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英 语 试 卷

一、听力测试部分(每小题1分,共25分) 第一节(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)


1. A. Very expensive. B. Fish. C. Interesting.

2. A. Very nice. B. It’s about young people. C. About two o’clock. 3. A. Sure. B. Not at all. C. It’s a pleasure.

4. A. At about nine. B. To his office. C. He will drive here. 5. A. Either, I don’t mind. B. Nobody. C. None. 第二节(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)


6. How is the weather today?

A. Cloudy. B. Raily. C. Sunny. 7. Who sent the new camera to the girl.

A. Her mother. B. Her uncle. C. Her aunt. 8. What was David doing last night?

A. He was talking to a friend. B. He was watching TV about the US. C. He was writing an e-mail. 9. Where are the two people?

A. At the airport. B. At the station. C. At the cinema. 10. What time is it in London?

A. 6:00 a. m. . B. 2:00 p. m. . C. 10:00 p. m. . 第三节(共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)


听第11段材料,回答第11至第13题。 11. When did Kitty move into a new house?

A. Not long ago. B. Last Friday. C. This Friday evening. 12. How will George and Alice get to their friend’s home?

A. By bike. B. By car. C. On foot. 13. What time will the party start?

A. At 5:30. B. At 6:00. C. At 6:30.

听第12段材料,回答第14至第16题。 14. Where are the two people talking?

A. In a shop. B. In a hospital. C. In a factory. 15. What’s wrong with the boy?

A. He is too tired. B. His foot hurts. C. He has a cold. 16. What’s the boy going to do tomorrow?

A. Have an exam. B. Stay at home. C. See the doctor. 听第13段材料,回答第17至第20题。 17. What does Alana want to know?

A. What to have for lunch. B. The way to the school. C. Something about the bus trip. 18. When will they leave for South Hill tomorrow morning?

A. At 9:00. B. At 8:45. C. At 10:00. 19. What do the two speakers do?

A. They are workers. B. They are students. C. They’re farmers. 20. How long will it take to South Hill?

A. About 1 hour. B. About 3 hours. C. Just half an hour. 听第14段材料,回答第21至25题。 21. What is this message about?

A. Some team players. B. A volleyball club. C. A sports TV programme. 22. When do the members meet?

A. Every Saturday morning. B. Every Monday afternoon. C. Every Wednesday evening. 23. Why does the meeting finish at ten?

A. Players may get too tired to go home. B. Playing for more than two hours is too long. C. People don’t want to miss the 10:15 sports programme. 24. What should the players take to the hall?

A. A map. B. A pair of shoes. C. A sweater. 25. How much do the players pay each week?

A. £2.75. B. £7.25. C. 5.75£.






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