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Module 3 Journey to space
Unit 2
We haven’t found life on other planets yet.

Words and expressions
solar system also none environment



adv. 也;同样 pron. 没有一个 n. 环境

grow (grew, grown)


生长; 种植

Words and expressions
part n. 部分

billion universe light beyond



num. 十亿 n. n. 宇宙 光线;电灯

prep. 在……之外


adj. 孤单的,孤独的

planet 行星 the solar system 太阳系
planet and it goes around the Sun. the Earth is a ______ eight planets around the Sun. There are _______

the Milky Way


There are more than 200 billion stars in the Milky Way. 在银河系中有超过2000亿颗恒星. billion 十亿

Put the words and expression in the box in order: small – large.
galaxy, planet, solar system, star, universe
1 2 3 3



1. planet 2. star 3. solar system 4. galaxy 5. universe


Read the passage and choose the best title.

1. Anyone out there? 2. Life on Earth 3. Our solar system 4. The stars at night

The 1st Para. Questions:
1.How long has there been life on Earth?
There has been life on Earth for millions of years. 2.Have we found life on other planets yet? No, we haven’t

The 2nd Para. Questions:
3.What is called the solar system? What is it?
The Sun and its planets is called the solar system. It is a small part of our galaxy. 4.How many planets are there? There are eight planets.

Read Para 3 fill in the blanks:
The stars we see ________ at night are the suns in other ___________. solar system There are __________ more than 200 billon stars in our galaxy, called the Milky Way and our sun is only __________, one of them ___________.

Read Para3, 4 answer questions: 1. What have scientists discovered? They’ve discovered many other galaxies. 2. Why is it hard to know how large the universe is? Because they are very far away. 3. Has anyone discovered any life in yet? No, he hasn’t.

The 5th Para.
7. Where have some spacecraft gone? Some spacecraft has gone beyond the solar system. 8.How many people have discovered the life in space ? No one.

1. We haven’t found life on other planets yet.
我们在其它星球上还没有发现生命。 the other (s)与other (s)的区别: (1) the other与other后可加名词; the others与others后不加名词; (2) the other (s)表示一定范围内除去一部分以外后其 余的全体;other (s)表示除去一部分以后的另一 (些),但不是剩下 的全体。

One flower is red, the other (one) is white.

一朵花是红的,另一朵 (花) 是白的。
Give me some other apples/others, please!


2. However, no one has discovered any life in space yet.

no one与none的区别: (1) no one同义词为 nobody, 只用于指人,其后不跟of短 语,作主语时谓语用单数,no one 只能回答以who开头 的问句;

(2) none用于

表示对三者或三者以上全部否定的不定代词, 既可指人,也可指物。 作主语时,谓语可以是单数,也可以是复数; none的反义

词是all, none可与of连用; 可以用来回答How many 或
How much开头的问句。

None of us are/is interested in the story.
我们没有人对那个故事感兴趣。 -Who are you speaking to? 你在跟谁讲话? -No one.

-How many students are there in the room? 房间里有多少个学生? -None. 一个也没有。

3. …are we alone, …?
……我们是唯一的吗?…… alone与lonely的区别: (1) alone既可作形容词,又可作副词,意为“单独地,独自 地”,没有感情色彩。 (2) lonely只作为形容词,意为“孤独的,寂寞的”,具有 感情色彩。

He was very lonely after his wife left.

4. prefer life on Mars

prefer表示“更喜欢”,相当于like…better。 (1) prefer to do “更喜欢做某事”; “宁愿做……” (2) prefer…to… “比起……更喜欢……” prefer...to后要跟名词、动名词;

I prefer reading books to watching TV.

(3) prefer to…rather than…

They prefer to buy a new car rather than repair it. 他们宁愿去买一辆新车,也不愿去修理。

1. millions of :成百万 hundreds of / thousands of / billions of + n. two hundred / thousand + n. 2. go around: 绕着??运转 The Earth goes around the Sun. 地球绕着太阳转。

3. more than = over 超过, 多于 More than 200 people from Grade one are learning English. My grandpa is over 70 years old. = My grandpa is more than 70 years old.

同义词为over, 反义词组less than.

5. It is hard to understand how large the universe is. 很难明白宇宙有多大。 句型: It is +形容词 + to +动词原形. 做某事很?? 读这些单词很难。 It is _________ ____ these words. difficult to read 6. With so many stars in the universe, are we alone or is there life out in space? 宇宙中有这么多恒星,我们到底是 孤独或太空中还有其他生命呢?

with + 名词 + 介词短语,表示伴随情 况,意思是“带着??”。 Mr Wang is coming with a ruler in his hands. 王老师手里带着一把尺子进来了。

alone 在句中作形容词,不作定语只做 表语,也可作副词。意思是“独自地”。 I do it alone.

4.The sun and its planets are called the solar system. are called 是由be 动词+过去分词构成 的被动语态, ”被叫做…”,“被称为…”, 如: The pop group is called S.H.E. 那个演唱组合叫S.H.E.

8. beyond prep. more than sth. 超出; 除……之外 We have learned beyond 3,000 words.

10. so many 意思是“那么多的…”修饰可
数名词复数, 经常与that 从句搭配, 构成 “ so many +可数名词复数+that…

”句 e.g. 型。 There are so many stars in the sky that none can count out.
天空中这么多的星星, 没有人数得清。

so much “那么多的……”修饰不可数名词 e.g. He ate so much food that he couldn’t

stand up.

11. The stars we see at night are the suns
in other solar systems. 句中的star, 指的是能发光的恒星, 每个 恒星包括它的卫星(行星)以及行星的 卫星(如地球的卫星月球)统称一个太 阳系。月亮之所以发光是因为它能反 射太阳光。

14.What costs a million yuan? 什么东西值一百万. cost “花费…钱”,”值…钱”. (cost, cost)它的主语 通常是物,常用句型是 sth. cost(sb) some money. 如:这本书花了我20元. This book cost me 20 yuan.

1. 多于 2. 在宇宙中 morn than/over in the universe

3. 太阳系

solar system

4. 他们中没有一个人 none of them 5. 地球上的生命 6. 保护环境 life on Earth protect the environment

translate the phrases:(翻译词组) 1.在夜晚 3.一小部分 4. 其他七颗行星 5. 几百万年 6. 绕着太阳转 7. 被称为

at night
a small part seven other planets millions of years go around the Sun be called

8. 他们中没有一个
none of them

more than 200 billion stars

try to send information to us

go beyond the solar system

It’s hard to understand sth


Put the words in the box in order small → large.
galaxy, planet, solar system, star, universe



solar system



Check the true sentences: 1.The Earth is a star.(planet) (× ) ____ 2.The Sun is a star. ( √ ) 3.There is more than one galaxy. (√ ) 4.Our galaxy is part of the Milky Way. ( ) × Our galaxy is called the Milky Way 5.The light from stars has taken a long time to reach us. (√ ) 6.Scientists ___ have found life on other planets.(× ) haven’t 7.They ’ve received many messages ___ from space. ( ×) haven’t 8.They ’ ve visited most of the universe.( ) × __ haven’t

Individual activity


1. 地球是行星,它围绕太阳运转。 The Earth is a planet and it goes around the Sun. __________ 2. 为什么不把书带回来? Why not bring back the book? __________________ 3. 没有一个学生去过英国。 None of the students __________ has been to _______ England.

4. 完成今天的作业不容易。 _______________ today’s homework. It ’s hard to finish 5. 我刚读过有关火星的书。 just read books about I have ____________ _____ Mars. 6. 从其他星系到我们这里要花费很多年。 takes many years to reach us It _____ _______ from other galaxies.

缺单词。 1. The Earth is one of the p_____ lanets in the universe. 2. It’s our duty to protect the nvironment e__________.

ir 3. We can’t live without a_ androw water. 4. People find that plants can’t g___ on the moon. ight 5. Remember to turn off that l____ before

1. I like maths. My sister likes it,_____. C A. Also B. either C. too 2. I have many pen friends, but ____ A of them are foreigners. A. none B. no one C. nobody

3. Who can tell me____? B A. how long is the river B. how long the river is C. the river is how long 4. The new colour TV___ A them two thousand yuan. A. cost B. spent C. took 5. If I had ____ C dollars, I would give them to the Children’s Hospital. A. two millions B. two millions of C. two million

light travels much faster than sound. 1. Everyone knows ______ None of us like this bad TV programme. 2. ______ 3. The flowers will grow _____ well if they get enough water. galaxy 4. The solar system is a small part of our________. 5. We haven’t found ________ life on other planets yet.

1. I have been to America before.(变成一般疑问句)

_________________________________ Have you been to America before?
2. have, finished, not, I, homework, my(连词成句) I have not finished my homework. _________________________________ 3. She ___________ has been to the Great Wall twice.选 has gone to/has been to 填空)

4. So far, I learned more than 1,000 new words.(改错) have learned 5. I think he will come to your birthday party.(改为否定 句) will come to your birthday party. think ___ he ____ I _____ don’_____

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