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Imagine the situation. You are driving along a desert(沙漠) or on a mountain. You have no idea where you are. You passed the last house two hours ago. Then your car breaks down. It is night and it is cold. You have no mobile phone. What do you do? Well, next time take a GPS with you. This invention may be able to help you. It is a device(装置) which uses satellites (卫星) to find the user’s position(位置). It can find your position to within 20 metres. A GPS cannot start your car, but at least you will know where you are.

GPS, which means Global Positioning System, is a small radio receiver(接收器). It looks like a mobile phone. You can hold it in your hand, or put in your pocket. It is sometimes put into a watch or a telephone. We also find GPS devices in cars, planes, or boats. Some of these devices have electronic maps, so you know where you are. For example, in a city they can tell you the name of the street .

There are three parts to the Global Positioning System. The first part is the receiver. You can hold it in your hand, or have it fixed into your car, plane, etc. The second part is a group of

satellites orbiting the Earth. The receiver contacts at least four of the satellites and calculates(计算) its position. The third part of the system is a network of ground stations. They are all over the world. Some people think that in the future the GPS will be as common as the mobile. They are

becoming cheaper and more and more accurate(精确的). There are also new uses for the GPS. Perhaps they will become like watches. Everyone will have one and you will never be lost again. 1 According to the passage, with the help of the GPS, people __________.

A can’t be lost in a new city

B can’t find their way in different countries

C can learn about the culture of an unknown place

D can spend the least time getting to another place

2 We can learn from the passage that ____________.

A. there are three parts to the GPS

B. a GPS can’t be put into a watch

C. a GPS can help you start your car

D the GPS are becoming more and more expensive

3 The underlined word “They” in paragraph 3 means “____________”.

A. Receivers B. GPS devices C. Satellites D. Ground stations

4 The passage is mainly about _______________.

A. the history of the GPS B. the introduction of the GPS

C. the shape of the GPS D. the three parts of the GPS

5 What can we infer(推断) from the passage?

A. All GPS devices have electronic maps.

B. People in many countries will use the GPS for free.

C. The receiver of the GPS contacts at least five of the satellites.

D The GPS will become more and more common in everyday life.


If you like nature, Mona Island is a wonderful place to take a vacation. There are beautiful beaches and caves(洞穴) for you to explore. Some of the animals living there are not found anywhere else in the world. There are many things that make Mona Island an unusual place.

Mona Island is very small. The only way to get there is by taking a long boat ride from the Island of Puerto Rico(波多黎各岛).

The government(政府) of Puerto Rico takes care of Mona Island and has made it a natural reserve. Mona Island is different from most places because people mustn’t live there. There are only a few forest ranges(护林区) for people to stay in.

The forest rangers’ job is to keep Mona Island safe and beautiful. ___▲______. One rule is that only 100 people each time can visit the island.

Visitors to Mona Island have to prepare carefully for their trip. Visitors can only sleep in some areas and must bring their own tents. And if they want anything to eat or drink, they have to bring that along too. But if you are glad to take the trouble to come to Mona Island, you will enjoy many wonderful sights, I’m sure.

1. What is Paragraph 1 mainly about?

A. The location of Mona Island B. The weather of Mona Island.

C. Why people should go to Mona Island. D. Why people should protect Mona Island.

2. How can you get to Mona Island from the Island of Puerto Rico?

A. By plane. B. By boat. C. On foot. D. By car.

3. Which is the best sentence to put in __▲___?

A. They enjoy the job very much B. The job is very important

C. People don’t follow the rules D. They make people follow the rules here.

4. What should visitors do before going to Mona Island?

A. Find a comfortable hotel. B. Read about Puerto Rico.

C. Make sure they have a tent, enough food and water.

D. Collect information about the animals there.

5. Which of the following statements about Mona Island is NOT true?

A The island is a nice place for nature lovers to visit.

B The island is a natural reserve of Puerto Rico.

C We can find some very rare animals on the island.

D Few visitors would like to visit the island because of the rules.


David spent much time in dancing and playing when he was in the medical college. Of course he learned nothing, later on he tried to find work in the cities, but he failed,. He had to return to his home town. It was small and there was only one hospital in it. He thought he knew much and looked down upon(看不起)his workmates(同事)。 But soon the patients(患者)found out he was not a good doctor and few asked him to look them over. He knew but didn’t mind.

One day a traveler in beautiful clothes came into his office. The man caught a cold and

wanted some medicine. David hoped to be paid more and looked at one of the traveler’s eyes carefully.

“Oh dear!” called out David. “Something is seriously wrong with you though I’ve looked at only one of your eyes! You’ve got a bad heart disease (疾病)。You should be in hospital and only I can help you!”

“Please look at my right eye, sir”said the traveler. “The left one is false (假的)”

1. David learned nothing at college because___________

A. he was young B. he was not clever C. he didn’t study hard D. he had a poor health

2._______, so he returned to his home town

A. David had to look after his parents B. they knew him well

C. David hated to work in the noisy cities D. David couldn’t find any work in the cities

3. Few people asked David to look them over because____________

A. he looked down upon them B. they knew him well

C. He wasn’t friendly to them D. they couldn’t find him in the office

4. David tried to _____,so he said something was seriously wrong with the man.

A. make the traveler B. give the traveler some good medicine

C. help the traveler D. save the traveler

5. David was so bad that_________

A. he didn’t know it was a rich traveler

B. he didn’t realize the traveler’s eye was false

C. he didn’t know how to look over the traveler

D. he didn’t know what to give to the traveler


When I was seven years old my mom was diagnosed(诊断) with cancer(癌症). The doctors told us my mom might be saved with surgery(手术). But it could also kill her. She chose to have it.

The day before the surgery I was off school, and my mom planned the best day of my life, everything I loved at seven and everything that would put a smile on my face. The day began with her waking me up saying, “Kate, I have a surprise for you. Come and see.” The surprise was a doll I had wanted for the longest time. Throughout the day, she told me everything that she thought I would need to know to grow up and be a good person; she told me to be the best I could be and that I would always make her proud. We had a picnic in the park, and it was so cold that we moved to the car. The day was filled with laughter. For the first time in a long time I could see she was really happy. I would never forget her smile. It was the best day of my life, and I will never forget the conversations we shared.

my life could be her last and this could be the last day I would remember with her, the last one we shared. I also understand how unselfish a mother is.

1. Who made the decision to have the surgery in the story?

A. The doctors. B. The patient. C. The writer. D. The patient’s family.

2. What did the writer’s mother do the day before the surgery?

A. She stayed at home to have a good rest.

B. She went to the doctor’s for advice.

C. She turned to her family for comfort(安慰).

D. She stayed all day with her child.

3. Why was the writer’s mother happy that day?

A. Because she left her child a special memory.

B. Because she realized her child had grown up.

C. Because she was proud of what her child had done.

D. Because she expected the surgery to be successful.

4. The underlined sentence in the last paragraph suggests(暗示) that ______.

A. her mother was ill again B. the surgery was unsuccessful

C. her mother was getting better D. the surgery was simple

5. Which of the following words best describes the writer’s mother?

A. Hardworking. B. Famous. C. Rich. D. Great.

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