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1 A________ all the students, he is really lazy.

2 You should use c________ sentences in answering questions.

3 Shanghai is bigger than a_____ other city in China.

4 Confucius is r________ as the greatest thinker.

5 There are many who will work hard to a_______ their dreams.

6 --What are you doing now? -- It is none of your b_______.

7 F_____ in each blank with the correct word given.

8 The pen isn't mine, but I can't find the o_____.

9 Don’t worry about things so much. It will make you s_______ out. 10 My life has c________ a lot in the past few years.

11 Peter should be allowed to take a test l_______.

12 I agree with some ideas and d______ with others.

13 A s________ is something such as a chocolate bar that you eat

between meals.

14 Last summer I v_______ at a local hospital to help the sick people. 15 What is the p______ of this passage?

16 She and her classmate became m______ of the school running team. 17What would you do if you had a million d_______?

18 Her shouts drew the a______ of the police.

19 We can e________ become unhappy unless we can deal with our


20 The lake is bright and c_____ like a mirror.

21 I can t_____ from her face that she is pleased with me.

22 Read this passage and answer the f_______ questions.

23 When you apply for a job, it is important to be c_________.

24 More and more people are thinking about how to eat h________. 25 There are a few small d_________ between the twins.

26 I couldn’t sleep well last night because I kept t______ about today’s


27 If you are more careful, you will not make m__________.

28 The farmers in that village are busy g_____vegetables now。

29 The children didn't have to go to school during the winter vacation.

They all enjoyed t_________ every day.

30 If you can't go, let him go i_______.

31 The policeman wanted to see my l__________ when he stopped my


32 My head teacher has a lot of e_________ teaching math, so we like


33 The p________ situation is peaceful, but in the past there was trouble

in this area.

33 It’s very important to choose a p_______ time to visit friends.

34 We should protect e_______ animals.

35 Yesterday we had a d________ about whether we should keep animals

in zoos.

36 The boy p_________ to be doing homework when his father came in. 37 It is less of a problem to be poor than to be d________.

38 The small boat s______ quickly after the water got in through the


39 I don’t think the coat s_____me. It’s too big.

40 Anna is an e_______ girl, she never feels tired.

41 There will be a Chinese painting e______ in the national museum next


42 This is his l_________ photograph but not his last one.

43 My father is a doctor. How about y________?

44 The teacher is giving a_______ on how to swim.

45 After dinner, I often help my mom do the d_______.

46 My grandparents are more than 70, but they are in good h_______. 47 At last, I r_______ that my parents did love me.

48 The cat likes to eat m_______.

49 He's decided to get a look at the house and see if it might be w______


50 There are q_______ a few boys swimming in the river.

51 In your article, there are too many g______ and spelling mistakes. 52 Your n_______ is someone who lives near you.

53 Bella can speak two l_______, French and Chinese.

54 The number after twenty—nine is t______.

55 If a dream comes t_____, it actually happens.

56 If something happens d______, it happens every day.

57 Would you mind c______ the door? It is cold outside.

58 Stephen Hawking is a great s______, who has worked out a lot of

physical problems.

59His legs were so weak that he could h______ stand.

60Shall we meet on W________ or Thursday? --- Either day is fine

with me.

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