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_?____??__?__?_ 线名:??姓? ?? ? _?__ ____???__? _:??班级? ? ? ?? _封____??__? __? __:???考号? ?? ? ?中学? 镇密?永北?:??名? 校?

?( 七年级英语下学期期中统测试卷(二)

A. is looking B. is watching C. is reading D. is seeing ( ) 6. — _________ does your father ________? — He’s a worker. A. What; do B. What; does C. Where; do D. Why; do 一. 从下列各题中选出一个能替换划线部分的选项.(5分) ( ) 7. Why not _________ to the zoo with us tomorrow? ( A. go B. going C. goes D. to go A. would like B. like C. love D. am like ( ) 8. Tom loves playing ________ soccer, but his sister likes playing ( _______guitar. A. a lot B. much C. some D. many A. the; the B. the; × C. ×; the D. ×;× ( ( ) 9. — ________ does she go to the library? A. subject B. lessons C. lesson D. classes — Three times a week. ( A. How far B. How often C. How long D. How A . on foot B. on feet C. go …on foot D. by foot ( ) 10. — __________? ( )5. What’ — It’s Friday. A. the wrong B. trouble C. wrong D. problem A. What’s the time B. What day is it today 二. 单项选择.(20分) C. When is it D. What’s the date today ( ) 1. — Happy new year! ( ) 11. They don’t have classes ________ Sunday morning. — __________. A. on B. at C. in D. of A. Thank you B. The same to you C. All right D. Me too ( ) 12. My home is ________ our school. ( ) 2. Mike often goes to work __________ bike ,but sometimes he A. under B. cross from C. across from D. across ( ) 13. Don’t _________ for school again. _______ a car to work. A. be late B. is late C. late D. are late A. on; takes B. by; drives C. by; takes D. with; drives ( ) 14. — Is there a box on the desk now? ( ) 3. — _________ do you usually _________ to school? — _________. It’s under the desk. — By bus. A. Yes, there is B. No, there isn’t C. Yes, there isn’t D. No, there is ( ) 15. — _________ does he like English? A. How; come B. How; take C. What; come D. Why; come — Because it’s easy and interesting. ( ) 4. — Your new dress looks very nice! A. What B. How C. Why D. Which — __________. ( ) 16. — ________ Mary _______ her homework in the study now? A. Thank you B. Not at all C. You too D. That’s OK — Yes, she is. ) 5. Look! Liu Hua _________ a book over there. A. Is; doing B. Does; do C. Does; doing D. Is; do ( ) 17. — Excuse me, ________ can I _______ your computer? 1

— For two weeks.

A. How often; keep B. How often; borrow C. How long; keep D. How long; borrow

( ) 18. Jane is new here, so she has _________ friends in the class. A. a few B. a little C. little D. few ( ) 19. Maria _________ her pen now, but she can’t _______ it. A. is looking at; find B. is finding; find C. is looking for; find D. looks for; find ( ) 20. — __________ is your school from here?

— It’s about ten kilometers.

A. How long B. How many C. How much D. How far

streets are very busy. Traffic is the most dangerous.

When you go by bus in England, you have to be careful, too. Always remember the traffic moves on the left. So you must be careful. Have a look first or you may go the wrong way.

In many English cities, there are big buses with two floors. You can sit on the second floor. From there you can see the city very well. It’s very interesting.

阅读短文,判断句子正误,正确的填(T),错误的填(F)(10分) ( ) 1. Buses and cars drive on the left in all countries in the world. ( ) 2. In England, before you cross a street, you must look to the right first. ( ) 3. Traffic is the most dangerous in the morning and in the evening. ( ) 4. When you go by bus in England, you’ll always go the wrong way.

( ) 5. You can see the city well from the second floor of the bus.

B 三. 完形填空(10分)

An old man and a young man are walking in the park. The young man is I have a pen pal. She from Yunnan. Her name is Lucy.

behind the old man. There is a bench in front of the old man. The young man is very She is 14 years old. Lucy’s birthday is August 22nd. My birthday is on

August 22nd , . Lucy’s mother is American. And she asks Lucy glad when he sees the bench. He wants to sit on the bench and have a good break . to English . So Lucy can speak English and Chinese well. Lucy He walks to the bench. He sees the old man walking up to it, too. So he begins to run.

Now he is in front of the old man. The old man says. “Don’t sit on the bench!” But likes red , I like green . Lucy’s favorite is art , but mine is

P.E. I’d like her one day. Do you have a pen pal? If you have the young man doesn’t listen to him. He sits on it. He looks happy. The old man

comes over to him with a sign in his hand. It says “Wet paint.” , please me something about it.

( ) 1. A. comes from B. come from C. are from D. be from

( ) 2.A. English B. Chinese C. Japanese D. French ( ) 3.A. in B. at C. on D. of ( ) 4.A. also B. either C. too D. to

( ) 5.A. studies B. studying C. study D. of studying ( ) 6.A. but B. and C. or D. so

( ) 7. A. subject B. subjects C. color D. lessons ( ) 8.A. to meet B. meet C. meeting D. to meeting ( ) 9.A. a B . an C. one D. it ( ) 10.A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak

四. 阅读理解.(共30分)


When you are in England, you must be very careful in the streets because the traffic drives on the left. Before you cross a street, you must look to the right and then to the left.

In the morning and in the evening when people go to or come from work, the



( ) 6. The story happens _________.

A. in a street B. in a school C. on a farm D. in a park

( ) 7. The young man wants to _________ on the bench.

A. work B. walk C. run away D. have a rest

( ) 8. The young man is _________ man.

A. a friendly B. a good C. not a bad D. not a good

( ) 9. The old man has ________ in his hand.

A. a sign B. some paint C. a bench D. a picture

( ) 10. “Wet paint” means _________.

A. 油漆未干 B . 绘画 C. 油漆 D. 不可以坐 C

Hello! I’m Lin Hai. I’ll never forget my math teacher. He is Mr. Wang and

he is from Nankang. He can make the difficult and boring questions easy and

_?____??__?__?_ 线名:??姓? ?? ? _?______???__?_:??班级? ? ??? _封____??__?__?__?:??考号? ?? ? ?中学?镇密?永北?:??名?校?

?interesting. We often do different activities in his class. We can learn a lot from his likes them very much. class. He likes playing the piano. His wife works in the post office close to our school. 10. Which subject do you like ___________________________(good). She likes children, too. She often invites us to their home and cooks food for us. We B. 根据汉语提示,完成下列句子。(10分) all like her. Their only son Wang Jun is our classmate. He is a good boy. We all like 1. They often play soccer on the playground _____________________. (放学后) to play with him. 2. You must return the library book _________________________ (按时). 3. There is a living room _________________________________ (在二楼). 阅读短文,选择最佳答案.(10分) 4. Mr. Wang often __________________________ (吃早饭) at home in the morning. ( ) 11. What is Mr. Wang teach? 5. Does she _________________________________ (说汉语) now? A. math B. English C. music D. Chinese 6. Excuse me, which is the way to the ____________________________ (邮局)? ( )12. How is Mr. Wang’s class? 7. We often _________________________________(去购物) on Sundays. A. boring B. difficult C. interesting D. good 8. Miss Wang always goes to Japan ________________________(乘飞机). ( ) 13. What do the students often do in Mr. Wang’s class? 9. Go along this street and _________________________(左转) at the first crossing. A. Play the piano B. do activities C. make things D. eat something 10. She likes swimming in the ___________________________ (游泳池). ( ) 14. Where does Wang Jun’s mother work? C. 书面表达.(15分) A. In a school B. In a shop C. In a post office D. In the library 请以“our classroom”为题,写一篇60个单词左右的短文或对话。 ( ) 15. How many children are there in Mr. Wang’s family? A. Three B. Two C. One D. Four 五.写作.(共35分) A. 根据句意,用所给词的适当形式填空. (10分) 1. What do you do? I’m a ______________________(drive). 2. How many _______________________(people) are there in your family? 3. My parents like ________________(watch) TV in the living room in the evening. 4. — How often do you visit your grandparents? — _______________________(one) a week. 5. Listen! Someone _____________________(sing) next to the room. 6. Mike and his brother ___________________(sit) on the sofa now. 7. There __________________(be) a picture, two kites and three maps on the wall. 8. — What’s he doing now? — He __________________________(have) supper with his family. 9. His classmates in the school are _______________________(friend) to him. He


_?____??__?__?_ 线名:??姓? ?? ? _?__?____??__?_:??班级? ? ? ?? _封____??__?__?__?:??考号? ?? ? ?中学? 镇密? 永北?:??名?校?

? 七年级英语下学期期中统测试卷(二)答案 一. 从下列各题中选出一个能替换划线部分的选项.(5分) 1—5 ABCCC 二. 单项选择.(20分) 1—5 BBAAC 6—10 AACBB 11—15ACABC 16—20ACDCD 三. 完形填空(10分) 1—AACCC 6—10AAACC 四. 阅读理解.(共30分) 1—5FTTFT 6—10DDDAA 11—15ACBCC 五.写作.(共35分) (A) 1. driver 2. people 3. watching 4. once 5. is singing 6. are sitting 7. is 8. is having 9. friendly 10.best (B) 1. after school 2. on time 3. on the second floor 4. has breakfast 5. speak Chinese 6. post office 7. go shopping /do some shopping 8. by plane/by air 9. turn left 10. swimming pool (C)作文;略 4

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