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A new newspaper.

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think about sth.carefully co o n r s i k d e s r the most important c h i e f if w h e t h e r a choice you make after thinking d e c i s i o n p a s s a g e a short section from a book a b i t a little p u b l i s h produce a book to sell e l e c t choose sb. a person who reads r e ade r


Which sections do they come from?

Which sections do they come from?
Local news World news Letters People Sports
Dear Editor, Jackie helps fight I am very excited to tell the spread of you that I have AIDS in China … got A in my Chinese exam. That’s all because of you … ….

Pudong celebrates its 11th year of the development…

The rise in food prices could push 100 million people into poverty, says the head of the


Unknown man from Puxi wins the competition! ……

What did they do?
Who? Where? When?


They held a meeting.

Read the introduction and underline the answers

1. When did they hold the meeting?
Soon after the term started.

2. Who were these students?
Some Grade Eight students.

3. Where did they hold the meeting?
At Mayfield School.

4. Why did they hold the meeting?
Because they wanted to publish a newspaper.

Listen to Para1 and catch the names of the
students who took part in the meeting






Read Para2-7 quickly and match the paragraphs with their general ideas on your paper.


They made a list of some other things they should discuss


Step2 They elected a secretary


They elected the chief editor Step1


Step3 The chief editor made other members know their jobs

Read Para2-5 again and finish the table on your paper.

student Joyce Arthur Tony Millie Pansy

The chief editor a secretary

why others specific chose him/her work(具体工作)
She had experience He also had experience takes charge of the meeting takes notes for the meeting


are responsible for different sections

Suppose you are one of the 5 students, introduce your job.
I’m Joyce, I’m ____(job)_____. the chief editor I ____________ take charge of the meeting, because I had experience. I’m Arthur, I’m_______, the secretary take notes I __________for the meeting, because I had experience ______________.

I’m Pansy. I’m Millie. I’m Tony.

editors We are________, We are responsible different sections for_______________ of the paper.

Read Para 5-7 and underline the questions students should discuss.

Which sections would they have?

How often should they publish the newspaper? Should the newspaper be free to readers, or should they pay for it?
What should they call it? Mayfield Sun Mayfield Mirror Mayfield Star

Read Para 8 and find the answers
Did they make a decision at that meeting? No, they didn’t. When would they make a decision about the name? At the next meeting.

How soon would they have the next meeting?
In one week’s time.

Discuss in groups
Suppose you and your group members are these 5

students, you are holding the second meeting

discuss these questions now. Eg, Which sections should we have? How often should we publish the newspaper? Should the newspaper be free to readers? What should we call it? … …

Discuss in groups
Make your group members clear their roles:

I am the chief editor Joyce.

I am the secretary Arthur.
I am the editor Pansy.

I am the editor Mille.
I am the editor Tony.

Joyce: Now, let’s hold our second meeting. First, which section will we have? Tony: We will have _ (section 1)__ and _(section 2)__. Pansy: We will have _(section 3)______. Joyce: But who will be responsible for (section 1)/ (section 2)/(section 3) _? Tony/Millie/Pansy: I will be responsible for it. Joyce: OK, that’s great. But how often should we publish the newspaper? Tony: We should publish it ___________________. Joyce: Should the newspaper be free for the readers or should readers pay for it? Pansy: ____________________________________________. Joyce: That’s fine. The last question is : What should we call it? Millie: I think _____or_____ is good. Pansy: I like ________________. Tony: I prefer ______________. Joyce: Let’s decide by vote. (进行表决). Who agrees to ___/___/___? (Students raise hands to vote) Joyce: OK. We will call it __________________. Since we have solved all the problems, we can end our meeting. Thank you for everyone.


________and ___ will be the members of our new newspaper. _____ will be ________. She will _________ the meeting because ________________________________. _______ will be ______. ____will ___________ for the meeting because ______________________________. ________ are ____. They are responsible for different sections. We have many sections, such as _______. _________ will be responsible for the _________. _________ will be responsible for the _________. _________ will be responsible for the _________. After discussing for a long time, we reached an agreement about the following problems: We will publish our newspaper ___________. (How often) The news paper should be __________ for readers. (Readers need to pay ___________ for each newspaper.) We will call the newspaper ____________________ (Title)


Unity is strength.

1.Design a new newspaper for our class. 2.Read the text for 15 minutes.

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