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1. –Did you meet him yesterday? -No, he ______ Macao by the time I went to see him. A. had left to A. a new one

B. had left for B. a bigger one

C. was leaving for C. a new pair

D. left for D. another one D. neither will he D. hearing

2. Mum, my shoes are too small to wear now, I want to get _______. 3. If you don’t try it again, ___________. A. he doesn’t, too B. neither does he A. hear

B. heard

C. he doesn’t, either C. to hear

4. She sang that song very well. I shall never forget _______ her singing that song. 5. Which of the following is right? A. He has been died for three years. C. It is three years since he died. A. the more excited A. need A. that A. leaves


A. being blown away B. blowing away A. keep out A. meaning

B. give out B. idea

C. blows away C. take out C. excuse

D. blown away D. put out D. answer

11. ─ The windows are broken and need to be repaired. ─ I think so. They can hardly _____ the cold now. 12. ─ What happened to you this morning ? ─ The teacher asked me for my ___ when I was late again. 13. ─ I tried to ___ you at home several times, but no one answered the phone.

─ I was traveling around last month. A. touch A. Which A. either

B. reach B. What B. each

C. receive C. How much C. one

D. meet D. How many D. it

14. -__________ is the population of this city? -It has a population of 16 million. 15. ─ Here’s coffee and tea. You may have ____. ─ Thanks. 16. ─ Do you think Brazil will beat Japan in World Cup 2006 ? ─ Yes. They have better players, so I ____ them to win.


A. hope A. turn A. may not

B. prefer B. last

C. expect C. get

D. want D. stay

17. ─ I hear the weather will __ cold for another week. ─ I hope not. I hate cold weather. 18. -Must I finish my English exercise now?

- No, you __________.


B. mustn’t C. can’t D. don’t have to B. I’m sorry not.

C. Excuse me, I can’t. D. No, I’m too busy.

19. -Will you be able to come to my birthday party this Saturday evening? A. I’m afraid not.

20. ─ Are you going to buy a camera ? ─ Yes. But there’re so many kinds that I can’t decide ____ to buy. A. what B. which C. how D. when 二、完形填空。(共10小题,计10分)

Three kids have been learning 21_______ for only a few months. 22______they have already begun to challenge a world famous scientist!

B. He has died for three years. D. Three years passed since he died.

D. more exciting D. will need D. they D. leaving

Li Weichi, Huang Runlin and Xiao Heng are from Zhongshan Huaqiao Middle School in Guangdong Province.They have recently found that red cabbage(红甘蓝) could be a new kind of acid-base indicator(酸碱指示剂). They want it to take the place of litmus(石蕊). “It’s our first brave step in science,” said Li, “We think of questions about our life and 23_______them by ourselves.”

British scientist Robert Boyle 24_______the use of litmus paper over 300 years ago. Now it is used in experiments(试验) 25_______. But when the kids did some experiments in class last winter, they saw that the litmus didn’t 26________to change colour with base(碱). It’s hard to get a clear result. Will there be a better indicator 27______litmus? The three kids decided to try and find out!

How? They went to collect over 40 plants including the red cabbage in parks ,gardens and markets. Then they ground(研磨) their leaves, flowers and stems(茎) 28______the indicators. “I ground so much that I couldn’t lift my hands!” said Li, the group leader. The kids mixed the indicators with acid and base. They spent months 29_____carefully to see which indicator showed the best colour change. They decided it was the red cabbage! The kids think hard about experiments all day. Li once even phoned Huang in the middle of the 30_____just to tell him about an idea he had had! “It makes me want to keep trying in science,” said Huang.

21 A. Chinese B. physics C. chemistry 22 A. But 23 A. solve 24 A. discovered 25 A. England 26 A. seem 27 A. like 28 A. to get 29 A. watching 30 A. daytime

B. So B. answer B. saw B. China B. look B. than B. showing

C. Or C. work out C. invented C. all over the world C. like C. for C. find out

6. The more he spoke, ________ he became.

B. the more exciting C. more excited B. are needing B. this B. to leave

7. ─ I want to teach in this area. ─ Well, teachers ____ very much here.

C. are needed C. it C. left

8. He found ______ very difficult for him to understand what the American said.

9. Today some forests have gone and a lot of good land has gone with them, ________ only sand.

10. China has built a “Great Green Wall” of trees across the northern part of the country to stop the earth from

B. to look C. think about B. night C. afternoon



Nowadays more and more people care about the exploitation(开采)of the natural resources, such as oil. Though there’re many kinds of resources, with the fast increase of population and the appearance of many more factories, the more we use, the fewer there will be left for the future. Oil is getting less and less year after year. It’s said that oil can last for only 50 years. Natural gas perhaps will last about 38 years.

Oil can be used in many ways and it’s difficult to imagine what the modern world will be like without oil. But oil isn’t easy to find and get out of the earth. Men must study the rocks. When they think the rocks in a certain place may have oil, a metal tower is built. A machine in the tower cuts a hole down into the ground. At the same time, a steel pipe(钢管)is pushed down to stop the sides from falling in and to keep out water. At last if the men are right, usually the oil rushes up the sides with great force(力量)by the pressure(压力)of the gas in the top of the rock, and it rushes high into the air. If the oil catches a light, there will be a terrible fire. So a kind of cover is fixed on the top of the pipe, and the oil can run out through taps(活塞).

If we make a well near the middle of the oil field, we can also get gas. Such gas is sent through pipes to towns far away and used in houses and factories like coal gas.

Today oil is under pressure as never before. The price of oil keeps rising all the time. In many countries, the governments encourage people to save oil as much as possible. 31. The word “resource” in the passage means A.资源



d.Oil rushes up.

32.Which is the right order of the exploitation of oil?

a.Push down a steel pipe. b.Study the rocks. c.Build a metal tower. A.b,c,d,a



33.Which of the following can be true according to the passage?

A. Coal gas can’t be used in houses and factories. B. Oil is very important in the modern world. C. Many governments encourage people to waste oil as much as possible.

34.According to the passage, the right picture to show the tendency(趋势)to the amount (数量) of oil on the

A.The Exploitation of Oil. B. The Use of Oil C. The Price of Oil

( B )

Take a look at the thin Alan Luo. It’s hard for you to imagine he used to weigh 110kg. But the Taiwanese has never stopped changing himself, just as he has always made music. He is now


On Saturday, Luo signed 1,000 copies of his latest CD for his fans in Shanghai. The CD, “Expert Show”, came out last year. It’s a mix of hip hop and pop music, with a lot of fun songs.

Luo was born into a musical family. His father leads a band and his mother sings in it. Luo watched his uncle playing the drums. At the age of 3, he became interested in music and beat on two biscuit tins(饼干盒). One day, when his mother was singing, she heard drums behind her. It was Luo playing! His beats went perfectly with the music! Luo joined the family band and won himself the name, “small talented drummer”. Young Luo has kept on improving and learnt new things every day, even after becoming a pop singer. he said.

Luo never wants to look plain(平凡的). He enjoys trying new looks. He often gets T-shirts in small shops and changes them himself. This gives the clothes his own style. He knows how to show himself. He painted all his fingernails with bright colours! “Change yourself to be different, then you can make an impression on others, ”said Luo.

36. The first underlined phrase(划线的短语) probably means that Luo “______”.

A. is really talented in music B. keeps changing himself in front of his fans C. is very popular with his fans 37. In his new CD, he _______.

A. mixed classic with modern music B. mixed hip hop with pop songs C. made great rock music 38. The second underlined quote of Luo shows that ______.

A. music has become the greatest part of Luo’s life B. Luo has a long way to go before he succeeds C. Luo is never content(满足) with his achievements in music 39. Luo manages to change his looks by______. A. painting his fingernails with bright colours C. losing weight from time to time 40. The best title for this passage is_______.

A. The apple of fans’ eyes B. Small talented drummer C. Mix of hip hop and pop 四、从所给选项中选择恰当的句子完成短文. (共5小题,记10分)

This may sound like something someone would say today. But in fact, an unknown person who lived in Rome in AD(公元) 53 wrote it.

We all love new machines. They are exciting, amazing and can even change our lives. But have all these developments really improved the quality(质量) of our lives?

Picture this: Your mobile phone rings, a QQ message from your friend appears on the screen, the noise from the television is getting louder and louder. Suddenly the computer goes blank and you lose all your work. Now you have to stay up all night to get it done. Inventions have speeded up our lives so much that they often leave us feeling stressed(紧张的) and tired. Why do you think people who live far away from noisy cities, who have no telephones, no cars, not even any electricity often seem to be happier? Perhaps because they live simpler(简单的) lives

The grandparents, with their daughter, and grandsons Benjamin,


B. buying T-shirts with special designs

and Thomas, 7, spent nine weeks in a 1940s house. They had no washing machine, microwave, computer or mobile phone.

The boys said they fought less. Probably, they said, because there was less to fight over, such as their computer. Benjamin also noticed that his grandmother had changed from being a “trendy(时髦的), beer-drinking granny, to one who cooked things.”

Golden Stone Beach. It 62 m_________ more tourists are coming to Dalian. Meanwhile, it’s making the city’s economy(经济) grow.

In addition(另外), it is 63 r________ that with the development of science, the Intel Corporation will settle down in the Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone. Isn’t Dalian a 64 p_____ where you enjoy the beautiful scenery and exciting modernization(现代化)?

Now, with the stars twinkling clearly in the sky, let’s focus our eyes on the development of Dalian, and also pray for its success. Dalian’s tomorrow will be 65 b____________ in every aspect(方面).


66. 以Television为题写一篇100字左右的议论文。


1) 电视的好处,如:了解世界大事、扩大知识面、看电影、看球赛和听音乐等等。 2) 电视的弊端,如:影响工作和健康、不健康的节目给孩子带来的误导等等。 3) 提出自己对看电视的观点。

_____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Will it matter if you don’t take your breakfast? A short time ago, a test w__The results show that if a person e__50__ a right breakfast, he or she will work better than if he or she has The results show that having no breakfast will not help you lose weight. This is because losing weight.


It is a feast for your eyes. It is the garden where you can relax and see breathtaking scenery. It is also the

museum 56 w__________ you can find culture and history. Now I think you have guessed it. Yes, it’s “The North Pearl” ----the city of Dalian.

Standing on the streets of Dalian, you 57 w________ be surprised with joy at the wide and clean roads, the sky-reaching 58 b_________, the fresh air and lush green. People in Dalian like protecting the environment. Anyone will pick up trash, 59 e_________ if it’s just a piece of paper, on the street. That is why Dalian always gives us an impression of a clean and comfortable city. Besides its perfect environment, the women rangers(巡警) are another bright scenic thing.

The women rangers are always 60 r_______ to help you when you have difficulties. They play an 61 i_______ part in our daily life and everybody likes them. They are so smart, demure(端庄的), zealous (热心的) and also beautiful that they have become a most outstanding symbol of Dalian.

And here is the good news for both the growth of Dalian and kids. A great theme park was built at the



1-5 BCDDC 6-10 ACCDA 11-15 ACBBA 16-20 CDDAB 21-25 CABAC 26-30 ABAAB

31-35 ACBAA 36-40 CBCAA

41-45 BEADF 46. was 47. ages 48. sometimes 49. their 50 eats

51. before 52. and 53. also 54 hungry 55. instead

56-60 略.

61. I’ve no idea./I don’t know…..

62. Do you like basketball?

63. Let’s share them together./ You can go with me….

64. When and where shall we meet?....

65. What about making it a little earlier?....

66. 略.


1-5 BCDDC 6-10 ACCDA 11-15 ACBBA 16-20 CDDAB 21-25 CABAC 26-30 ABAAB

31-35 ACBAA 36-40 CBCAA

41-45 BEADF 46. was 47. ages 48. sometimes 49. their

51. before 52. and 53. also 54 hungry 55. instead

56-60 略.

61. I’ve no idea./I don’t know…..

62. Do you like basketball?

63. Let’s share them together./ You can go with me….

64. When and where shall we meet?....

65. What about making it a little earlier?....

66. 略.

50 eats 4

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