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M3u1_A_journey_to_space课件 2

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Module 3
Journey to space Module 1 Has it arrived yet?

Who is the first man that landed the moon?

Who is the first woman that travelled to the moon?

What has he done? He has traveled to space.

She has gone to the moon.

astronauts(astronaut), like Armstrong Many _______ and Yang Liwei, they have already space _______ shuttle to space. taken _____(take) a ______

Puzzle time!

1.A vehicle (交通工具) that travels in space


2.A spacecraft travelling between space and earth.

space shuttle

3.A station built for astronauts’ life and work in space. The station never moves.


space station

Match the words with the pictures
A. scientist

B. Earth
C. Mars

D. moon E. Space shuttle F. Land

G. Space station



Listen and number the words:

Earth ? Mars ? moon ? scientist ? spacecraft


1 5 3 2

Activity 2 Check the true sentences.

1 . The spacecraft has reached Mars.

2 . It has landed.
3 . It has already sent messages back to Earth. 4 . They have found life on the moon. 5 . They have found life on Mars.

We’ve just had some news about the mission to explore Mars. The spacecraft has reached Mars after a journey of six months.
The European scientists on Earth haven’t heard if it has landed on Mars yet because it hasn’t sent any messages back.

We know that there isn’t any life on the moon, but scientists hope to find signs of life on Mars and other planets in our galaxy.

1.Daming has made a space station. 2.Tony panicked at the homework. 3.The astronaut haven’t found any life on Mars. 4. It took the spacecraft a month to get to Mars. 5. Lots of astronauts have worked on the space station but no one has ever come back. 6. Daming’s parents work in Shanghai. 7. Daming wants to copy Tony’s homework.

Listen and answer the questions:
1. What homework has Daming got?

Making a model of the space station.
2. How does Daming feel about the homework

He panics.

3. What news has Tony heard?

Some scientists have sent a spacecraft to 4. Who has been to Mars? Mars.

No one has been to Mars.

borrow discover life model recently space station space shuttle

space shuttle go 1. Astronauts take the ____________to to the _____________. space station 2. They haven’discovered t _________ anylife ____ on Mars yet. 3. The ______ model of the space station isn’t Daming’s, and he only wants toborrow ______ it. 4. Astronauts haven’t been to the moon recently ________. The last time was over 30 years ago.

1. I’ve just made this model of the space

station. 2. I haven’t started it yet. 3. Have you heard the latest news? 4. Some scientists have sent a spacecraft to Mars. 5. It has taken several months to get there. 6. Has it arrived yet? Yes, it has.

7. And have the astronauts discovered life on Mars?
No, not yet. 8. But astronauts have already been to the moon. 9. but no one has been recently.

10. But lots of astronauts have worked on the sp

ace station. 11. But I hear they’ve gone to Shanghai on business

1. What are you up to? = what are you doing? 2. Don’t panic= Don’t worry 3. That’s why it’s on the news. 4. They take the space shuttle, and go there and back. 5. You know a lot about the space travel.

6. Can I show your space station to my parents? = Can I show my parents your space station?

7. They are coming back this evening. = they are going to come back this evening. 8. All right, you can borrow it. But bring it back tomorrow.

注意:already,just多用于肯定句中, ever ,yet, never多用于疑问句和否定句中。

1) I have been to many big cities, but I never been to Shanghai. ______ 2) Most of us have ________finished our already compositions. 3)Have they taken down the old yet yet pictures______? No, not ___________. 4) He has _________visited Beijing twice. already just 5) I have ________ heard the news. I know it.
Exercises:用 already, just或never, yet完成句子。

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