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九年级上册Lesson34:A universe of thought

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Unit 5 Lesson 34

A Universe of Thought

Unit 5 Lesson 34 A Universe of Thought

? Albert Einstein

Introduce Einstein
a great mind


solve many problems

Theory of Relativity

the Nobel Prize

last century

His death is a great loss(损失) to the world. death 死亡

mind universe solve

Theory of Relativity Nobel Prize



Listening Task. True or False.
1. Einstein liked thinking and questioning. (T) 2 . Einstein had ever been a teacher. (T) 3 . He had never made a mistake.


Read the text quickly and judge (T) or (F) 1.Einstein was born in 1879. (T) 爱因斯坦因对光电 2.Einstein had three sons. (F) 效应做出解释而获 得诺贝尔奖 He had two sons and a daughter. 3.Einstein received the Nobel prize in1933. (F) Einstein received the Nobel prize in 1921.

温馨提示:快速默 读

be famous for 1.What is he most famous for? 以…而出名
He is famous for Theory of Relativity. 2.What did Einstein think the most important thing was? Einstein thought the most important thing was not to stop questioning . 3.What did Einstein ask people to do in his last letter? Einstein asked people to give up nuclear weapons.


be famous for
China is famous for the Great Wall.

stop doing
Stop talking !
we are having a class.

温馨提示:用所给图 片和单词做出句子。

Reading Task(1).Fill in the chart.
What happened to Einstein Time

He was born
He began to write articles He got the 3. Nobel Prize

1. in 1879

2. in 1905

in 1921 in 1933

He went to teach at 4. Princeton University in the U.S.A.
He died

in 1955

Reading Task(2). Answer the questions.
1. What’s Einstein’s most famous theory? Theory of Relativity. 2. For what did he get the Nobel Prize?

For one of his articles. 3. How many countries did he live in? What are they?
Three. They are Germany, Switzerland and the United States.


nuclear weapons

Before his death, he did a very important thing to the world. What’s it? He asked people to give up nuclear weapons.

We should remember him for ever!!

Reading Task(3)

Find his three famous sayings.
1. I think and think for months and years . Ninety-nine times, the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right. 2. The important thing is not to stop questioning. 3. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

Fill in the blanks
Albert Einstein had one of the great m_____ inds of last c______ entury . During his lifetime , he thought olved many problems niverse and s_____ about the u______ amous for his Theory of in physics . He was f_______ Relativity . He was born in 1879 in Germany. He didn’t receive the Nobel P___ rize until 1921. In 1932 he went to teach at Princeton University in the United States . He died in 1955, before his eath , he asked people to g___ d____ ive up nuclear weapons.

Be ready to retell.

ein was a great … His most famous theory was … He was born in … In 1905 … In 1921 … In 1933 … He died in … Before his death, he asked people to …

1 他下决心搬到美国去。 made___ up ___ his mind He ___ ___ to move to the USA. 2 你介意打开窗户吗? Would you mind opening the window? __________________________

探究二:Be famouse for , Be famouse as ? 1 中国以长城闻名世界。
China is famous for the Great Wall. ? _____________________

? 2爱因斯坦作为一名伟大的科学家 而著名。 Einstein is famous as a great scientist . ? _____________________



be born in/ on


When were you born?

I was born on April 1st,1980.
你出生在哪里? 我出生在济南。

Where were you born?

I was born in Jinan.


die /

1 他死于1958年。2 他的死让我很伤心。

He died in 1958.

His death makes me sad. 3 昨天我在回家的路上看到了一只死狗。 I saw a dead dog on my way home yesterday. __________________________ 4 _医生和护士正在全力抢救那位奄奄一息的病人。 The doctors and nurses are trying their best to save that _____patient. dying

当堂检 根据汉语提示完成句子。 测 1 杭州因西湖而闻名。Hangzhou __ __

the is famous West Lake. for 2 毛泽东是上世纪中国最伟大的领导人之一。


Chairman Mao Zedong is ___ ____ the greatest leaders of _____ ____。 one of 3 他下定决心好好学习。He ___ last

___ ___

mind 4 你介意我打开收音机吗?Would you ____ ____ _____on the radio. mind my 5 对人们来说不犯错误是不可能的。 turning It’s impossible for people not to _____ _____. make

made century ___ to study hard.

up his

? 1.Hedied ___ (die) five years ago.We can also say,he__________(die) has been dead for five years. writing (write) ? 2.He had finished_____ stories when I ___ got (get) there just now. ? 3.Einstein was_____ born (bear) in 1879.

Free Talk. How to succeed?

? Work hard !! ? Never give up !!

1. Please write down what you can learn

from Albert Einstein. 2. Learn more about Albert Einstein.

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