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( ) 1. What _____ your brother ______ for lunch?

A. do; have B. are; having C. does; have

( ) 2 . Mike has French _______, tomatoes and fish _______ dinner.

A. fry, for B. fries, for C. fries, at

( ) 3. We need lots of ______ every day.

A. healthy food B. meats C. milks

( ) 6. _____ Li Mei like broccoli? Sorry, I _______ know.

A. Does, do B. Do, doesn’t C. Does, don’t

( ) 9. ______ Mike and Tom like hamburgers?

A.Do B.Does C.Is

( ) 10. Look! Some meat ____ in the bag and some vegetables

_____ in the basket.

A. are, is B. is, are C. is, is

10.This isn’t _____ pen. It’s _____ pen.

A. I’m your B. my, your C. I’m you

( ) 11. —__________ —R-E-D.

A. What color is it?

B. Spell red, please.

C. What’s this in English?


My name is Linda and I have and a sister, David and Helen. For

breakfast, we all hamburgers. Helen

and I like , but David . I don’t like eggs for breakfast, but

David and Helen . I like for lunch. I like fruit for . We really(真地) like chicken and salad for dinner. I like chicken and salad with carrots. David likes salad fruit. Helen thinks everything for salad is fine. dessert, I like ice cream. David and Helen don’t like ice cream.

11. A. a brother B. brother C. a sister

12. A. likes B. like C. don’t

13. A. broccoli B. broccolis C. a broccoli

14. A. don’t B. doesn’t C. isn’t

15. A. don’t B. does C. do

16. A. them B. it C. they

17. A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper

18. A. with B. in C. on

19. A. Of B. For

C. And

20. A. But B. And C. or

III. 读书万卷,智慧你我。(20分)

A. 阅读短文,选择正确答案。

Do you know Alice? She’s my friend. She likes sports. She does some running every morning. She likes playing basketball and ping-pong with us.

Her father is a doctor. He lets Alice eat healthy food. Alice likes to eat some vegetables and fruit. she likes eating some chicken and ice cream, too, but not much. Her favorite(最喜欢的) foods are apples and tomatoes. Does she like dessert? She likes it, but doesn’t like it now.

Now you can know why the girl is healthy!

( ) 21. Alice’s favorite sports are A. baseball B. ping-pong C. basketball and ping-pong

( ) 22. Alice’s father is a A. doctor B. teacher C. worker

( ) 23.Alice’s favorite fruit are A. tomatoes B. apples C. chicken.

( ) 24. Why is Alice healthy?

A. Because (因为) she likes ice creams.

B. Because she doesn’t eat vegetables.

C. Because she likes sports and often eats

vegetables and fruit.

( ) 25. __________is true(对的)?

A. Alice likes eating hamburgers and ice cream.

B. Alice doesn’t like dessert now.

C. Alice doesn’t run in the morning.

B. 阅读短文,完成表格及问题。

My name is Jim Black. I am from USA. I like bananas, hamburgers and tomatoes very much. But I don’t like broccoli or French fries.

My sister, Kate, likes ice cream, salad, and strawberries very much, but she doesn’t like pears.

’t like ice cream.

30. 将划线部分译成英语____________________________.

并将此句变成否定句 ______________________________.


Mr. Black likes to eat fish(鱼) very much. He buys(买)some fish in the morning and takes home for supper. But Mrs. Black lets her friends come to their home to have lunch and eat fish. When Mr. Black comes home in the evening, He can’t find his fish. Mrs. Black says their cat eats the fish. Mr. Black is very angry(生气). He takes the cat to a shop to weigh(称重量)the cat. He says ,“you see my fish is one kg, and this cat is one kg, too. My fish is here. Then where is my cat?

1. ___________likes fish very much.

A. Mr. Black B. Mrs. Black C. Her friends

2. Mr. Black buys some fish for_______.

A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper

3. The fish is __________.

A. One kg B. two kg C. a cat

4. ________ eats the fish.

A. the cat B. Mrs. Black and her friends C. Mr. Black

5. Which is not right?

A. Mr. Black likes to eat fish very much.

B. Mrs. Black lets her friends come to their home and eat fish.

C. The cat likes to eat fish very much.

四、根据上下文的意思来完成下列对话, 每空一词(10分)

A: Good morning, Eric! How are you?

B: 66______, thank you. And you?

A: I’m fine, 67_______. Is this your 68_______?

B: Yes, it’s 69_______ pencil.

A: What’s this 70________ 71________?

B: It’s 72______ orange backpack.

A: And 73______ this?

B: It’s 74______ pencil case.

A: Thank you. 75_______.

B: Bye-bye.


1. N_______ to meet you, Jenny.

2. His p______ number is 281-9176.

3. His _______(第一) name is Clark.

4.My mother likes oranges (变成一般疑问句)

______ ________ mother _____ oranges? 对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ Li Xiang _____ very much?


______ ______ _____ ______?

7. I can spell watch.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ ______spell watch?


Thanks for the of Jack’s .


are Lilei’s .


Please me 9377539


Can you the things school?

12. 她不喜欢吃薯条。




14. 我早饭吃很多鸡蛋。



. 简要介绍你的一张全家福。30词左右。


Look, here is my family picture.

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