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虹口区2012年英语中考练习题听力文字和参考答案 Part 1


A.1. My brother has a pet fish and he never forgets to feed it once a day. (F)

2. Julia, do you want the balloon I got from the party? (D)

3. Henry practised kicking the ball very hard after he joined the school team. (E)

4. Although I won’t leave until next month, Mother has begun to pack everything for me. (G)

5. Helen succeeded in training the dog to do many things under her orders. (A)

6. Lisa, you’ve played computer games too much, and now you have to wear thick glasses. (C)


7. M: Did you have eggs and noodles for breakfast, Nancy?

W: No. I had some bread but I didn’t have any cheese.

Q: What did Nancy eat for breakfast? (C)

8. W: Don’t stay at home, Ben. You need some outdoor activities like playing tennis and cycling.

M: Actually I do them sometimes and I often go swimming with my cousin. But I like fishing


Q: What’s Ben’s favourite outdoor activity? (D)

9. W: Do you walk to school everyday, Peter?

M: Yes, usually. I don’t go by bus unless it rains.

Q: How dose Peter go to school on rainy days? (A)

10. M: Is Alice watching TV or listening to music now?

W: Neither. She’s going over her lessons. She’s going to have a test tomorrow.

Q: What’s Alice doing now? (D)

11. M: Welcome to my family for home stay!

W: Thank you, Bill! I’m going to live with your family for 2 weeks.

M: I’ll introduce you to my wife, Joan. And we have three kids.

Q: How many people are there in Bill’s family? (D)

12. W: Good afternoon. What can I do for you?

M: Oh, good afternoon. I’d like a return ticket to London, please.

W: That’ll be 14 pounds.

M: Here you are.

Q: Where does the dialogue probably take place? (B)

13. W: When will the meeting begin?

M: At 9:30. But we secretaries have to arrive there half an hour before the meeting.

Q: What time will the secretaries arrive? (A)

14. M: There are many lovely animals in the zoo. Shall we go to see the funny monkeys first?

W: Let’s see the bears. Have you heard the terrible story about the poor things?

Q: Why does the girl want to see the bears? (C)

15. W: Turn right here, please.

M: Sorry, madam, that sign tells us we can’t drive down the street.

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W: OK. Just leave me here and I’ll walk.

Q: What’s the probably relationship between the two speakers? (C)

16. M: Grandma, yesterday evening Dad promised he would give up smoking.

W: Well, he had done it one thousand times!

Q: What does the woman mean? (D)


There was a robbery near Harry’s home one night. Harry was looking out of his bedroom window at the time. He saw the robber run out of a shop. He saw the robber take off his mask. He saw his face.

Harry told his father what he had seen. When the policemen came, Harry and his father went to talk to them. “I saw the robber,” Harry told the policemen. “I can describe him. He was about fifty years old. He was bald with a big, red nose and thick lips. And he had big ears. He was quite tall and thin. He had something wrong with his right leg.”

“How do you know that?” one of the policemen asked Harry.

“He limped,” Harry said.

“What was he wearing?” the other policeman asked.

Harry told the policeman that the man was wearing black jeans and a shirt. “His mask was a lady’s stocking. His shoes were white sports shoes.” Harry added.

“You are a very careful boy,” the policeman said. “Well done!”

The next day the police caught the robber. They put him in a line with some other men. They asked Harry to point him out, Harry did this easily. The police arrested the man.

17. F 18. T 19. T 20. F 21. T 22. F 23. T


PRESENTER: Tell us about your new book, Penny.

PENNY: Well, it’s another Captain Fish-Eye story for young children, about 6 years old. I

enjoy writing about all Captain Fish-Eye’s adventures at sea, and children love him

and his amazing ship.

PRESENTER: They don’t feel it’s boring to read the same stories again and again, do they? PENNY: No, never.

PRESENTER: What type of books do young children enjoy most?

PENNY: Young children really like funny stories—anything to make them laugh. And the

pictures are very important too. Young children need books with bright colourful


PRESENTER: You know, Walt Disney has made many famous fairy-stories into wonderful films. Is

it better for children to see the films or to read the books?

PENNY: I have to say, books are better. Of course, it’s nice to see a happy children’s film

sometimes, but it isn’t as good as reading a book. When children read stories, they see

pictures in their heads and they use their minds much more. It’s very important for

them to do this when they’re young.

PRESENTER: I’ve heard that children in Britain read a lot of books. They read much more than

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children in many other countries. Do you know why?

PENNY: Well, I think it’s because British parents have always read to their children a lot. In

most families, children listen to a story every evening before they go to sleep, and at

school teachers read to their classes. Children learn to love books and want to read

more and more.

24. 6/six 25. ship 26. same 27. bright 28. heads 29. Britain 30. sleep

Part 2

II. 31.C 32.C 33.A 34.C 35.B 36. B 37.D 38.B 39.C 40.D 41.D 42.A 43.B

44.C 45.D 46.C 47.D 48. A 49.B 50.A

III. 51.G 52.B 53.A 54.H 55.D 56. C 57.E 58.I

IV. 59. flies 60 winner. 61. unhappy 62. twice 63. heavily 64.forgetful 65. produce 66. choice

V. 67.Did, become 68. shall we 69.How far 70. is called 71.whether/if, had 72. either, or 73. in order/so as

Part 3


(A) 74. D 75. D 76. A 77. B 78. B 79. C

(B) 80. B 81. C 82. A 83. D 84. A 85. C

(C) 86. rules 87. forever 88. angry 89. still 90. hated 91. how 92. world

(D) 93. In Milford/Church Lane.

94. Twenty-two.

95. She liked to listen to her favourite radio programme.

96. No, it didn’t.

97. Dorothy Price gave sleeping pills to them.

98. (Any reasonable answers are acceptable.)

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