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四. 选择填空:

1. I want to buy ________. A. two bottles of ink B. two bottle of ink C. two bottle of inks D. two bottles of inks

2. They don’t have to do _______ today. A. much homework B. many homeworks C. many homework D. much homeworks

3. The ______ of machine made us feel sick. A. voice B. noise C. sound D. noises

4. The blouse is made of ________. A. a wool B. these wood C. wools D. wool

5. There are three ____ and seven _____ in the picture. A. cows, sheeps B. cows, sheep C. cow, sheep D. cow, sheeps

6. June 1 is _______. A. children’s day B. children’s Day C. Children’s Day D. Children’s day

7. ______ room is next to their parents’. A. Kate’s and Joan’s B. Kate’s and Joan C. Kate and Joan’s D. Kate and Joan

8. Miss Green is a friend of _______. A. Mary’s mother’s B. Mary’s mother C. Mary mother’s D. mother’s of Mary

9. Tom is ______. He will come to see me. A. my a friend B. a friend C. mine friend D. a friend of mine

10. Sheep _______ white and milk _______ also white. A. is, are B. are, is C. is, is D. are, are

11. I’d like to have a glass of milk and ______. A. two breads B. two pieces of breads C. two pieces of bread D. two piece of bread

12. It’s a long ______ to Paris. It’s two thousand kilometers. A. street B. road C. way D. end

13. Many ______ are singing over there. A. woman B. women C. girl D. child

14. He bought _______. A. two pairs of shoes B. two pair of shoes C. two pairs of shoe D. two pair of shoe

15. Mr. White has three _______. A. child B. children C. childs D. childrens

16. Beijing is one of the biggest _______ in the world. A. citys B. city C. cityes D. cities

17. --- Where’s Mr. White? --- He’s in _______. A. the room 202 B. Room 202 C. the Room 202 D. room 202

18. Shops, hospitals and schools are all _______. A. places B. homes C. rooms D. buildings

19. Every morning Mr. Smith takes a _______ to his office.

A. 20 minutes’ walks B. 20 minute’s walk C. 20-minutes walk D. 20-minute walk

20. ---Are these ______? --- No, they aren’t. They’re _______.

A. sheep, cows B. sheep, cow C. sheeps, cow D. sheeps, cows

21. There are many ______ in the fridge. A. fish B. fruit C. eggs D. bread

22. --- Whose room is this? --- It’s _______. A. Li Ming B. Li Ming’s C. Li Mings D. Li Mings’

23. Here are ______ for you, Sue. A. potatos B. some potatoes C. three tomatos D. some tomato

24. Here are some birthday cards with our best ______ for her. A. wish B. hope C. wishes D. hopes

25. I always go to that ______ to buy food on Sunday. A. shop B. park C. zoo D. garden

27. Sam gave Ann some _______ to look after Polly while he was away. A. picture-books B. inventions C. instructions D. messages

28. --- Which of the following animals lives only in China? --- The ________. A. monkey B. elephant C. panda D. cat

29. ______ room is on the 5th floor. A. Lucy and Lily B. Lucy and Lily’s C. Lucy’s and Lily D. Lucy’s and Lily’s

30. The third month of the year is _______. A. March B. January C. February D. April

31. Mum, I’m quite thirsty. Please give me ________.

A. two orange B. two bottle of oranges C. two bottles of orange D. two bottles of oranges

32. How wonderful! The ______ is made of _______. A. house, glass B. house, glasses C. houses, glass D. houses, glasses

33. I met some ______ in the park and talked with them the other day. A. Janpaneses B. American C. Chineses D. English

34. _______ is the best time for planting trees. A. Summer B. Winter C. Spring D. Autumn

35. Tom was badly hurt in the match. They carried him to the ______ as quickly as possible.

A. bank B. post office C. shop D. hospital

36. There are two ______ in the room. A. shelf B. shelfs C. shelfes D. shelves

37. There are seven ______ in a week. A. years B. months C. days D. minutes

38. My father is a ______. He works in a hospital. A. teacher B. doctor C. farmer D. writer

39. It’s very cold today. Why don’t you put on your ______? A. watch B. shirt C. sweater D. glasses

40. --- Excuse me, are you ______? --- Yes, I’m from ________.

A. Japan, Japanese B. China, Chinese C. England, English D. American, America

41. They took a lot of _______ in the children’s park. A. photo B. photoes C. photos D. the photo

42.There is _______ in the bottle. A. no any orange B. not a orange C. not any orange D. no oranges

43. Maths _______ an important subject taught in the middle school.

A. are B. is C. was D. were

44. There are more ______ in this hospital than in that one. A. woman doctors B. women doctor C. women’s doctor D. women doctors

45. The ________ eat a lot of rice. A. Japan people B. Japanese C. Japaneses D. people of Japanese

46. Two ___ and five _______ are studying Chinese at Beijing University.

A. German, English B. Germans, English C. Germans, Englishmen D.Germen, Englishmen

47. Then the ______ began to eat the green ______ of young trees.

A. deer, leafs B. deer, leaves C. deer, leaf D. deers, leafs

48. Would you like _____ ? A. some rice B. any rice C. some rices D. any rices

49. Don’t hurry! We still have _______ time left A. little B. few C. a little D. a few

50. These mountains will be covered with tree in ______ .

A. a few year’s time B. a few years’ time C. a few year’s times D. a few years’ times

五. 各地中考题选编:

1. - Where is Tom? --- He’s left a ______ saying that he has something important to do.

A. excuse B. message C. exercise D. news

2. There is no ______ in the bus so we have to wait for another bus. A. room B. a room C. rooms D. seats

3. --- Would you like some ______? --- Oh, yes. Just a little. A. pears B. oranges C. sugar D. apples

4. You can find the following INSTRUCTIONS on _______. KEEP IN A COLD PLACE

A. food B. money C. clothes D. books

5. Mr. Green has lived in the _____ hotel since he came to China. A. five-star B. five-stars C. five star’s D. five stars

6. She was born in Wuhan, but Beijing has become her second _______. A. home B. family C. house D. place

7. --- What’s the _____ today? --- It’s June 26. A. day B. date C. time D. hour

8. English is spoken as a first language in ______. A. the USA B. France C. Japan D. China

9. ______ comes from cows. A. Wool B. Chicken C. Pork D. Milk

10. Let the children go away. They’re making too much ______ here. A. noise B. voice C. noisy D. sounds


1. We went to Dr. Brown's yesterday. He gave us_____. A.some advice B.advices C.an advice D.some advices

2. What _____ they've got! No wonder they are very happy.

A.a good news B.quite a few news C.good news D.little news

3. Much _____ to fight against pollution. A.have been done B.has been done C.had been done D.has done

4. What _____! Let's go swimming. A.a fine weather B.fine day C.a fine day D.bad weather

5. You have made ______. You should be more careful.

A.a lot of mistake B.a great deal of mistakes C.a large number of mistakes D.few mistakes

6. Before we moved into the new house, we bought many _____

A. furnitures B. furniture C. pieces of furniture D. pieces of furnitures

7. The bookshelf over there is_________. A.Mary’s and Jane’s B.Mary’s and Jane C.Mary and Jane’s D. Mary and Jane

9. They had a good time at the _____ Palace. A.children B.Children’s C.Children D.Childrens’

10. Xiao Li was ____ in my boyhood. A. my close friend B. mine a close friend C. a close friend of mine D. a close friend of me

11. These are ____ from other presses. They are having a meeting in one of the ___ office.

A. editor- in-chiefs, editor’s-in-chief B.editors –in –chief , editors-in-chief’s

C. editors –in-chief’s, editor’s –in-chief’s D.editor-in-chief’s , editors –in-chief

12. There are five ____ in our class. A. Zhang’s B. Zhangs’ C. Zhangs D. The Zhangs

13. How far is your school ?

A. twenty - five minutes walk B. the walk of twenty-five minutes C. twenty-five minutes walks D. twenty-five minutes’ walk

14. ---What’s the distance from here to the station? - ---It’s __________from here.

A. two kilometre distance B. two kilometres’ distance C. distance of two kilometers D. distance of two kilometres’

15. We’re going to have __________next month. A. two day’ holiday B. two day holiday C. two days holiday D. two days’ holiday

16. Who’s a cousin?

A. Uncle or aunt’s son B. Uncle or aunt’s daughter C. Uncle or aunt’s child D. Uncle or aunt’s brother or sister

17. She always wears beautiful _____. A.clothes B.cloth C.dress D.clothings

18.Will you have a little ______? A.more fishes B.more fish C.much fishes D.fishes

19. There _____ in my class. Which of them do you want to see?

A.is John B.are three Johns C.are the John's D.is the John

20. Twenty dollors ____ what he needs A.was B.were C.is D.has been

21.The United Nations ____ a resolution A. has past B. has passed C. have passed D. has through

22. The Arabian Nights ____ a very interesting storybook A. is B. are C. has been D. had been

23. The New York Times ____ a wide circulation(传播) A. is B. has C. are D. have

24. Math____ a very important subject. A. are B. is C. were D. was

25. His math ____ weak A. is B. seems C. was D. are

26. Many bridges____ now. A. is being built B. are being built C. has built D. had been built

27. Every means _____ tried to improve teaching and learning A. has B. has been C. have D. were

28. The police _____ searching for a tall dark man with long hair.

A. is B. has been C. are D. had been

29. One of his fingers was wounded. What about _____. A. the other B. another C. others D. the others

30. There’s an English book in _____ of his hands, and he also has a dictionary in his _____ hand.

A. one, other B. one, another C. one, the other D. another, second

【考点直击】 代词是代替名词、形容词和数词的词。按其意义、特征及其在句中的作用分为:人称代词、物主代词、指示代词、反身代词、相互代词、疑问代词、不定代词和关系代词等。一. 人称代词


I like table tennis. (作主语) Do you know him?(作宾语)

3.人称代词还可作表语。作表语时用宾格。如:---Whos is knocking at the door? ---It’s

4.人称代词在than之后与其他人或事物进行比较时,用主格和宾格都可以。如: 二. 物主代词


2. 形容词性物主代词的作用相当于形容词,可在句中作定语。例如: Our teacher is coming to see us. This is her pencil-box.

3. 名词性物主代词的作用相当于名词,在句中可用作主语、宾语和表语。 Our school is here, and theirs is there.(作主语) --- Is this (作表语) --- No. Mine is in my bag. (作宾语)

三. 指示代词

指示代词包括:this,that,these,those。1. this和these一般用来指在时间或空间上较近的事物或人,that和those

则指时间和空间上较远的事物或人,例如: This is a pen and that is a pencil. We are busy these days. In those days the workers had a hard time.2. 有时that和those指前面讲到过的事物,this 和these则是指下面将要讲到的事物,例如: What I want to say is this ; pronunciation is very important in learning English.3. 有时为了避免重复提到的名词,常可用that或those代替,例如: Television sets made in Beijing are just as good as those made in Shanghai. 4. this 在电话用语中代表自己,that 则代表对方。例如: Hello! This is Mary. Is that Jack speaking?

四. 反身代词 英语中用来表示"我自己","你自己","他自己","我们自己","你们自己"等意义的代词称为反身代词,也有人称之 自身代名词,其形式如表所示反身代词可以在句中作宾语,表语,同位语。 1. 作宾语,表示动作的承受者就是动作的发出者,主语和宾语指同一个人或一些人。 He called himself a writer. Would you please express yourself in English? 2. 作表语。 It doesn't matter.I'll be myself soon. The girl in the news is myself. 3. 作主语或宾语的同位语,表示亲自或本人。 I myself washed the clothes.(=I washed the clothes myself.)(作主语同位语) You should ask the teacher himself.(作宾语同位语)

五. 不定代词 不是指明代替任何特定名词的代词叫做不定代词,在句中可作主语、表语、宾语和定语。现将几个常用的不定代词举例说明如下:1. some与any的区别


2)any多用于疑问句、条件句和否定句中,表示“一些,任何”用作形容词时,后面可以接①不可数名词+单数动词;②可数名词 复数动词。 If you have any questions, please ask me. There isn't any orange in the bottle. Have you got any tea?


How many people can you see in the picture? I can't see any. If you have no money, I'll lend you some.

注意:与some, any结合的词如something, somebody, someone, anything, anyone, anybody在肯定句、否定句、疑问句、条件句中的用法,大致和some, any的用法相同。2. few, a few, little, a little在用法上的区别


I'm going to buy a few apples. He can speak only a little Chinese. There is only a little milk in the glass. He has few friends. They had little money with them. 2)a little和little也可以用作副词,a little表示“有点,稍微”,little表示“很少”。

I'm a little hungry. (修饰形容词hungry) Let him sleep a little. (修饰动词sleep) Mary, go a little faster, please. (修饰副词比较级

) She slept very little last night.


Where are his other books? I haven't any other books except this one. 2)other也可以用作代词,与冠词the连用构成“the other”,表示两个人或物中的“另一个”。常与one搭配构成“one ..., the other ...”句型。 He has two brothers. One is 10 years old , the other is 5 years old. She held a ruler in one hand and an exercise-book in the other.

3)other作代词用时,可以有复数“others”,泛指“另外的人或物”。常与some搭配构成“some ...., others ...”句型。

Some went to the cinema, others went swimming. This coat is too large. Show me some others, please.

4)“the others”表示特指某范围内的“其他的人或物”。

We got home by 4 o'clock, but the others didn't get back until 8 o'clock. In our class only Tom is English, the others are Chinese.


You can see another ship in the sea, can't you? Mary doesn't want to buy this skirt. Would you please show her another one?

6)another也可以作代词用,表示“另一个”。 I'm still hungry after I've had this cake. Please give me another.

4. every与each的区别。

The teacher gave a toy to each child. Each ball has a different colour.

当我们说each child, each student或each teacher时,我们想到的是一个人的情况。而当我们说every child和every student时,我们想到的是全体的情况,every的意思与all接近,表示他们都如此。

Every student loves the English teacher. = All students love the English teacher. Every child likes playing. = All children like playing.

5. all和both的用法。

1)all指三者以上,或不可数的东西。谓语动词既可以用单数,也可以用作复数。在句中作主语、表语、宾语、同位语和定语。 All of us like Mr Pope. 我们都喜欢Pope先生。(作主语) = We all like Mr Pope. (作同位语)

All the water has been used up. (作主语) That's all for today. (作表语)

Why not eat all (of) the fish? (作宾语) All the leaders are here. (作定语)

2)both作代词。①与其他名词或代词并列出现,表示“两个都”。 Lucy and Lily both agree with us. They both passed on their sticks at the same time. How are your parents? They're both fine.

②与“of +代词(或名词)”连用,表示“两者都”。 Both of them came to see Mary. Both of the books are very interesting.

③单独使用,表示“两者(都)”。 Michael has two sons. Both are clever. I don't know which book is the better, I shall read both.

3)both用作形容词,放在名词之前,修饰该名词,表示“两者都”。 Both his younger sisters are our classmates.

. There are tall trees on both sides of the street.

六. 相互代词

表示相互关系的代词叫做相互代词。相互代词有each other 和one another两种形 式。在当代英语中,each other和one another没有什么区别。相互代词可在句中作宾语,定语。作定语用时,相互代词用所有格形式。

We should learn from each other / one another. (作宾语) Do you often write to each other / one another? (作宾语) We often borrow each other's / one another's books. (作定语) The students corrected each other's / one another's mistakes in their homework.(作定语)

七. 疑问代词疑问代词有who,whom,whose,what和which等。疑问代词用于特殊疑问句中,一般都放在句首,并在句子中作为

某一句子成分。例如:Who is going to come here tomorrow? (作主语)What is that? (作表语)Whose umbrella is this? (作定语)



关系代词是一种引导从句并起连接主句和从句作用的代词。关系代词有 who, whose, whom, that, which. 它们在句中可用作主语,表语,宾语,定语. 在主句中,它们还代表着从句所修饰的那个名词或代词。例如: I’m

1. Tom, Please pass ________ the glasses. I want to read the newspapers.

A. you B. me C. him D. her

2. The English novel is quite easy for you. There are ______ new words in it.

A. a little B. little C. a few D. few

3. ---You want ________ sandwich? ---Yes, I usually eat a lot when I’m hungry.

A. other B. another C. others D. the other

4. The doctors and nurses are doing their best to fight SARS. They think more of others than _______.

A. they B. them C. themselves D. theirs

5. ---Which do you prefer, a bottle of orange or a bottle of milk? ---__________, thanks. I’d like a cup of tea.

A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. None

6. ---Oh! I came in a hurry and forgot to bring food. ---Never mind. You can have ________.

A. us B. ours C. you D. yours

7. ---Can I come this evening or tomorrow morning? ---_______ is OK. I’m free today and tomorrow.

A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. None

8. ---How are you going to improve _______ this term? ---Work harder than last term.

A. ourselves B. myself C. himself D. yourself

9. ---Could you tell me _______ she is looking for? ---Her cousin, Susan.

A. that B. whose C. who D. which

10. ---Is _______ here? ---No. Li Lei and Han Mei have asked for leave.

A. everybody B. somebody C. anybody D. nobody

11. Paul has _______ friends except me, and sometimes he feels lonely.

A. many B. some C. few D. more

12. If you want to book a round-trip ticket, you’ll have to pay ______ $ 30.

A. more B. other C. the other D. another

13. ---Do you live by yourself, Mr Wang?

---Yes. I have two sons. But ______ of them lives with me. They are now studying in America?

A. neither B. both C. none D. either

14. ---Have you sent your parents an E-mail telling them you arrived safe? ---No. _______ of them can use a computer.

A. None B. Both C. Neither D. All

15. Who taught _______ English last term? Was _____ Mr. Smith?

A. you; it B. you; he C. your; it D. your; that

16. ---That woman has a bag in her right hand. What’s in her _____ hand?

A. another B. other C. one D. the other

17. We decided to go for a field trip with some friends of _______. A. us B. our C. ours D. ourselves

18. ---Is there a bus to the zoo? ---I’m afraid there’s _______ bus to the zoo.

A. no B. any C. some D. none

19. You forgot your dictionary? You may have _______. A. me B. my C. mine D. myself

20. This is ______ classroom. Where is _______? A. our; them B. us; they C. our; theirs D. ours; theirs

二. 用所给代词的适当形式填空

1. This is not my pencil-box. _______ ( I ) is in the bag.

2. Trees are planted in ______ ( we ) country every year, which makes our country more and more beautiful.

3. ---Is that bike Miss Gao’s? ---Yes, it is ______(she) . Beautiful, isn’t it?

4. Help ______ (you) to some fruit, Jack.

5. ---Who taught your brother to surf? ---Nobody. He learnt all by _______ (he).

6. Their English teacher is from America, but ______ (we) is from England.

7. Mary’s answer is different from ________ ( I ).

8. ---My watch keeps good time. What about _______(you)? ---Mine? Oh, two minutes slow.

9. Sam is my brother. Do you like to play with ______ (he)?

10. Did you enjoy _______ (you), Mary and Kate?

21. -Do you want tea or coffee? -______. I really don`t mind. A. Both B. None C. Either D. Neither

22. -Whose are those books? -They are ____________. A. our B. mine C. your D. their

23. My parents are workers.________both work in the same factory. A. Them B. They C. He D. She

24. -Are you________here? -Yes, we are. A. all B. anybody C. everybody D. somebody

25.-_______bag is this? -It's hers. A. Who B. When C. Whom D. Whose

26. - What about leaving at 8 o'clock, Mr Green? - No. Let's make_______at seven or even earlier.

A. him B. it C. that D. this

27. My bike is broken. May I borrow________? A. you B. yourself C. yours D. your

28. Our city is beautiful. There are a lot of trees on________side of the streets.

A. both B. all C. either D. neither

29. This is a good book, Each time you read it, you will find__________ .

A. something new B. new something C. nothing new D. new nothing

30.2008 will be the _____ time for China to hold the Summer Olympics. A.one B.once C.first D.second

31. This is a big class, and _____of the students are girls.A. two third B. second three C. two thirds D. two three

32.-How old is your son? _ ____________ . We had a special party for his____________ birthday last Sunday.

A. Nine; nine B. Nine; ninth C. Ninth; ninth D. Ninth; nine

33. Is there _______ in today's newspaper?

A. something important B. important anything C. anything important D. important everything

34.He became a famous writer when he was______.A. in his fifty B. in his fifties C. in fifty years old D. in fifties

35.This is the _____ time in _____ days that he has made the same mistake.

A. second, third B. two, three C. two, third D. second, three

36. Your digital watch is quite nice. Where did you buy_____?I want to buy_____,too.

A. one;one B. it;it C. it;one D. one;it

37. ______ the twins enjoyed _______ at the party yesterday.

A. Both; them B. Both; themselves C. Neither; them D. All; themselves

38. Ted's mother kept telling Ted not to tell lies, but ______ didn't help. A. which B. it C. she D. he

39.-Do you like talking with your friends on the telephone or mobile phone? - ____________ . I enjoy using QQ.

A. Neither B. Either C. Both D. None

40. -Is this Lucy's eraser? -No, it's not ________.

A. she B. her C. hers D. herself

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