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第二部 专题Ⅱ词汇
㈤ 动词的非语形式
? 考点揭密 ? 典型例题解析 ? 课时训练

? 考点揭密
1.掌握非谓语动词的定义。即:在句中不单独作谓语的 动词叫非谓语动词。非谓语动词的形式一般用不定 式和现在分词、动名词、过去分词表示;
2.掌握动词不定式的用法,在句中可作宾语、主语、宾 语补足语、状语定语;作定语补足语的不定式,如 果句中动词为使役动词和感官动词,不定式要省to, 如:let sb. do,make sb . do, see sb. do, hear sb. do;help后可加to也可省to;如果将省to 的不定式改为被动语态,则要加to;

? 考点揭密
3.不定式可以和疑问词who,when,what,how,等构成 不定式短语,在句中作主语宾语和表语。 如:I don't know what to say. 4.掌握一些特殊结构如:had better,would rather...than,do nothing but,had better 等结构中省to;

5.掌握动词-ing形式的分类:动名词、现在分词;动 名词在句中起名词作用,可作主语、宾语、表语等; 现在分词起形容词、副词的作用,在句中作状语、补 语、表语定语等; 

? 考点揭密
6.掌握一些特殊结构中的不定式和动名词,现在分词的用 法,尤其是有些动词后既可加不定式又可加动名词, 但意义差别很大:如:stop to do,stop doing,forget to do,forget doing等;记忆一些只加不定式的动词, 如:want to do,hope to do,wish to do ,decide to do 等;只加动名词的动词,如: finish doing,enjoy doing,feel like doing mind doing practise doing等。有些动词既可加不定式,也可加动 名词,意义一样,如:start to do,start doing。  7.熟记一些-ing短语如:be busy doing,do some doing,go doing等。

? 典型例题解析
【例1】 He often asks his son_________his clothes. A [2003 长沙] A.to wash B.wash C.washing D.washed 【例2】The students of Class One will spend their winter holiday in Shenzhen,but the students of Class Two C [2003 广东] haven't decided_________. B.how to go A.what to buy C.where to go D.which to choose

C 【例3】 would you mind_________me how _________English words?(2003 昆明) A.tell,to remember B.telling,remember C.telling,to remember D.tell,remember

? 典型例题解析
【例4】 —There's a ticket on the floor,is it yours? —Oh,yes, it's mine. —Let me_________for you.[2003,黄冈] D A.to pick up it B.to pick it up C.pick up it D.pick it up
【例5】 —Hi,Peter.Why are you in such a hurry? B —_________the 7:30 train.[2003,江西] A.Catch B.To catch C.Catching D.Caught

? 课时训练
fish ________(fish)is my favourite sport.I often _____(fish) Fishing for hours without _________(catch) anything. But this catching are doesn't worry me.Some of the fishermen

_______ (be) catching unlucky.Instead of _________(catch)fish,they catch old shoes.I am even less lucky.I never catch anything spending (spend)whole not even old shoes .After_________ mornings on the river,I always go home with an fishing empty bag,“You must give up________(fish)!”My friends say.“It's a waste of time.”But they don't know one important thing.I'm not really interested in fishing sitting _________(fish).I'm only interested in _______(sit)in a doing boat and_________(do) nothing at all.

? 课时训练
 1.All of us enjoy_________football. B A.play B.playing C.plays D.to play C 2.We stopped_________,but there was not any sound. A.listening B.to listen to  C.to listen D.to hear 3.She didn't notice me_________in and went on _____ C her newspaper. A.come,read B.to come,reading C.come,reading D.to come to read 4.Our teacher told us_________any noise in class. D A.don't make B.not make C.to not make D.not to make  5.They don't know which room_________. C A.to live B.for living C.to live in D.to living

? 课时训练
(A) 6.You'd better_________there alone.It's dangerous. A.not go B.not to go C.to go D.going (C) 7.Now,parents often make their children______too much. A.to learn B.leaning C.learn D.learned  (B) 8.Do you have anything_________? A.for ask B.to ask C.to be asked D.asks (C) 9.The students are busy_________ready for the exam. A.get B.got C.getting D.to get 10.Please close the window_________the wind from (A) the papers away. A.to stop,blowing B.stopping,blowing  C.to stop,to blow D.stopped,blow

? 课时训练
B into the classroom yesterday. 11.A bird was seen______ A.flew B.to fly  C.fly D.was flying 12.I'd like you_________my parents soon. A A.to meet B.meet C.meeting D.met 13.It was very nice_________ with you. C A.talk B.to talk C.talking D.talked 14.You must return the_________ books on time. C A.borrow B.to borrow C.borrowed D.borrowing B 15.I often do some_________at home on Sundays. I don't often go . A.read,shop B.reading,shopping C.reading,to shop D.readings,shopping

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