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Unit8 I'll help clean the city park

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Unit8 I’ll help clean up the city parks.


1. I forgot ________________ ( put up ) the advertisements on the board . I’ll do it at once .

2. The other day my mother _________ ( buy ) a new car .

3. Sometimes he spends his weekends ___________ ( fish ).

4. What should we do to help the ____________ ( home ) people after the earthquake ?

5. I want to have my car ___________ ( repair ) .

6. ( 救助站)to help the people in the disaster area . (意义相近的选项)

A. set out B. pick up C. fix up D. put up

7. ( A. looks after B. is similar to C.looks the same D. takes care

8. ( A. take out B. hand out C. set out D. give back

9. ( A. just now B. at times C. right away D. at last

10. (

A. thought over B. thought about C. thought up D. set up

二、Structure changes .

1. To work on a farm is very interesting . (同义句)

_________ _________ very interesting to work on a farm .

2. They wanted to make Dannie happy . (同义句)

They wanted to _________ _________ Dannie .

3. I have a lot of rules at my house . Tom has a lot of rules at his house , too . (同义句) I have a lot of rules at my house , _________ _________ _________ .

4. Being a volunteer is great , ________ _________ .

5. The headmaster saw the children were playing on the playground . (简单句)

The headmaster saw the children __________ on the playground .

三、Translate the sentences according to the tips .

1. 读书不仅能帮助我们获取知识,而且能使我们变得更睿智。 ( not only ...... but also ) __________________________________________________________________

2. 如今越来越多的人关注食品安全。 ( pay attention to )


3. 你应该放弃戒烟。 ( give up )


4. 他如此粗心,以致常常犯错误。 ( so ...... that )


5. 你有足够的耐心教我发电子邮件吗? ( enough )


四、Choose .

( )1. Tony ______ the club and ______ its activities when he was a college student . A, took part in ; joined B., joined ; joined

C, joined ; took part in D, took part in ; took part in

( )2. ——Your classroom looks bright and tidy .

—— It ________ after school every day .

A. Cleans B, cleaned C, is cleaned D, was cleaned

( )3. —— Micheal ______ his new car , an Audi A8 .

—— Yes , he enjoys driving it everywhere .

A, gives up B, takes pride in C, worries about D, makes up

( )4. —— He didn’t go to the concert yesterday , did he ?

—— __________ . He was busy studying for the test all day .

A. No , he didn’t B. Yes , he did C. No , he did D. Yes , he didn’t

( )5. More and more students ______ too much homework and they are really tired of it .

A, complain about B, care about C, learn about D, hear about

( )6. They ______ all their money and they are not rich any longer .

A, ate up B, sold up C, picked up D, used up

( )7. Not only Jim but also his patens _____ a few interesting places since they came to China .

A, will visit B, has visited C, have visited D, visited

( )8. —— Will your younger sister go for a picnic this Saturday ?

—— If I go , ________ .

A, so does she B, so she will C, so will she D, neither does she

( )9. Poor guys ! It _____ when they left the hotel .

A, will rain B, is raining C, was raining D, has rained

( )10. The sports club _____ she has joined is very famous for its service .

A, which B, whom C, when D, where

( )11. —— Could you tell me ________ the Science Museum ?

—— Next Saturday .

A, when will we visit B, when did we visit C, when we visited D, when we will visit

( )12. Have you been hunger ______ that beautiful car ?

A, to B, for C, in D, with

( )13. These _____ are all from No. 1 Middle School . They often _____ to do something helpful . A, volunteer ; volunteers B, volunteers ; volunteers

C , volunteers ; volunteer D, volunteer ; volunteer

( )14. Not only ______ hard , but also she studies well .

A, did she study B, she studied C, does she study D, she studies

( )15. Miss Liu told us ____ the classroom after the meeting .

A, to clean up B, cleaning up C, cleaned up D, clean up

( )16. Did you _____ much money on the car ?

A, cost B, pay C, spend D, take

( )17. The radio says there is going to be a heavy rain later in the day . Let’s _____ planting the trees until

tomorrow .

A, put on B, put up C, put off D, put down

( )18. This math problem is too hard for me to _____ . Cold you help me ?

A, work out B, look out C, hand out D, go out

( )19. Yesterday _____ met me at the train station .

A, my father of a friend B, my father’s a friend

C, a my father’s a friend D, a friend of my father’s

( )20. The kind old man Wu Jinquan from Nantong ______ 966.2 yuan to the disaster area . (灾区) A, filled B, appreciate C, supported D, donated

( )21. ——Thank you for giving me a hand .

—— ________ .

A. That;s all right B. No , no thanks C. It doesn’t matter D. My pleasure

五、Cloze .

It was my first day at the university . Carrying bags of luggage (行李), I _____ slowly into the dormitory building . I looked _____ my name door after door . At last I found it , in the toom , there was already a girl making her ____ .

Smiling shyly , she _____ me with “ How do you do ?” Then , she continued her work , paying no more attention to me . “ What a stuck-up (自大的) fellow” , I thought . Then I began to examine the room . It was no different from any other room I had seen . ______ it had been cleaned by my new roommate , no doubt .

Minutes later , I started to examine her . She was thin , short and dark . Her hair was in a mess . Her dirty clothes and tired _____ were clearly signs of a long journey . Well , her T-shirt was too big for her and her trousers were a bit short , which made her look ______ . What’s more , she wore a pair of old sports shoes , which were out of ______ . In a word , she did not look like a smart freshman (大一新生)at all .

The second time she spoke , her accent(口音)______ me that she was from the south . “ Shall I help you to get your luggage from the ground floor ?” I did not refuse _____ I really needed help . Wow ! She was quick in action . Before I said “Thanks” , she had already walked out of the room and was soon far ahead of me . “ A good guy ,” I said to myself , “ I will make friends with her .” I hurried and caught up with her .

( )1. A, rushed B, entered C, ran D, walked

( )2. A, for B, after C, at D, like

( )3. A, desk B, bed C, bag D, kite

( )4. A, greeted B, talked C, said D, told

( )5. A. So B. And C. But D. When

( )6. A, feeling B, body C, work D, look

( )7. A, funny B, beautiful C, smart D, kind

( )8. A, order B, fashion C, sight D, place

( )9. A, said B, asked C, made D, told

( )10. A, that B, if C, when D, since


Read the passage , fill in the blanks with the right words . Two are unnecessary .

Almost every child in citied has the chance to go to school , but not all the children in the countries are so lucky .

There is a girl ________ Xiao Fang . She is eight years old and _________ in a small village in Guangxi . _________ she was young , she wanted to go to school . But she could not , because her family was too _______ to afford hte school fees for her , so her parents had to keep her at home . _________ of studying , Xiao Fang worked in the fields with her parents every day . The Project Hope heard ________ Xiao Fang . It agreed to help Xiao Fang to go to school . Her wish of study came true , and now she is studying in a school .

Unluckily , there are _________ many thousands of children who can’t go to school . Would you like to _________ Project Hope and help these children ? If you __________ ¥300 to Project Hope every year , it can

pay for one child to go to school for a whole year . With more money , Project Hope can __________ up new schools , buy good desks , chairs , blackboards and books . Let’s help the children together and give them a chance to have a good start in life .

( B )

“ Never judge a book by its cover .” is a famous old saying . This is a good rule to follow when trying to judge the cleverness of others . ___________________ A young man with an unusual talent in writing may find himself speechless in the front of a pretty girl when he speaks . _________________ But don’t make the mistake of thinking him silly , with a pen and paper , he can express himself better than anyone else .

_________________ A student listens carefully and takes notes in class . It seems that he is studying pretty hard . _________________ But because his wrong studying way , when it cames to exams , he may get worse grades than other students in the class .

It all shows this ---- you can’t judge someone by his look . ____________________ Then you can see how he reacts(反应)to different situations . The more situations you see , the better judgments you will have . So take your time , don’t judge a book by its cover ! A: Where also have you been ?

B: And my parents like traveling , too .

C: How do you go there ?

D: Do you still remember something about it ?

E: Where will you go next year ?

F: I hope to go to England some day .

G: When did you go there ?

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