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Peter pen

Peter Pan, The Boy Who Wouldn 't Grow Up (1904) is The Scottish novelist and playwright James Matthew Barrie (James Matthew Barrie, 1860-1860) is The most famous play, tells The story of Peter Pan, a flying refuse to Grow Up in The naughty boys in Neverland narrowly and Wendy and her brother are encountered by all kinds of adventures .


The Boy Who Wouldn ‘t Grow Up是这本书的另一个书名。

A little girl, Wendy lives in a wealthy family. One day, Wendy's aunt told her that she will grow up and marry. Wendy feel very not accustomed to, very confused.

On a dark night, Peter pan, a flying boy flew to their window, said wants to teach them to fly. So they quickly followed by Peter pan learned to fly, and flew to a beautiful island -- neverland. Originally, Peter pan is never on the island forever also long not big mischievous child, he and the fairy Ding Keling, and a group of lost little boy live together on this island. Fly to never island, Wendy was immediately attracted by the beautiful and mysterious island, unfortunately, they are Peter's rivals pirate captain hook. Jealous Ding Keling lied to the boys, one of the children with their arrows Wendy. Fortunately, the arrow is Wendy necklace block. The boys with Wendy found six or seven they hidden tree holes, that is they are never the secret base on the island, usually they are in the depths of the island adventure, tired will rest game back to the tree hole at night.

On the other hand, in order to bring down the captain hook, Peter and Wendy launched a fierce battle with him...

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