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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than sister.

一、 用所给单词的适当形式填空

1. The old woman wants her son ________ (work) hard.

2. You had better brush your teeth _______ (two) a day.

3. The woman is ___________ (health) because she doesn’t like to exercise.

4. The game is over. Who is the ________ (win)?

5. When he grows up, he wants to be a _________ (write).

6. He is ________ (fun) than his sister.

7. Kate danced _______ (good) than Sam.

8. Who is _________________ (outgoing), Lucy or Julie?

9. Bob listens to the teacher as ___________ ( careful) as Jim.

10. The girl is _________ (talent). She can sing, dance, draw well.

二、 选择

( ) 1. – Can you give me ______ help? -- Sure.

A. any B. some C. no D. anything

( ) 2. There is _______milk in the glass. You can drink it.

A. little B. a little C. few D. a few

( ) 3. The dress is ________ , you can buy it.

A. beautiful enough B. enough beautiful

C. beautifully enough D. enough beautifully

( ) 4. Look , your bag is a little smaller than ______.

A. his B. her C. my D. their

( ) 5. Tom is ______ than his brother.

A. heavyer B. much heavier C. more heavy D. much heavy

( ) 6. Tom is my friend. He’s ______ outgoing than me.

A. much B. a little c. a little much D. a little more

( ) 7. My sister is a little _____ than my brother.

A. thin B. thinner C. fat D. fater

( ) 8. _____ Jane work as hard as you?

A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are

( ) 9. When we heard the exciting news, we cried ____ excitement.

A. in B. at C. for D. with

( ) 10. He was afraid ______ alone at night.

A. to go out B. goes out C. going out D. of go out

( ) 11. – How many birds can you see in the tree? -- _____________.

A. None B. No one C. Nothing D. A few

( ) 12. Mary likes ______ the magazine.

A. look B. read C. watch D. see

( ) 13. The problem is ______ difficult. I can’t work it out.

A. much B. even C. a lot D. very

( ) 14. What color do you like ______, blue or green?

A. good B. well C. better D. best

( ) 15. My T-shirt is much older than _____.

A. hers B. her C. she D. she’s

( ) 16. The man made his son _____ after he told him some jokes.

A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughed D. laughing

( ) 17. Mary is similar ____ her father. They both have big eyes.

A. with B. like C. to D. for

( ) 18. _____ they are good friends, _____ they have different interests.

A. Though, but B. Though, / C. Because, so D. Because, /

( ) 19. Who is ______ old people, you or she?

A. better at B. better with C. better in D. best with

( ) 20. My school is different ____ yours.

A. in B. by C. of D. from

( ) 21. – ______ is heavier, the horse or the elephant? -- The elephant is.

A. Which B. How C. Who D. What

( ) 22. We should do sports to keep _____.

A. healthy B. health C. unhealthy D. healthyier

( ) 23. Did you meet _______ on your way home?

A. interesting something B. interested something

C. nothing interesting D. anything interesting

( ) 24. Don’t go out now! It’s raining________.

A. hardly B. heavy C. hard D. big

( ) 25. You should keep _______ English every day.

A. reading B. read C. to read D. of reading

( ) 26. She is so kind and she always helps me to _____ the best _____ me.

A. bring out, in B. brings out, in C. break out, in D. breaks out, of

( ) 27. I feel very ______ after a whole day’s work.

A. tired B. relaxing C. delicious D. interesting

( ) 28. They’re _________that nobody is there.

A. surprised B. surprising C. surprise D. hope

( ) 29. Do you know the woman ______ long hair over there.

A. have B. has C. with D. of

( ) 30. Can you tell me the answer _____ this question?

A. to B. of C. with D. in

( ) 31. Tom and his best friend are _____ smart.

A. all B. both C. either D. same

( ) 32. Are you ______ your mother?

A. similar to B. same as C. the similar as D. the same to

( ) 33. A good book _____ a good friend.

A. is like B. likes C. like D. as

( ) 34. Anna is ______ popular than Mary.

A. much less B. less much C. rather D. more much

( ) 35. She ____ sings more loudly than Tara.

A. also B. too C. either D. as well

三 完形填空

is important for everyone. understand it. Till breakfast time you don’food

for your work in the morning.

One good breakfast may be rice, bread, an egg and a glass of milk or fruit juice. A good to smile more easily. It helps you to be fun after you enjoy a good breakfast.

( ) 1. A. meal B. breakfast C. lunch D. supper

( ) 2. A. easily B. easy C. easier D. more easy

( ) 3. A. anything B. everything C. something D. nothing

( ) 4. A. has B. needs C. keeps D. finds

( ) 5. A. milk B. cheese C. drinking D. oranges

( ) 6. A. keep B. make C. keeps D. makes

( ) 7. A. enough early B. early enough C. much early D. early much

( ) 8. A. helps B. lets C. keeps D. makes

( ) 9. A. sadder B. happily C. more happily D. wonderful

( ) 10. A. full B. full of C. filled D. filled of

四 阅读理解

The Blacks are American tourists. The whole family are visiting Beijing now. This is their first visit to China. They are going to stay in China for three months. They want to visit some big cities and villages. They hope to learn some Chinese, too. Mr. Black is a taxi driver. He likes to drive in Beijing. Mrs. Black is a school teacher in Canada. She is visiting a city school today and a village school tomorrow

Their daughter is a middle school student. She is going to meet some Chinese students. They are taking a lot of pictures in China. When they return to America, they are going to show the pictures to their friends. They want the American people to know more about China.

( ) 1. The Blacks are staying in________ now

A. UK B. USA C. Canada D. China

( ) 2. Mr. Black is________.

A. a teacher B. a doctor C. a taxi driver D. a worker

( ) 3. There are______people in Mr. Black's family

A. two B. three C. four D. five

( ) 4. Why are they going to show the pictures to their friends?

A. The pictures are beautiful. B. They want the Americans to come to China.

C. They like China. D. Let the American people to know more about China.

( ) 5. The word “village”means ________ in Chinese.A. 城市 B.村庄 C山 D. 草原

五 选词填空 care, necessary, interest, serious, information

1. Our chemistry teacher is more ________ than our Chinese teacher.

2. Her ________ is music.

3. At last, the mother got some ________ about her son in Shanghai.

4. I don’t ________ what he thinks.

5. It’s ________ to learn English well.

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