,____he still go on with his work.

A.so B.and C.or D.but

( )39.If I have ______, I’ll buy a big new house because the old one isn’t ______.

A. enough money , big enough B. enough money , enough big

C. money enough , big enough D. money enough , enough big

( )40. ____ coins is my hobby, because they are interesting. And I like them very much.

A.Collect B.To collect C.Collecting of D.Collecting

( ) 41. My father ______ TV in the morning.

A. used to watching B. used to watch

D. is used to watch

C. be used to watching ( ) 42. I quite agree _____ what you say.

A. to B. with C. on D./

( ) 43. Mr. Smith asked me ______ him ______ Chinese.

A. to teach, learn B. teach, to learn

C. to teach, to learn D. teaching, learning

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