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C. you are better soon. D. you’ll be better soon.

2. –I feel tired.-- ____________________. A. Why not go to bed?

B. You’d better go to bed. C. Why don’t you go to bed? D. All above.

3. – _______does he take this medicine ?-- Twice a day.

A. How soon B. How long C. How much D. How often

4.There is _______with my back.

A. wrong something B . something wrong C. wrong anything D. anything wrong

5. If you ____this medicine three times a day; you ___ better soon.

A. take; will get B. will take; get C. take; get D. will take; will get

6.—What is wrong with you ?—My back is very ______.

A. sore B. hurts C. hurting D. pain

7. --- __________________? --- I have a sore back.

A. What’s the matter? B. What’s wrong with you ?

C. Do you have a sore back? D. either A or B

8. The nurse ____ his temperature and found he had a bad fever.

A. take B. takes C. took

9.--What’s the matter ____ you, Lucy? --Nothing much.

A. on B with C. to D. of

10. Billy had a _____ fever, so he didn’t go to school today.

A. tall B. big C. high D. height


have a fever ; doctor told me to stay in ;bed for two days; can’t go

to school today ; tomorrow ; hope get well; very soon; thank you






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