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Unit 1 Topic 2 Section D

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David Beckham A famous football player in England.



板球运动 Bobby Charlton A famous cricket player in England.

Listen and mark T(True) or F(False).

1.Most of the English people are sports lovers.
2.Football in England has a history of one hundred

(T ) (F )
( T) ( F)


3.The most interesting part of the English football year is the FA Cup Final each year.

4.Cricket players wear blue clothes and score points by hitting the ball with a bat.

Read 1a again and answer the following questions. 1.What’s the meaning of the underlined word “green”? It means the grass.

2.How many sports are mentioned in the passage? And
what are they? Two. They are football and cricket. 3.What’s the main idea of Paragraph 2 and 3? Football and cricket are famous sports in England.

Complete the sentences according to 1a. 1. Some of the world’s famous sports began from such as England ____________ (例如) football and cricket. a fast game 2. Football is ______________ ( 一种快速游戏 ) played in winter and early spring.

3. ______________________________ With hundreds of years’ history (有着数百年的 历史), football is one of the most popular sports in England.
4. The sports lovers _______ turned most of their main players _______ · · · · · 变成) famous persons. into (把·

5. Players score points __________________________ by hitting the ball with a bat

Will you join us? I’d be glad to _________________. Would you mind teaching me? Not ___________. at all You can do it! Would you mind if I try it again? Certainly ________________. not Please do. Sorry Do you mind not putting your bike here? __________. I’ll put it somewhere else. Would you mind not throwing bottles around? _______________________. I’m sorry about that I won’t do it again. nothing I am sorry for what I said. It’s ____________.

Grammar Subject+ vt. + indirect object + direct object
I kick the ball to you. And you pass me the ball like this.
I’ll kick you the ball again. You can also pass a teammate the ball.

Bring Peter a present.

A 1. —Would you mind helping me with my English? — _______ Let’s go and practice. A. Not at all. B. Don’t mind. C. I’m sorry. D. Sure. C 2. Is it important ________ healthy food. A. eat B. eating C. to eat D. eats C 3. He ______ yesterday. I hope he’ll be well soon. A. fall ill B. falls ill C. fell ill D. fell illness B 4. He always watches TV for a long time after school. His mother is ____. A. so happy B. angry with him C. kind to him D. friendly

C 5. You lied to your mother yesterday. You must say _____ her. A. hello to B. sorry for C. sorry to D. sorry C 6. — I’m sorry I broke your pen. — _____ I have another one. A. You’re welcome. B. That’s right. C. It’s nothing. D. Too bad. B 7. — _________ do you play sports? — Once a week. A. How long B. How often C. How many D. How much

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