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外研版九年级英语下册 Module 5 Rules and suggestions测试题

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Module 5 单元测试


1. Can you stay here for a few days longer__________, but I have to go back tomorrow. A. No problem

B. I’m afraid not

C. I’d love to D. No, thank you

2. Henny _________ be at home now because he phoned me from the school just now.

A. mustn’t B. isn’t he able to C. may not D. can’t

3. Could I borrow your bike

Yes, of course you ___________.

A. must B. need C. can D. could 4 I __work out the maths problem. Lily ____know the answer. Let’s ask her for help.

A. can’t must B. can’t may

C. may not, has to D. have to ,can

5. The room is big enough .It _______hold 1000 people.

A. may B. must C. can D. have to

6. Which sentence is right

A. Maybe he right.

B. He maybe is right.

C. He maybe right

D. Maybe he is right. 7. Yesterday morning ,Jim hurried to the station .He was very angry __ the train had just left.

A. and B. so C. because D. so that

8. I tied the tree to the top of the stick ___-it was straight .

A. in order to B. for C. so that D. but

9. After you have done your homework,____________- sure there are mo careless mistakes before you hand it in .

A . try B .do C. make D. take

10. There will be a talk _____________environment this afternoon.

A. to B .on C .in D. with

11.Have you ever picked up ______ rubbish and thrown it into a dustbin

A. more B. some C. much D .many

12._________he was late for school this morning . His mother was seriously ill.

A .no doubt B. no wonder C. no trouble D. no problem

13.__________more attention, _________ you will improve your study greatly.

A. Giving, so B. Giving, and C. Give, so D. Give, and

14. There’s a knife on the floor. _________,please.

A .Pick it up B. Pick up it C. Get up it D. Get it up

15. Do you find it important _________ our environment

A. took care of B. took care C. take care D. to take care of


It was Sunday. My little brother _1_________ make a kite when I came in .I_2___________(turn) on the television and began to watch a football match. Suddenly I heard him 3_______ cry .I ran up to him .His hand 4_________ hurt .Neither of my parents 5_______be in and I had to take him to a hospital. Bad luck! Something was wrong with my bike. I 6_______hurry off, with the boy on my back. It 7________ rain at that moment and I was very tired when we _8________get to the bus stop .On our way home ,the rain 9_______stop.My brother felt sorry. He said to me ,“Thank you ,sister ,I 10________remember this accident for ever!”



1. What day is it today

2.What time is it mow

3.Shall we go and see the monkey

4.What are they doing

5.Would you like to come to supper

6.How does Jim go to work

7.Who is tall, Jim or you

8.May I come with you

9.Where are the oranges

10.Why don’t you come with me


A. No ,let’s go and see the pandas .

B. It’s Sunday.

C. They are cooking some food .

D. That is a good idea .

E. They are on the table .

F. Jim is, I think.

G. Sure! You’re welcome.

H. It’s five minutes past six .

I. I’d love to .But I must ask my parents first.

J. By bike.


A Frenchman went to visit New York. He didn’t know English. When he New York, he a bus to a hotel.

It was Sunday. The Frenchman went out for a walk. As he went the street, he suddenly thought of his way back. So he decided to write down the name of the street. On the wall near the corner of the street, he saw some English words. He wrote them down in his notebook. “Now I know the name of the street,” he said to . “It’ll be easy for me to the hotel.” He walked for a long time in the city, then he felt tired and wanted to go back. He took the notebook out of his pocket and the name of the street to a young man. The young man read the words, but he didn’t know what the Frenchman wanted. The Frenchman decided to ask . He stopped an old man. The old man read the words but he didn’t know what the Then the Frenchman saw a young woman. The young woman knew French. When the Frenchman showed her words in his notebook and asked where the street was, the young woman ,for in the Frenchman’s notebook, there were only three words, “One Way Street”— it was not a street name.

( )1.A. reached to

B. got C. arrived in

( )2.A. had

( )3.A. along

( )4.A. a policeman

( )5.A. come to

( )6.A. read

( )7.A. himself

( )8.A. too

( )9.A. a little B. took C. drove B. across C. away B. the man C. himself B. walk to C. return to B. put C. showed B. someone C. others C. neither B. either B. some C. many

( )10.A. cried B. laughed C. thought

五.短文填空 We students often talk about the rules that we have in school, such as “Don’t fight.” “Clean the classroom every day.”…We should obey these rules. The problem is that we have to wear uniforms at school every day, but all my classmates think the uniforms are ugly. We think that young people should look smart and so we would like to wear our own clothes .Our teachers believe that if we do that ,we would concentrate more on our clothes than our studies .We disagree. We should feel more comfortable and that is good for studying .If we can’t do that, we should be allowed to design our uniforms. That would be a good way to keep both teachers and students happy.



一1-5 CDCAC 6-10DCCCB 11-15BCDAD

二、1.was making 2.turned 3.crying 4.was hurt 5.was 6.hurried 7.was raining

8.got 9.stopped 10.will remember

三、1-5 BHACI 6-10 JFGED

四、1-5BBADC 6-10BADAB

五、1.ugly 2.smart 3.more comfortable

4.deisgn 5.a (good) way

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