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主 谓语 要 宾语

说明主语做什么,是什么或怎么样,由动 词或动词词组充当, 位于主语后。 动作行为的对象,通常位于及物动词和介 词后面。 补充宾语的成分,通常位于宾语后。 说明主语的性质或特征,位于系动词之后。 修饰名词或代词

宾补 表语 次 定语 要 状语

修饰动词、形容词、副词或整个句子,说 明动作或状态特征的句子成分,通常由副 词,介词短语和从句充当. 同位语 指代同一事物

简 单 句 基 本 句 型


3.主语+及物动词+宾语 4.主语+及物动词+间宾+直宾 5.主语+及物动词+宾语+宾补

1.主语+系动词+表语( S+LV+P ) 说明主语的特征、类属、状态、身份。

事物状态: be, appear, look ,seem, prove ,lie, stand, sit 感官: smell, feel, taste, sound, look --变化: become, get, turn, run, go, come, grow 持续:remain, stay, keep,

Correct mistakes 1. Her voice sounds beautifully. beautiful 2. The whole company was surprising at surprised the news. 3. To see is Λbelieve. to 4. It seem like a good idea. seems 5. The lightsΛstill on. are 6. All the potatoes changed bad. went 7. Jim was remained a worker.

2.主语+不及物动词 ( S + Vi. )
Our school lies in the center of Jinshi. You will graduate from it next year. The car accident was happened yesterday. 注:不及物动词不能用于被动语态。

3.主语+及物动词+宾语(S+Vt+O) I like my job very much. Each of you has a dream . 注:及物动词可用于被动语态
People use a great deal of water in that city.(主动语态) A great deal of water is used by people in that city. (被动语态)

4.主语+及物动词+间接宾语+直接宾语 (S+Vt+Oi+Od) Pass me the eraser.
Pass the eraser to me. 常跟双宾语的动词: bring, give, lend, hand, offer, pass, return, send, show, teach, tell, write, ask, buy, call, cook, choose, draw, find, sing, save等。

We saw him jump into the box.

We saw them dancing.
We saw him knocked down.

The sun keeps us warm. I heard him singing. You must get your hair cut. They made Tom monitor. He used to do his homework with his radio on. 注:可用作宾补的词有名词、形容词、副 词、介词短语、动词不定式、分词。
主语+谓语+it+宾补+真正宾语。 I found it very pleasant to be with your family.

? 1.They work hard. 主 + 谓 ? 2.The flower is dead. 主 + 系 + 表 ? 3.Plants need water. 主 + 谓 + 宾 ? 4.He gives me some seeds. 主 + 谓 + 直宾 + 简宾 ? 5.We should keep the plants in the shade. 主 + 谓 + 宾 + 宾补

There be 句型
此句型是由there + be +主语+状语构成 ,用以表达存在有,一种无主语的有。它 其实是倒装的一种情况,主语位于谓语动 词be之后,there仅

为引导词,并无实际语 。be 与其后的主语在人称和数量上一致, 有时态和情态变化。

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