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Where did you go on vacation

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Unit 10

Where did you go on vacation?

I went to New York City, and I visited the status of liberty.

visited the status of liberty

东莞市常平中学初中部 向梓毅

I stayed at home.

watched a boring TV show

东莞市常平中学初中部 向梓毅

I went to the mountains .

took a fresh breath

东莞市常平中学初中部 向梓毅

I went to the beach.

enjoyed the sunshine

东莞市常平中学初中部 向梓毅

I went to summer camp.

visited museums

went to the beach

visited my uncle stayed at home visited the museum

went to summer camp went to New York Citywent to the mountains

1b Listening
1,Tina: went to the mountains. visited my uncle stayed at home went to New York City went to summer camp

2. Brad
3. Sally:

4.Xiang Hua:
5. Tom

东莞市常平中学初中部 向梓毅

How to talk about the vacation?
Feeling Place Weather



Other things

Where did you go on vacation?


I went to (a place )on vacation. How was your vacation?


It was great/cool/exciting/fantastic. How was the weather? What was the weather like? It was sunny/rainy/windy/hot… What did you do? I…

Please talk about your vacation with your partner,and shair your vacation with us.
A:Where... B:.... A:What... B:... A:How/What... B:.... A:How... B:... A:......

It was a sunny day, we went to Dalian.

We went to the beach, It was the first time for me to go there. So I was pretty excited.

We collected many beautiful shells and took photos of them.

And then, we lay down and enjoyed the sunshine.

We also watched a show about seals, how fantastic it was!

Finally, we went back home, we really had a great time.

Thank you!

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