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第一部分 模块话题简介


七(上)Unit 1 My name’s Gina. Unit 3 This is my sister. Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?

Unit 6 Do you like bananas? Unit 8 When is your birthday? Unit 9 Do you want to go to a movie? Unit 10 Can you play the guitar? Unit 12 My favorite subject is science.

七(下)Unit 1 Where’s your pen pal from?Unit 7 What does he look like?

八(上)Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister.Unit 9 When was he born?

第二部分 模块话题知识梳理


My name is ______. My first name is ______. My last/family name is ______.I’m______.

Her name is _____.. Her first name is ______ Her last/family name is ______.He is _____.

His name is ______His first name is ______. His last/family name is ______.She is ______.

I’m a girl/ boy .

She is a girl/ boy.



中国)/England(英国)/the USA(美国) /America(美国)/Japan(日本). She’s



He’sShe’s (日本的) girl/boy.



He’s She’s.



birthday is st January一月;正月, February二月, March 三月,April 四月,May 五月,June 六月,July七月,八月, September 九月, October 十月, November十一月, December 十二月




was born,1992../.in Wenling/Shanghai/a small village. She.

My telephone number is _____. Her telephone number is _____.His telephone number is _____.

有This/That is my sister/brother/father/mother/friend/teacher____. (单数)

These/Those are _parents/classmates___.(复数)


I like basketball/volleyball/baseball/ping-pong ball/ soccer ball /tennis/sports.



oranges/bananas/apples/pears/strawberries/hamburgers/ tomatoes/broccoli/salad/chicken.


comedies/thrillers/action movies/documentaries/Beijing Opera




科学)/biology(生物)/music/art/P.E./class meeting(班会)

history class.(上历史课) (上课)动词用have


playing computer games

I like dancing



playing chess



speaking English/Chinese/Japanese

listening to the music

7最喜欢的表达法What’s your/her/his favorite_____?



例如:.===My favorite color is red.



sing/dance/paint/draw/play chess/play computer games/speak English

play chess/play soccer/play computer games/play the guitar

/do Chinese kongfu


2)build(体格):fat(胖的), heavy (重的), thin(瘦的), strong (强壮的), weak(羸弱的), a medium build (中等体格)

3)hair(头发): bald(秃头的), short hair(短的), long hair(长的), straight hair(直发), curly hair(卷发), black hair(黑

发), brown hair(棕色头发), blonde hair(金发)


她有一头短的金黄色的卷发。 She has short curly blond hair。

她有一头漂亮乌黑 的长发 She has beautiful long black hair.

4)clothes(服装): sweater(毛衣), T-shirt, dress(连衣裙), skirt(短裙), uniform(制服), coat(外套), pants(裤子), shorts(短裤), jeans(牛仔裤), shoes(鞋子)

5)glasses (眼镜),sunglasses(太阳镜)

6)eyes(眼睛): big(大的) / small(小的)/black(黑的)/blue(蓝的/)bright (明亮的)

7)ears(耳朵):big(大的 ) /medium(中等的) / small(小的)

8)nose(鼻子): tall (高的) /short(矮的)/big(大的)/small(小的)/medium(中等的)

9)mouth(嘴): big / small/sexy(性感的)/medium

10)face(脸):big/small/fat/thin/round (圆的)/long/square /(方的)

11)good-looking 相貌好看的 ordinary-looking 相貌平平的 ugly-looking 相貌不好看的,相貌丑的

beautiful(漂亮的) / pretty(好看的) / ugly(难看的) / handsome (英俊的)

12)性格方面:quiet(文静的,内向的)funny (滑稽的)/smart (聪明的)/friendly 友好的/unfriendly (不友好的)/serious(严肃的)/out-going(外向的)/calm(沉着的,镇静的)/wild(卤莽的,轻率的)/athletic(活跃的,强健的)/humorous(幽默的)/lazy(懒惰的)/naughty(淘气的) /gentle温和的

1)What does he/she look like? (询问相貌) He is medium height/thin/heavy/tall.

2) What is he/she like?(询问性格特征) He’s funny /smart /friendly /unfriendly /serious.

( am/is/are+形容词)


glasses/a T-shirt/sweater/pants

glasses/a T-shirt/a sweater/pants

6)a white beard is my grandfather.


8) Pedro is funnier than Paul. Pedro比 Paul还要有趣。

9). Tina is taller than Tara. Tina比 Tara还要高。

10). Tom is more athletic than Sam. Tom比Sam还要强健

自我介绍(To introduce myself)

’s a beautiful city. I'm an active, lovely, and clever girl. In the school my favorite subject is math. Perhaps someone thinks it's difficult to study well. But I like it. I believe that if you try your best, everything can be done well. I also like sports very much. Such as, running, volleyball and so on. I'm kind-hearted. If you need help, please ask me for help. I hope we can be good friends!

OK. This is me--- .a sunny girl.



Introduction Introduction

Ending(Your opinion)

1开篇 I have a good friend/pen pal.

.. is my best friend . One of my best friends is .

. . I have a favorite star. He’s well-known all over China this year

My idol is one of the most popular stars at present. Can you guess who he is?

2 描写人的外貌 如 She is a little girl with thick glass ,but she has a beautiful face and long black hair .

3 写人的品质 通过描写人物的语言或事件来说明人具有的某品质,简单写就行。Mother is always very patient with me ,but she is very strict .

4 写人的工作学习态度 He works very hard all day.

5 结束语She loves me very much ,the same as I love her .

I love .forever .

She is not only my teacher/ mother ,...but my good friend as well.

I like him so much because he gives us a lot of pleasure

. I’m a fan of Xiao Shenyang. I like his performance very much. I will support him forever.

1.What’s your impression(印象)of him?

He’s thin/ medium height

He has small eyes/ big nose…

He has short straight black hair

He is funny/humorous/outgoing/ active/talented/lucky /silly / vulgar(庸俗的)

3.Let’s know more about Xiao Shenyang ! Detailed introduction(细述)

when who where what why how

Xiao Shenyang was born in a poor village in 1981. After he left school, he began to learn Errenzhuan from 1995 to 1998. In 1999 he had his first performance. Then he did very well in the first Benshan Cup Contest. Five years later, he won the first prize in another important contest---Liu Laogen Stage. Because of his perfect performances, he became Benshan’s student. From then on, he did better and better. He hoped to perform on CCTV one day. But he didn’t achieve his dream until 2009. It was the Spring Festival Gala that made him well-known all over China.

1. Serve the theme. (紧扣主题)

2. Plan before you write./5w 1h (精心安排内容)

3. Make a good beginning and ending. (写好开头结尾)

4. Avoid making mistakes. (避免错误)

5. Use conjunctions, good structures and expressions.


6. Express your own opinions if necessary.

7. Pay attention to the capital letters and punctuations.


There is a new star who is well-known in China at present. His name is Liu Qian. He was born in 1976. And he is a magician who comes from Taiwan.

To my surprise, he is not only good at magic, but also good at languages. He can speak three languages which are Chinese, English and Japanese.At the age of 7, he began to learn magic by himself. Then in 1988, he won his first award. From then on, he worked even harder. Practice makes perfect. He was invited to perform all over the world. So far, he has won lots of awards.

To be honest, I like Liu Qian very much. I think he is smart and creative. I feel that magic is very magical and mysterious. I really want to learn magic from him.

TAIWANESE magician Liu Qian has made “magic” a hot word. His

two shows for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala (春晚) left people amazed and curious.

“I enjoy seeing the surprise on people’s faces,” said 33-year-old Liu. “It’s the best reward (回报) a magician can get.” Liu didn’t train professionally (专业地) to be a magician. He learned his tricks by himself. Liu was seven when he fell in love with magic. It was in a big store in Taiwan. The seller showed the boy a coin trick.

“You can’t imagine how I felt at that moment,” said Liu. “Being able to do magic was like having a superpower (超凡能力),the kind all kids want to have. It was just like something from Doraemon (哆啦A梦) or Superman. I decided to learn magic.”

Liu practiced hard at home to improve his magic skills until one day he was able to perform a trick before his class. “I saw that look of surprise on everyone’s face. I knew they felt the same as I did in the store, ” said Liu, thinking back.

Liu practices just as hard today. He takes every new show seriously. It took him three years to get ready for the Gala. Choose the best answers:

1. Liu Qian learned magic A. from a great magician B. without any help

C. in a magic school D. in a big store

B. he was fascinated by it

D. he didn’t like schoolwork 2. Liu Qian started to learn magic because A. he wanted to become rich C. he had a superpower

3. Which fact about Liu Qian is NOT TRUE?

A“Magic” is a hot word today.

B. He was seven when he fell in love with magic.

C. Magic is a super power like something from Doraemon or Superman.

D. He practiced three years before he performed the tricks in the Spring Festival Gala.

4. From Liu Qian's story we can learn .

A. how to be famous B. how to become a magician

C. practice makes perfect D. the superpower of magic

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