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Unit 1 Period 2(Reading)

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东风一中七年级英语导学案 No.2编写:巴福春 审核:尹永艳 钱鸿鹏 王玉梅


Unit 1 Period 2(Reading)


1. To understand how to introduce oneself in English.

2. To learn how to use the pronouns. Important & difficult points:


1. New words(生词):

year grade reading everyone long music swimming short glasses hobby

2. Phrases(短语): ? years old after school be from long black hair listen to music

short hair wear glasses play football

3. Expressions(句型):

She is good at swimming. I love reading . often play football. after school.

1.He wears glasses. a. glasses “ 眼镜 ”,常用复数,“一副眼镜”,用a pair of glasses。 b.

glass 还可以翻译“玻璃(不可数)”,“杯子(可数)”, two glasses of water; __________ ; two

pieces of glass _______________

2. She works hard. word hard _____________

3. She is good at swimming. a. be good at 擅长, Is she good at English? b. be

good at = do well in 上句可改成:___________________________? c. be good at 中

的at 是prep.。 (记住在介词后加动词的 –ing 形式。) 如:She is good at

_____________ (sing).

4. He enjoys playing computer games. enjoy 后加名词或动词的动名词(--ing)形式。

例如:喜欢电影 _________________ 喜欢听音乐 ______________________


Step 1: Revision(复习)


Step 2.Practice

1. 完成第10页C1部分。


(1) Millie is 12_________(岁数). She is __________( 擅长) Engish.

(2) Millie loves reading. She is in ___________________(读书俱乐部).

(3) Simon ____________(出生在) Shanghai but he lives in Beijing now.

(4) Sandy _____________( 来自 ) Beijing. She has _________________(又长又黑的头发 ).

(5) Miss Li is __________________(又高又苗条).She has ______________(短发).

(6) Daniel __________________(戴眼镜) .He is __________________(有礼貌又乐于助人 ).

4. 再次读课文,把重要的地方用红笔标出来,并写下来。

5. 做有关句型方面的练习,用所给词的适当形式填空。

(1) She likes _________(read) books on Sundays.

(2) The boy loves __________(play) football after school.

(3) Children enjoy ___________(watch) TV in the evening.

(4) Amy is good at ____________(swim).

(5) Let’s _________(meet) Daniel after school.

(6) Miss Lin _______(love) her students. Her students __________(like) her too.

东风一中七年级英语导学案 No.2编写:巴福春 审核:尹永艳 钱鸿鹏 王玉梅


Step3 Revision(复习)




Step 4 当堂检测:

一、选用合适的动词填空。(be, wear, listen, call, play, have, live, enjoy)

1. I _________ in Beijing, but I was not born in Beijing.

2 I have a funny dog. I ______________ it Eddie.

3. He __________ glasses. He loves reading.

4. We ____________ football at school every day.

5. ______ you __________ to music in the evening?

6. She always _____________ long hair.

7. He ___________ very polite and helpful.

8. They ___________ playing pingpong very much.


1. I’m Li Ping. I ___________________________________(13岁).

2. I ______________(个子高), but __________________(我的头发不长).

3. I love __________________ (打篮球). I am __________________(校篮球队).

4. I like __________________________(玩电脑游戏) in the evening.

5. Sometimes I ___________________________ (听音乐).


1. They are from England. (否定句) They ____ _____ England.

2. All my classmates are from Jiangsu Province. (一般疑问句)

_____ all ____ classmates from Jiangsu Province? 3. My name is Simon. (对划线部分提问) _____ ____ your name?

4. She is a student. (改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

___ ___ a student? ____, she ____.

5. I’m fine. (对划线部分提问) ____ _____ you?

Ⅵ. 完形填空。

Andy and Lily are students of No.27 Middle School. Nick is new.

A: Hello! Lily! L: __1__! Andy. A: How are you? L: Fine, than you. ___2__?

A: I’m fine, __3__. L: Look at the boy over there with (带)a box, who __4__ he?

A: Let’s go and say (说) __5__ to him. L: __6__, I’m Lily, This is Andy, What’s your name? N: My name is __7__, Nice to meet you. A&L: __8__ to meet you!

A: Let me help you carry (搬) the __9__. N: __10__!

( ) 1. A. Goodbye B. See you C. hello D. Hello

( ) 2. A. And you B. Are you C. Am I D. Is he

( ) 3. A. two B. Too C. too D. Two

( ) 4. A. am B. is C. are D. be

( ) 5. A. good night B. hello C. goodbye D. good evening

( ) 6. A. hi B. Hi C. No D. hello

( ) 7. A. Nick B. Andy C. Lucy D. Lily

( ) 8. A. good B. Nice C. nice D. Nick

( ) 9. A. books B. tree C. box D. water

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