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新版英语七年级下册Unit 10 I'd like some noodles Section A(1)

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Go for it for Grade 7

I’d like some noodles.

Step1.Leading in


Revision of the words.








Section A 1a
Match the words with the foods.

beef and tomato noodles noodles with beef and tomatoes


chicken and cabbage noodles noodles with chicken and cabbages


mutton and potato noodles noodles with mutton and potatoes


Step II. Discussing and learning .
Section A 1b

Listen and check the a noodles that the g person orders.

I’m not sure yet. Are there any vegetables in the beef noodles. OK, I’d like the beef noodles, please.

d e f b

What would you like ?

Yes, there are some tomatoes.

Listen and check ( √) the noodles that the person orders.
Special 1 _____ √

beef and tomato noodles.
Special 2_____

chicken and cabbage noodles. mutton and potato noodles.

Special 3_____

Step III .Showing oneself.(课中展示)
Practice the conversation below. Then make your own conversations.

A: Can I help you?

B: Yes, I’d like some noodles.
A: What kind of noodles would you like? B: Beef and tomato noodles, please.

A: B: C: D:

What kind of noodles would you like? I would like… What kind of noodles would she/ he like ? She / He would like…

Would like 句型总结:

一. would like + n. = want + n.
1. -What would you like? = What do you want? - I’d like some noodles.=I want some noodles. 2. -What kind of noodles would you like? - I’d like some beef and potato noodles. What kind of noodles do you want?

-I want some beef and potato noodles.

二. would like to do = want to do
eg: 1. -What would you like to do this Sunday? -I would like to play basketball.

三. 一般疑问句: 情态动词 would 提前: Would sb. like sth. / to do sth.?
eg: I would like some noodles. (变一般疑问句) --Would you like some noodles? --Yes, please. No , thanks.
She would like to go shopping.(变一般疑问句) --Would she like to go shopping? --Yes, I ’ d love to. Sorry/I’d love to ,but ……

四. 否定句:would not like n. / would not like to do eg: I would not like the red tea. I’d like the green tea. They would not like to swim this afternoon.

Important Sentences

fruits would _____ she you he like? drinks 1) What kind of noodles ______

What kind of + n. + would + 主语+like ?
1 1

1 1



tomato and egg

Step IV .Training .(当堂训练)
1.Would you like ____ hot tea?
A. little B. much C. some

(c )
D. any

2. –Would you like to come to dinner today? -I’d like to, ___ I’m too busy. A. and B. so C. but


D. as

3. I would like ___ in my noodles. A. tomatoes and mutton muttons C. tomato and mutton muttons

B. tomatoes and D. tomato and

6. –Bob, would you like to come to the party? A. Yes, I would. No, I don’t.

(B) -________.

B. Yes, I’d love to. C. No, I wouldn’t. D. (A) - _______.

7. -Would you like something to


A. No, thanks. It is not good.

B. Yes, thanks.

C. No, just a little. D.

(B) drink tea in your bedroom! 8. Don’t eat hamburgers ____ A. and B. or C. with D. /

9. We would like _____ (C) small hamburgers. A. eating B. eat C. to eat D. ate

1 New words: noodles, beef, mutton, chicken, cabbage, potato, tomato, special, would. 2 would like 的用法 would like +n would (not) like to do sth. 3 what kind of + n. would you like? 4.What size of + n. would you like?

1.Prevision of the words in next part.

2.Recite the notes and the words (3 times).
3.Exercise in Section A.

Thank you

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