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Unit 1 Topic 2 Section B

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Match the verbs in Box A with the words in Box B to make phrases.

A do say talk shout be have try

B angry with fun at well in about one’s best sorry to

Phrase do well in say sorry to talk about shout at be angry with have fun try one’s best

Then use the correct forms of phrases to complete the sentences.

1. I’ll __________ try my best to finish my homework on time.
better in 2. They want to keep trying anddo __________ math next time. shout at me!” 3. She was angry and said, “Don’t __________

4. He was late again. His teacher _____________ was angry with him. 5. Mr. Smith is ____________ talking about the football game with his teammates. 6. Kangkang should ____________ say sorry to Michael. 7. We ______ had a lot of ______ fun at Sally’s birthday party.

Listen to 1a and find out the answer.

Why is Kangkang fighting with Michael?
Because Michael didn’t pass the ball.

Watch the flash and mark T (True) or F (False). 1. The word “fight” means “talk in an angry way”.

2. Michael and Kangkang are fighting because Michael didn’t pass the ball. ( 3. Michael is good at soccer and he did his best. (

) )

4. Jane and Maria are sure Michael will do better next time. ( )

Read 1a and fill in the blanks. Then retell the story.

Kangkang and Michael’s team lost the soccer game and then they had a _________. Kangkang was angry with fight shouted at him because Michael wouldn’t Michael and __________ pass the ball to him. With the help of Maria and Jane, ______ sorry to Michael, and they learned Kangkang said _______ teamwork ___________ is very important. The girls were sure fun next time. Michael will do better and have more ______

Try to repeat the information you have read in another way. It can help you learn English better.

Study the example and rewrite the following sentences.


Please give me the book. = Please give the book to me.

give +


= give +

+ to +

direct object 直接宾语

indirect object 间接宾语

Study the example and rewrite the following sentences.

1. You can also pass a teammate the ball. You can also pass the ball to a teammate. 2. Please throw me the ball. Please throw the ball to me. 3. My dad bought a basketball for my brother. My dad bought my brother a basketball. 4. Bring Peter a present. Bring a present for Peter. 5. I made a big cake for my grandfather. I made my grandfather a big cake.

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