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Jay Chou is tall . Liu Xiang is taller than Jay Chou. Yao Ming is the tallest of them .

Zhou Xun has long hair. Liu Yifei’s hair is longer than Zhou Xun’s. Isabel ‘s hair is the longest of all.

Li Yong is funny. Pan Changjiang is funnier than Li Yong.

Ted is the funniest.

The comparative degree and the superlative degree of adjective 形容词的比较级与最高级

Review : the form of the comparative

degree and the superlative degree of adjective(形容词的比较级与最高级的构成)
Review : how to use the comparative degree and the superlative of adjective

1. 规则变化

化 原级
tall hard large wide big hot happy dry
difficult popular

比较 级
taller harder larger wider

tallest hardest Largest widest biggest hottest happiest driest most difficult most popular

单音节词: 在词尾加-er(比较级) 或-est(最高级) 以不发音的e接尾的词:在词尾加r或st 以重读闭音节结尾的词:应双写最后一 个辅音字母再 加er或est

bigger hotter happier drier more difficult more popular

变y为i再加er,或est 多音节词和多数双音节词: 在其前面加more 或most

原级 good well bad ill many much little far old 比较级 最高级

better worse

best worst

less farther further older elder

least farthest furthest oldest eldest

两 好 一 坏 一 病 两 多 一 少 一 远 一 老

Have a Discussion
When will we use the comparative degree and the superlative degree ?

? 1.两个人或事物进行比较时,用比 较级.( than 前用比较级) ? 2.多于两个人或事物进行比较时, 用最高级.(最高级前有the ,后有 in/of,)

1. A+be+比较级+than+B ,表示A比B…

Our school is larger than theirs. 2. A+be+比较级+than+any other +单数名词(介词短 语)表示A比任何事物/人都…即A最… The book is more interesting than any other book. 3.“The+比较级…,the+比较级…” 表示越…, 就 越… The smaller the house is, the less it will cost us.
4“…比较级+and+比较级…” 表示越来越…

In spring, the days are getting longer and longer.

5.A+be+the+比较级+of+the two b 表示A是两者中较…
Jack is the taller of the two.

6.表示两者之间的选择,可使用 “Which is+ 比较级,A or B?”
Which is longer, this one or that?
7 表示不及另一方时,使用“less+原级 +than…” This flower is less beautiful than that one.

Do you know?
*She is much taller than Mrs.Liu. *This problem is a little more difficult than the other one.
可用 much, a little, still, even, far,a bit 等表示程度的状语来修饰比较级

1…the +最高级+of (in/among)… “表示…最…” This park is the most beautiful of the three. Lu Xun is one of the greatest writers last century. 3.Which/Who+ be+ the +最高级,A,B or C? 表示A,B,C中谁最…? Who is the best

, Tom, lily or lucy? 4.the +序数词+最高级 ,表示第…最… Mike is the fourth tallest boy in my class.

2…one of+ the+最高级+可数名词复数 表示…是最…之一

1. The bread is ____ C than these cakes. A. very delicious B. much delicious C. more delicious D. as delicious

D , physics ,English or chemistry ? 2. Which subject is _____
A. interesting B. most interesting C. more interesting D. the most interesting 3. In our city it’s ____ D in July ,but it is even ____ in August. A. hotter hottest B. hot hot C. hotter hot D. hot hotter 4. Hainan is a very large Island .It is the C island in China. second ______ A. large B. larger C. largest D. most largest

1.在这三人当中,他最胖。 the fattest of the three. He is _______________


2.佛山变得越来越漂亮了。 more and more beautiful. FO Shan is becoming _____________. 3.越多,越好._____________________. The more ,the better

The Changjiang River is longer than any other river ______________________________in China.

What did we review today?
形容词的比较级和最高级的构成 形容词比较级和最高级的用法

Finish off the exercise on you exercise book.

That's all for today.

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