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Unit1 what’s the matter?

Section B(1a-1d)



(1) Be able to express the actions of treatment.

(2) Be able to learn the expressions of giving advice.

(3) Be able to talk about health problems by using “What’s the matter? I have a??” and give advice by using “You should ??You shouldn’t??”

过程与方法:课前检查—自主学习—听力检测 —语言运用与展示—合作探究

情感态度价值观:Care more about yourself and others’ health

教学重、难点:1、Master the names of the actions of treatment.

2、Master the expressions of giving advice

3、Talk about health problems by using “What’s the matter? I have a??” and give advice

by using “You should ??You shouldn’t??”



2、自学完成Section B 1a,学科组长检查。






翻译:用绷带包扎 用水冲洗

休息几天 量体温

仰起头 拍X光片

在上面敷些药 穿上一件干净的T恤


A: Oh, what’ the matter?/Oh, no!What happened?

B: I was making dinner just now and I cut myself by accident.

A: Was the cut serious?

B: Not really..

A: you should…

B:Ok. Thanks.


(核心板:教师明确目标——学生自学——小组交流讨论——分组展示和汇报——强化训练) 自主、合作、探究:




Task 2.

合作学习1d, 小组训练,课堂展示, 老师点拨知识点.

1. 补全对话

A:Who came to your office today?


A:What happened?

B: .



1. — Kelly, who's the girl__________glasses in

the photo?

-一It’s me. I used to wear glasses and have long hair.

A. by B. of C. on D. with

2. Students shouldn’t go to school

breakfast. It’s bad for their health.

A. with B. without C. for D. by

3. Victor can play piano. He can join

the music club.

A. a B. an C. the

4. How do you like Li Yundi?

- A cool guy! His music really beautiful.

A. tastes B. sounds C. smells D. looks

5. 一M um,I’m not feeling well.

—Oh, dear! ________

A. What’s wrong? B. Not at all. C. All right.

7. Andrea Bocelli never________,which makes him a successful singer.

A. takes away B. gives away

C. gets up D. gives up

8.He hurried back home _______his schoolbag.

A. fetched B. to fetch C. fetching D. fetches

9. — Why did you get up late this morning?

— _________I stayed up late last night, v

A. Because B. So C. Because of D. But

10. — What’s the matter with you?

一I________a headache.

A. have B. take C. make D, like

11. To our__________, the little girl is the first to go to bed.

A. surprises B. surprise C. surprised D. surprising

12. - -What did your sister do?

—-She_________the bus at the bus stop and went home.

A. got to B. got up C. got down D. got off

13. — What did you see?

— I saw many boys________ games near the river.

A. played B. playing C. plays D. to play

14. It’s __________own business(事情) Please do it yourself.

A. you B. your C. yours D. his

15. My father often cooks some delicious food_________for us at


A. herself B. ourselves C. himself D. yourselves



Fall down__________ get sunburned__________

have problems breathing____________________ cut ourselves_______________

get hit by a ball_____________________ hurt our back or arm______________


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