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Ⅰ. 单项选择。 (计 15 分) ( ) 1. If I you, I a motorbike. A. was, would buy B. were, bought C. were, would buy D. was, bought ( ) 2. I’m really shy and I just don’t enjoy parties. I don’t know anyone there? A. What if B. How C. What’s wrong D. Why ( ) 3. You should eat fruits and vegetables. A. a little B. a lot C. plenty of D. much ( ) 4. else do you want? A. When B. Where C. Why D. What ( ) 5. The girl is old enough to look after . A. yourself B. himself C. herself D. myself ( ) 6. I would stay at home and read a good book go to a party. A. too, to B. rather, than C. more, than D. so, that ( ) 7. I’d like to talk to someone who looks . A. friend B. friends C. friendly D. unfriendly ( ) 8. If he _____ with us, we _____ finish the task earlier last time. A. is; will B. is; would C. was; will D. were; would ( ) 9. The football player earns dollars a year. A. two millions B. two million C. two millions of D. two million of ( ) 10. He was stopped by the rain the trees. A. to plant B. to planting C. for planting D. from planting ( ) 11. He is a kind man and easy . A. getting along with B. getting along C. to get along with D. to get on ( ) 12. I don’t know if he tomorrow. If he , I’ll tell him about it. A. will come, will come B. comes, comes C. comes, will comeD. will come, comes ( ) 13. —Did Li Ming do very in the last math exam? —Yes, he did better than in his class. A. well, anyone else B. good, any other student C. good, anyone else D. well, any student ( ) 14. I’m that I can’t go to the movie with you tonight, for I have lots of work to do. A. sure B. glad C. sad D. afraid ( ) 15. —Could you tell me ? —I’m confident and creative. A. how are you B. what you are like C. what are you like D. how you are Ⅱ. 完形填空。 (计 10 分) Life is not easy,so I’d like to say “When anything happens ,believe in yourself.” When I was a young boy , I was 1 shy to talk to anyone.My classmates often 2 me.I was sad but could do nothing,Later, 3 happened,and it changed my life.It was an English speech contest.My mother asked me to 4 it .What a terrible idea!It meant I had to speak before all the teachers and students of my school. “Come on,boy.Believe in yourself.You are sure to 5 the contest.”Then mother and I talked about many different topics.At last I chose the topic “Believe in yourself.”I tried my best to remember all the speech and practiced it over 100 6 .With my mother’s great love,I did 7 in the contest.I could hardly believe my ears when the news came that I had won the first place,I heard the cheers 8 the teachers and the students.Those classmates 9 once


looked down on(看不起)me ,now all said “Congratulations!”to me.My mother hugged me and cried excitedly. Since then,everything has changed for me.When I do anything,I try to tell 10 to be sure and I will find myself.This is not only for a person but also for a coun

try. 1.A.too B.so C.quite D.very 2.A.made faces at B.looked after C.caught up with D.laughed at 3.A.nothing B.something C.everything D.anything 4.A.take part in B.join C.get D.make 5.A.lose B.win C.pass D.beat 6.A.words B.topics C.times D.sentences 7.A.well B.good C.bad D.interested 8.A.for B.at C.from D.to 9.A.when B.what C.which D.who 10.A.someone B.me C.everything D.myself Ⅲ. 阅读理解。 (计 20 分) A Angela Chang(张韶涵) didn’t know it would be so hard to turn singing into a career(失业). She went to many different record companies. But she was always turned down for looking too young and small. “I’d never had such difficulties before,” Chang said. But Chang’s talent was finally accepted in 2002. When she got a piece of work, she cried. She soon became a star. Her first album Over the Rainbow sold very well. She won many awards. “You wouldn’t believe such a beautiful voice could come from such a small body,” said one musician after hearing Chang sing. “She has a special voice. You can’t forget it.” But the 25-year-old girl has other talents too. Chang is also an actress. She has played a role in the popular TV plays, My MVP Valentine and At Dolphin Bay. Many people remember her common-girl parts in the plays. But acting is difficult. Chang once acted so badly that she was nearly fired(解雇). Another time it took her 27 tries to get a scene(一场戏) right. “I cried when I got back home,” Chang said. “But I knew that I wouldn’t always fail. You only fail when you give up.” Now with four albums behind her - Over the Rainbow, Aurora, Pandora and Flower in the Wonderland, it’s clear that Chang and music were made for each other. As she sings in one song, “I have a pair of invisible wings(隐形的翅膀). They fly me to the skies and give me hope.” ( )1. The phrase “turned down” in the first paragraph means “________________”. A. 承认 B. 拒绝 C. 开除 D. 雇用 ( ) 2. Many record companies refused to co-operate( 合 作 ) with her because ______________. A. she looks very common B. she is too young C. she doesn’t sing very well D. she looks young and small ( )3. Which of the following is NOT right? A. She won many awards for the album Over the Rainbow.


B. She has made four films. ( C. One musician spoke highly of(赞扬) her. D. She is not only a singer but an actress. )4. Although acting is difficult for her, she never gives up because ______________. A. she is strong-minded B. people like her films C. she is interested in acting D. she acted in the popular TV plays

)5. Which do you think is the best title of the passage? A. The Small Girl. B. Four Albums. C. I have a Pair of Invisible Wings. D. A Poor Actress. B 阅读短文,把 A-D 四个句子填入文中空缺处,然后完成第 10 题。 Jane is a bright young woman who comes from a rich and famous family. She goes to a good university. But her family are so busy that they c

an hardly find time to be with her. 6 So she spends a lot of time on her QQ. She uses the name Linda on QQ and has made lots of friends. Last years Jane made a very special friend on QQ. 7 He and Jane were both interested in rock music. So it always took them hours to talk happily on QQ. Of course, they wanted to know more about each other. 8 He was a tall, good-looking young with a big, happy smile. As time went by, they became good friends. 9 Jane asked him to let her go with him so that she could give David a surprise for his birthday. But when David finally stood before her, she found that her special friend was a twelve-year-old named Jim! A. David sent a picture of himself. B. In fact, Jane is quite lonely. C. One day Jane’s father was going on a business trip to San Francisco. D. His name was David and he lived in San Francisco. 10. Which of the following is NOT true? A. Jane is in a rich family but she feels lonely. B. Jane and David chatted on QQ happily and became good friends. C. Jane went to see David on her business trip to San Francisco. D. Jane didn’t know David was only twelve until she visited him. IV. 单词考查。 (计 25 分) A.根据句意和首字母或汉语提示完成单词。 1. He is the tallest in our class. He is taller than the r_______of the students. 2. The river is three meters d____________. It’s dangerous to swim in it. 3. The land is c_______ with white snow now. 4. If someone o me cigarettes, I’d tell him that smoking is bad for our health. 5. He was too poor to afford his education. I wanted to give him some, but he r 6. What would you do if you injured your (膝盖)? 7. He was so careless that he ________(受伤)in the accident. 8. There are many book (架子) in the library. 9. I think a good (听者) won’t annoy others. 10. She is very (知识丰富的) about art.



B.用动词的适当形式填空。 11.My teacher will become angry if I ______(be) late for class. 12. What would you do if a friend (say) something bad about you? 13. If I_________(be)you, I’d wear s shirt and tie. 14. Kate is shy. She feels nervous _______(talk)in front of people. 15.He_________(tell)not to play computer games just now. V.按照要求进行句型转换。 (计 10 分) 1. He has a small circle of very good friends.(改为否定句) He _________ _________ a small circle of very good friends. 2. He is so tired that he can’t do well. (同义句转换) He is __________ tired ___________ do well. 3. I really don’t know how I can use the computer. (改为简单句) I really don’t know how ___________ ___________ the computer. 4. I would give it to charities if I won a million dollars.(就划线部分提问) __________ would you____________ if I won a million dollars 5. They thought of a good idea to give her. (同义句转换) They ___________ __________ with a good idea to give her. VI. 补全对话。(计 5 分) A: Hey, did you see this newspaper article

? A girl won a million dollars 1 . A. I’d give the money to the zoo She was Only 14. B. in the lottery B: Wow, 2 ! C. medical research A: 3 if you won the lottery! D. What luck B: If I won the lottery, 4 . E. What would you do I want to help the pandas. F. What will you do A: That’s a good idea! I know what I’d do. G. I would give it to the factory If I won the lottery, I think I’d give the money to 5 . I’d want to help other people. B: That’s very kind of you to do that. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. VII.书面表达。 (15 分) A.根据提供的图画和提示词,写一个符合图意的完整,正确的句子。

have, yesterday

favorite, subject

go shopping, once a week

dangerous, climb can, repair B.纵观我们周围,有很多小烟民。据说目前有 21%的中学生和 6%的小学生在吸烟。有 些学生因为吸烟而去偷东西。吸烟对健康的危害是众所周知的。你是赞成吸烟,还是反对吸 烟呢?请你据此发表自己的观点,并向同学们发出禁止吸烟的倡议。词数:80 词左右。


_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Unit 4
I. 1-5CACDC 6-10BCABD 11-15CDDDB II. 1-5 ADBAB 6-10 CACDD III.1-5 BDBAC 6-10BDACC IV. 1. rest 2. deep 3.covered 4. offered 6. knee(s) 7.hurt 8. shelves 11. am 12. said 13. were V. 1. doesn’t have 2. too, to 3. to use 9. listener 14. talking 4. what, do

5. refused 10. knowledgeable 15. was told 5. came up

Ⅵ.1-5 BDEAC VII. A.1. I (She, The woman…) had (got) a headache yesterday. 2. Mike’s (My, His) favorite subject is English./ English is Mike’s( my, his) favorite subject. 3. Li Ping (My mother, Her sister…) goes shopping once a week. 4. It’s dangerous to climb trees /the tree./ Climbing trees/ the tree is dangerous. 5. He (The boy, My brother…) can repair the bike. B.One possible version: Smoking has become a big problem for some Chinese kids. It is said that more than 21% of middle school students and 6% of primary school pupils smoked. As we all know, smoking is harmful to our health. For us teenagers it does harm not only to our health, but also to our minds. But why do they still smoke? An important reason is that smoking is cool. It makes them be a real man. I think it’s wrong. Now more and more people in the world have given up smoking or decide to do so. I think the young who are smoking should give it up




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