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Say something about your past and now.
I was shorter and more outgoing…… But now, I am taller and……

?一般在形容词的词尾加-er short--shorter tall--taller

以字母e结尾的形容词,只加-r nice—nicer large--larger

多音节词在词前加more ,例如 serious outgoing athletic delicious interesting more serious more outgoing more athletic more delicious more interesting

Unit 6 I’m more outgoing
than my sister.
在文章中找出下列短语: look the same thank you for 2.看起来一样 ______ 1.为……而感谢_______ some ways 4.看起来不一样 look different 3.在某些方面 in ______ ______ 5.她最喜欢的科目her ___favorite subject more athletic 6.更强健的________ more outgoing in common 7.更外向的________ 8.共同的,共有的______ be good at more than 9.擅长________ 10.超出……_______

Write “T” (true), “F” (false) or “DK” (don’t know)

1. Liu Li has more than one sister. DK 2. Liu Li and Liu Ying have some things in common. T 3. Liu Ying is not as good at sports as her sister. F 4. Liu Ying talks more than Liu Li. T 5. Liu Ying’s favorite subject is physics. F 6. Both girls go to lots of parties. DK

1. the same as 同…一样 Tom has the same hight as you.

Li Tao’s watch is the same as yours 李涛的手表和你的一样。

2.both 两者都
We both enjoy going to the parties.

We both like sports.(translate) We are both girls.

They are both quiet. (translate)

Have a try.
B 1.Her mother isn’t ____,but she looks ____than she is. A. younger, young B. young, younger C. young, young D. younger, younger 2. The nights get ____in summer and ____in winter. C ? longer, shorter B. long, short C. shorter, longer D. short, long D 3. My brother is ____more outgoing than me. A. many B. most C. little D. much B 4. Their parents are ______good at cooking. A. all B. both C. each D. no one B 5.Liu Ying is not as good at sports _____her sister. A. than B. as C. same D. different

Pairwork: Tell your partner about things that
are the same and different between you and a member of your family or a friend. A: Lin Ping is my friend. She’s a little more outgoing than me. B: My friend is the same as me. We are both quiet. A: Do you look the same? B: No, I am a little taller than her.

Homework :
Write a short passage about things that are the same and different between you and your friend .

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