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七年级上册英语starter unit3(3a-3d)

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Starter Unit 3

What color is it?


Learning Objectives


2. 能够辨认物品及物品的颜色。

A guessing game 猜测游戏

r ed

b lue

g reen

b lack


p urple


o range

b rown

A spelling game 拼写游戏

b_ _ _

_ l _ _k

_ h _ _e



_u _ p _

_ r _ _n

_ e _ _o_

_r_ _g_

Color them. 给他们着色。

3a Listen and color the things. 听录音,为下列物品涂色。

3b Listen again. Complete the sentences. 再录音,完成句子 。

yellow The key is _______.
= It’s a yellow key.

green The ruler is _______.
= It’s a green ruler.

red The cup is _____.
= It’s a red cup.

3c Listen and complete the chart. 听录音,完成表格。

jacket quilt pen

brown purple green

Chant. 说唱。

Key, key, a yellow key, I like a yellow key. Ruler, ruler, a green ruler, I like a green ruler. Cup, cup, a red cup, I like a red cup.

3d Make conversations. 编对话。

A: What’s this in English?

B: It’s a key.
A: Spell it, please

B: K-E-Y.
A: What color is it?

B: It’s yellow.

Pairwork: Talk about the colors of your own things.

A: What’s this in English? B: It’s a … A: Spell it, please. B: … A: What color is it? B: It’s …

Homework 课后作业

Oral: (1) 并熟记本单元的词汇。 (2) 朗读并背诵3b 和3d上的句子。 Written: (1)抄写3b 和3d上的句子一遍。 (2)编一段新的对话,写在作业本上。

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