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M1 习题

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一. 单项填空 ( ) 1. We Chinese like to _____when we meet. A. shake hand B. wave hands C. shake hands D. hold hands

( ) 2. Thanks for ___ me such a great photo. You look pretty good.

A. send B. sent C. to send D. sending

( ) 3. What’s the matter _____ him? A. for B. with C. to D. from ( ) 4.Lucy is angry ____ herself.

A. at B. with C. offer D. to ( ) 5.I am not good at English. So I am _____ of speaking in class.

A. afraid B. shy C. excited D. happy

( ) 6. They never stare at others, ______?

A. do they B. can’t they C. don’t they D. does they

( ) 7.She is tall and slim _____ short fair hair. A. has B. have C. with D. of

( ) 8. This kind of music ____ beautiful. A. sings B. hears C. listens D. sounds

( ) 9. The woman can’t find her keys, so she looks ______. A. happy B. nice C. worried D. sadly ( ) 10. I ____very tired after running. A. felt B. tasted C. smelt D. sounded ( ) 11. ____ you feel nervous when you speak to your teacher?

A. Are B. Is C. Do D. Does ( ) 12. ---_____ do you feel when you leave your mum and dad? ---I feel a bit sad. A. What B. How C. Why D. When ( ) 13.The teacher comes in. All the students stop _______.

A. to talk B. talking C. talk D. talks

( ) 14._____ of my parents are workers. A. Both B. All C. Every D. Neither

( ) 15. The old woman is quite ______ of her son’s success. A. prouder B. proud C. proudest D. the proudest

( ) 16.Drinking milk can help __________ to keep healthy.

A. us B. our C. ours D. we

( ) 17.—I haven’t seen Jack for three days .Is he ill? — His mother told me that he was in hospital.

A.I am afraid so B.I hope not C.I don’t expect

( ) 18.I knew there was _____ with my computer.

A. something wrong B. wrong something C. anything wrong

( ) 19.He is making a pizza __________ tomatoes and onions.

A. for B. with C. in

( ) 20.Daming seemed ______when he heard the news.

A. surprise B. surprised C. surprising D. a surprise

二.完形填空(20分) Smiles and tears are part of life. But do you find enough time for 1 ? I’m not asking if you experience lots of good times. Of course, we should laugh during the happy times. But do you 2 laugh during the difficult times? Erma Bombeck is known for her funny books. But she wrote 3 about a more serious subject—cancer (癌症 ) in children. The book is titled, I WANT TO

GROW 4 ,I WANT TO GROW UP. Erma talks with many children who 5 cancer and learns important lessons from them. She learns, for example, that cancer survivors (幸存者)now how they should smile at life, though they are receiving chemotherapy(化疗).

She tells about the experience of 6 Jessica. Jessica’s leg was cut off at the knee because of cancer. She was learning to wear a prosthesis (假肢). Jessica told about playing soccer. She hit the ball hard 7 her foot. The ball flew off in one direction(方向) 8 her man—made leg flew another way. Then the brave girl lay on the floor, laughing happily.

As the saying goes, “There’s a time to cry and a time to laugh.” Do you

find 9 time to laugh? You can.., if you find reasons to laugh during the difficult times. Survivors know 10 . If you can laugh even when you’re in trouble, you will make it. Remember, laugh and the whole world laugh with you. Cry and you cry alone! ( ) 1. A. calling B. laughing C. crying

( ) 2. A. either B. too C. also

( ) 3. A. it B. one C. ones ( ) 4. A. HAIR B. NAILS (指甲) C. GRASS ( ) 5. A. has B. have C. had

( ) 6. A. 15 years old B. 15-years-old C. 15-year-old ( ) 7. A. in B. with C. under

( ) 8. A. while B. whenever C. whether ( ) 9. A. many B. plenty of C. a lot

( ) 10. A. where to laugh B. who to laugh C. how to laugh 三.阅读理解

Mr. Smith had a week’s holiday, so he said, “I’m going to see the sea by train.” He put on his best clothes, took a small bag, went to the railway station and got into the train. He had a beautiful hat, and he often put his head out of the window during the trip and looked at the beautiful scenery. But suddenly the wind pulled his hat off.

Mr. Smith quickly took his old bag and threw it out of the window, too. The other people in the train laughed. “Is your bag going to bring back your beautiful hat?” they asked.

“No,” Mr. Smith answered. “But there is no name and no address in my hat, and there’s a name and an address on the bag. If someone finds both of them, he or she will send me the bag and hat.”

( ) 1. Mr. Smith went to have his holidays for _____. A. nine days B. half a month C. seven days D. eight days ( ) 2. Mr. Smith put his head out of the window to _____. A. see the beautiful scenery B. say goodbye to his friends

C. throw his hat out of the window D. say hello to the people outside ( ) 3. Mr. Smith is going to _____ during his holidays. A. visit his friends B. see his parents C. enjoy himself in the train D. see the sea ( ) 4. Why did Mr. Smith throw his old bag out of the window? Because _____.

A. he hoped someone would find his bag B. he hoped someone would send back his bag and hat C. he hoped his bag would bring back his hat D. he hoped the people in the train would laugh

( ) 5. From the passage we can see that Mr. Smith was a _____. A. clever man B. rich man C. foolish man D. poor man


1.I hope you will r______ me from my photo. 2.Thanks for t______ me about what you like doing. 3.The girl is a______ of flying. 4.How do you f______ when you speak English. 5.---Where is Mike?

---He has g______ to the library.

6 .I like animals, e______ dogs.

7. I am a____ with my sister.

8. Don’t be r____ to the old people. 9. B___ you and I are students.

10. People like f___ air.

五.句型转换(10分) 1.What’s the matter, Daming?(同义句) ____________________________ ?

2. I have heard from Betty from France. (同义句)


3. He is tall with short hair. (划线词提问) ____________________________________.

4. How do you feel about the story? (同义句) __________________________________ ? 5. I am proud of being a good student. (同义句)

________________________________ .


A: Would you like to see a film?

B: Certainly. I’d love to. ______________?

A: Big Daddy.

B: Great! _______________? A: I have three tickets. One is for myself. The other two are for you and your sister, Lucy. B: Thank you very much. ___________________?

A: It’ll start at 4:10 this afternoon. B: ___________________? A: The one near East Street Hospital.

B: Er. __________________? A: All right.


1.孩子们已经回家了吗?还没有。 ______ the children ______ home? ------Not _____.

2.这些鞋子看起来很可爱,可是它们有点紧。 These shoes _____ _____ , but they feel ____ _____ _____.


You’d better _____ ______ ______ your friend.


It was great to ____ ____you, I ____ ____ ____ meet you.

5 在非正式场合,人们相互间仅仅问好。

In ______ situations, people just _____ ______ ______ each other.

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