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Unit9 when was it invented

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Unit9. When was it invented ?


1. A __________ to the weather report , there will be a heavy rain tomorrow evening .

2. The sun r________ in the east and sets in the west .

3. They have p_________ this kind of production for many years .

4. A c_________ isn’t allowed to be used during the math exam .

5. I’m sorry I took your umbrella by m_________ .

6. The teacher d_________ the whole into six groups .

7. In winter , the temperature often will fall b_______ zero .

8. We use b_________ to watch the far things .

9. All the e__________ in our factory has been prepared for producing .

10. These beautiful a_______ buildings show the intelligence of people .

11. Knives are used for _________ ( cut )

12. Air is a _________ of gases . ( mix )

13. I think you have put too much salt in the spoon . It tastes quite _______ ( salt )

14. The heated ice cream scoop is used for __________ really cold ice cream . ( scoop )

15. It’s a ________ disk . ( fly )

二、Translate the sentences according to the tips .

1. 我认为最有用的发明是电脑。

I think ________ ________ _________ ________ is the computer .

2. 算盘是中国人在六世纪发明的。

The abacus was invented ________ ________ ________ ________ by Chinese people .

3. 这些相机是何时制造的?

When ________ these cameras _________ ?

4. 他在无意中发现了这个秘密。

He found the secret ________ __________ .

5. 那些日子, 他们被弄得不分昼夜地工作。

They ________ made _______ ________ day and night those days .

三、Choose .

( )1. ——Do you have ______MP3 player ?

—— Yes , I have ________.

A, a ; it B, an ; that C, an ; one D, a ; it

( )2. About _____ of the workers in the factory were born in the ______ .

A, two-thirds ; 1970 B, two-thirds ; 1970s C, two-third ; 1970 D, two-third ; 1970s

( )3. I can still understand the article thought there are ______ new words in it .

A, few B, a little C, a few D, little

( )4. The number of rare red-crowned cranes (丹顶鹤)is getting ______ and there is _____ living space for

them . We should do something to protect them .

A, fewer ; smaller B, smaller ; less C, smaller ; fewer D, fewer ; less

( )5. As China becomes more and more develop[ed , Chinese _______ almost everywhere in the world . A, is been spoken B, is speaking C, are seen D, are been seen

( )6. Is microwave oven ______ heating food or drinks ?

A, used to B, used by C, used as D, used for

( )7. He got to Guangzhou _______ the morning of the 16th of April .

A, in B, at C, on D, for

( )8. An experienced man reads with two eyes , one seeing the words , ______ seeing through the back . A, other B, another C, the other D, the others

( )9. ——Paul invited us to go on a trip to Jiming Temple tomorrow .

——________ ? Have the Flowering Cherries (樱花)on each side of the roads come out ?

A. Why if B. What for C. What time D. Who else

( )10. To keep health y , one has to ______ good eating habits .

A, make B, take C, develop D, raise

( )11. If everything does well ______ the plan , I will be back before dark .

A, in order to B, instead of C, because of D, according to

( )12. ______ is believed that a new library will be built in the place .

A. This B. That C. It D. These

( )13. _________ , you can work out the problem easily .

A. On the way B. In this way C. By the way D. In a way

( )14. Columbus ______ America and Edison ______ lights .

A, discovered ; discovered B, invented ; invented

C, discovered ; invented D, invented ; discovered

( )15. The party won’t start ______ a very important person arrives . We have to wait for him to come . A, until B, since C, while D, although

( )16. I like the _____ of the pie . It’s delicious .

A, sound B, price C, look D, taste

( )17. Marcia was noticed ______ the library just now .

A, enter B, entered C, to enter D, was entering

( )18. I won’t come to the club unless my job ________ .

A, will be done B, can be done C, done D, has been done

( )19. ——Tina , I didn’t do very well in the test .

——_________ . I’m sure good progress will be made if you study harder nect time .

A. Not at all B. Don’t lose heart C. I hope so D. Take it easy .

( )20. Mary ______ the glass door because she thought there was no door there .

A, knocked at B, divided into C, knocked into D, fell into

四、Cloze .

A British student has a new invention . It can make children do more ______ and also reduce (减少)the number of hours of watching television every day . The technology is ______ “ square-eyes” . It is a little sensor (感应器)and it is put in children’s _____. It can store the number of steps taken by a child during the day and ______ the information to the family computer . Software (软件)then tells the ______ how many hours of TV he or she can watch that evening . If the child walks one hundred steps , then he or she can watch TV for one minute . ______ children use up all of their TV time , they have to do more walking .

The inventor , Gillian Swan , says , “ This will _____ children to make exercise part of their daily lives from an early age .” She said that ten years ago , children were _____ because they often played outside _______ their friends , while today’s children _____ too much time in front of the TV and don’t take enough exercise . This means that today’s children become fatter and fatter .

( )1. A, games B, studies C, practice D, exercise

( )2. A, produced B, named C, replied D, made

( )3. A, shoes B, glasses C, hats D, coats

( )4. A, take B, encourage C, read D, send

( )5. A, child B, student C, teacher D, woman

( )6. A. Although B. So C. Unless D. When

( )7. A, agree B, allow C, help D, set

( )8. A, cheaper B, cleaner C, healthier D, clearer

( )9. A, for B, by C, with D, on

( )10. A, spend B, take C, cost D, use

五、Complete the conversation

A: Hello , Amy !

B: Yes ?

A: Long time no see . I’m Paula .

B: Paul ? You have changed a lot . I remember _____________________________________ .

A: Yes , I had my hair cut . It looks lovely , _________________________________________?

B: Yes , I like your new look .

A: Thanks . I’ll go to Larry’s party tonight . But I don’t know what to wear .

B: _______________________________________ , I’d wear a beautiful skirt .

A: What if everyone else wears jeans and a T-shirt ?

B: Don’t worry about what other people wear .

A: ______________________________________ ?

B: You can take a pen , a book or something else .

A: That’s a good idea . I’ll drive my father’s car to the Party .

B: _____________________________________ . Teenagers are not allowed to drive . It’s dangerous . A: Ok . I’ll take a bus . Thank you .


( A )

I’m eighteen years old this year . I w_____ a pupil before and now I’m a university student . My mother was my first teacher when I was very little . Then I had three o_________ teachers in different schools . Now , Miss Williams is one of my university teachers .

I have never expected that I will be a teacher one day . I am a shy girl and I am a_________ of standing before many people . I don’t know w________ to say . But I will be a teacher tomorrow . Tomorrow morning !

I made this d___________ just two weeks ago . Miss Williams , my English teacher , told me that there was a teacher job , just f_______ two weeks in this summer . She asked if I would be interested . I wanted to m__________ some money , so I said “ yes” to her . At once I regretted but it was too late to take my words back .

There are about twenty foreign boys and girls in the class . they know very little English . I have read the book that Williams gave me . Four of the lessons are very simple , in f________ , too simple . I don’t know what to do with these few simple words and sentences . I will read the lesson to them , and ask them to read a________ me , and then ask them to r__________ it themselves . That will be about ten minutes . What shall I do next ?

( B )

After seven year of marriages , a couple had boy . there were a loving couple and the boy was a gem of their eyes .

when the boy was around two yeas old , one morning the husband saw a medicine bottle open . He was late for work , so he asked his wife to cap the bottle and keep it in the cupboard . His wife who was busy in the kitchen forgot the matter .

The boy saw the bottle , playfully went to it , was fascinated by the color and drank it all . It happened to be a poisonous (有毒的) medicine . When the children fell to the ground , the mother took him to the hospital in a hurry , where he died . The mother was stunned (震惊) . She was terrified at how to face her husband . When the father came to the hospital and saw the dead child , he looked at his wife and just said , “ I’m with you , darling .”

The child is dead . He can never be brought back to life . There is no point finding fault with the mother . Besides , if only he had taken time to keep the bottle away , this would not have happened . No one is to blame (责备) . She had also lost her only child . What she needed at that moment was consolation (安慰) and sympathy (同情) from the husband . That is exactly he gave her .

( )1. Who open the medicine bottle ?

A. The husband B. The wife C. The boy D. The passage doesn’t tell us

( )2. How did the boy die ?

A. He fell downstairs by accident . B. He took some poisonous medicine by accident .

C. He had a heart disease . D. He ate too much candy .

( )3. When the father knew his son died , ______________ .

A. He was very sad and angry with his wife because she didn’t look after him well .

B. He was very sad , but he comforted (安慰) his wife .

C. He was very sad because he didn’t take good care of him at home .

D. He was very sad because the doctor didn’t try his best to save him .

( )4. In the last paragraph , the writer wants to tell us ______________ .

A. The father should cap the bottle .

B. The parents should keep the medicine away from the kids .

C. The husband should care more for his wife instead of the dead child .

D. He wife should try to look after her only son as well as possible .

( )5. What’s the best title for the passage ?

A. Keep the medicine away from your kid .

B. Candy or Medicine .

C. How to keep children safe .

D. I’m with you .

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