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模块八 连词中考演练


1. ---Will the foreigners have any problems talking with Chinese in 2008?

---I don’t think so. Now ______ the young ______ the old can speak some English.

A. either…or B. not only… but also C. neither…nor D. both…or

2. We didn’t catch the train _______ we left late. A. so B. because C. but D. though

3. Tom failed in the exam again ___ he wanted to pass it A. if B. so C. though D. as

4. I won’t believe that the five-year-old boy can read five thousand words ______ I have tested him myself. A. after B. when C. if D. until

5. The book was so interesting that he had read it for three hours ______ he realized it. A. when B. until C. after D. before

6. ---This dress was last year’s style. ---I think it still looks perfect ______ it has gone out this year. A. so that B. even though C. as if D. ever since

7. Hurry up, _______ you will miss the train. A. and B. so C. however D. or

8. The mountain was ______ steep _____ few people in our city reached the top.

A. so…as B. so…that C. as…as D. too…to

9. ---Do you remember our pleasant journey to Xi’an?

---Of course. I remember everything ______ it happened yesterday.

A. as soon as B. even though C. rather than D. as if

10. ______ you can’t answer this question, we have to ask someone else for help.

A. Although B. While C. Whether D. Since

11. “Why didn’t Nick come to school yesterday?” “_______ he was ill.”

A. When B. Since C. For D. Because

12.___my mother ___ my sister watches football games these days.

A. Either, no B. Both, and C. Neither, nor D. Neither, or

13. “Hello, Mr Zhang .” “I’m sorry, _ I don’t think I know you.”

A. and B. or C. but D. because

14. Bob didn’t go to bed _____ he finished his wok.

A. until B. after C. while D. when

15. Bob spends a lot of money on books ___he is not rich.

A.if B. though C. since D. because

16. You’d better do it ____your mother did.

A. when B.as C. like D. because

17. Could you tell me _____ we will have the meeting this afternoon?

A. if B. when C. before D. where

18. Don’t drink too much tea in the evening, _______ you won’t fall asleep.

A.and B. so C. or D. but

19. It’s five years _______ I came to this town.

A. since B. when C. before D. until

20. People lives changed _______ they learned to grow vegetables.

A. before B. if C. after D. until

21. You’ll be late _______ you don’t get up early tomorrow morning.

A. if B. when C. before D. until

22.The students should learn ___ from books ___from life.

A. so, as B. both, and C. either, or D. neither, nor

23. I can’t understand this sentence _______ there are no new words in it .

A. if B. because C. though D. as

24. Why not look at the new word in the dictionary _______ you don’t know it?

A. if B. that C. though D. whether

25. ____ all the passengers are here, why don’t we start at once?

A. As soon as B. After C. Now that D. When

26.If he ___ harder , he will catch up with us soon.

A study B studies C will study D studied

27. Don’t leave until he ___ back.

A have come B comes C will come D came

28.-Tell him about the news when he __,John.

- Yes, I will.

A comes B will come C would D is coming

29. Tomorrow we will go to the city park____ it is sunny.

A as soon as B when C if D as

30.Please don’t leave until your teacher ___back.(05河南)

A will come B came C comes D is coming

31. My watch is not the only thing ______ is missing.

A. that B. it C. which D.who

32. The man ______coat is black is waiting at the gate

A. who’s B. whose C. that D.of which.

33. The girl ____ is reading under the tree ____my sister.

A. which; is B. whom; was C. who; is D. who; was

34. I love places ______the people are really friendly.

A. that B. which C. where D. who

35. The world ______ is made up of matter.

A. in that we live B. on which we live C. where we live in D. we live in

36.Can you tell me___ you were born, Betty? A. who B. what C. when D. that

37. I don't know ___ they have passed the exam. A. what B. if C. when D. where

38.I hardly understand___ he has told me . A. that B. what C. which D. who

39.I don't know _he still lives here after so many years . A. whether B where C. what D.when

40.Do you know ____they listened to yesterday evening? A. what B when C why D how

41.He asked me _____told me the accident. A whom B which C who D whose

42. He can speak English_______ Chinese .A. but B. also C. so D. and

43. Physics is not so easy, _______I like it very much. A. but B. or C. since D. because

44. Will Tom wait for her at home ______ at the library?

A. or B. as C. so that D. both

45.It’s raining now, ___ you must take the raincoat with you.

A. for B. so C. or D. because

46. I'll give her the gift ______ she arrives.

A. so B. before C. as soon as D. since

47. Tom was ____ill that we had to send for a doctor.

A. so B. very C. and D. too

48. The woman was____ angry_____ she couldn't speak anything.

A. neither…nor B. either…or C. both…and D. so…that

49. ______we got home it was very late.

A. When B. While C. Because D. As

50. We heard clearly_____ she said.

A. what B. which C. before D. because

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