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Unit2 Topic 1 Section C

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What’s wrong with him? He has a toothache. What should he do? He should go to see a dentist.

What’s the matter with the woman? She has a fever. What should she do? She should drink plenty of boiled water.

What’s wrong with the man? He has a backache. What shouldn’t he do? He shouldn’t lift heavy things.

What’s the matter with her? She has a stomachache. What shouldn’t she do? She shouldn’t drink cold water.

drink hot tea with honey. see a doctor. eat ice cream or candy. You’d better take some cold pills. You’d better not stay in bed. You should drink plenty of boiled water. play football too long. You shouldn’t have a good rest. eat hot food.

Modal Verbs (Ⅰ): should/shouldn’t; had better/had better not

You ___________________ see a dentist. should/had better
shouldn’t/had better not drink coffee or tea in the evening. You ___________________

should/had better take some medicine. You ___________________
shouldn’t/had better not go to school today. You ___________________

well You don’t look _________ . have a toothache/a cold / a cough / a backache I _______ / a fever / the flu / a stomachache / a headache. hear that. feeling terrible! I am sorry to _____ I’m ________ How long have you been like this? ___________ How are you feeling, Nick? _____

Take two pills, three times a day. ______

What happened to Michael? He hurt his left leg. How long should he stay at home? A week.

Maria, Jane and Kangkang come to visit Michael at his home.

1 Listen to 1a and mark T(True) or F(False).
1. Michael’s right leg still hurts when he moves it. ( )

2. Michael’s friends brought some food and fruit for him. ( )
3. Kangkang asked Michael not to move his leg too much. ( ) 4. Michael had better stay in bed and have a rest. ( )

5. Michael’s friends will help him
with his lessons. ( )

M, J & K: Hey, Michael. How are you feeling today? Michael: Not too bad. But my left leg still hurts when I move it. for your flowers and fruit. Oh, thank you ______ Kangkang: Don’t worry! Your X-rays show it’s _______ nothing ________. serious Maria: You ______ had _____ better stay in bed and not move your left leg

Read 1 and fill in the blanks.

_____ too _______. much Michael: Yes, I will. But I’m worried about my lessons. Jane: _____ ___ Have a ____ good_____ rest and don’t worry about
it. We can _____ your study. help you ________ with get Kangkang: ________ Follow the doctor’s advice, and you’ll ______ _______soon. well Michael: Thanks a lot.


Written work
Michael@hotmail.com Some advice

Dear Michael, I’m very sorry to hear that you had an accident. better stay in bed and not Are you OK now? You’d ____________________________ move your leg too much. Follow the doctor’s ____________________________________________ advice and you will get well soon. ____________________________________________ Yours sincerely, Wang Yuyue

1. — I have a terrible toothache.
see _____ a dentist — I’m sorry

to hear that. You should_____ _____ .

2. She has a bad cold. She ______ ______ had ______ better not drink cold water.
What’s _________ wrong _________ with _______ you , Lily ? 3. —________ — I feel terrible, Mum.

4. — I hope you will get well soon. — _________ . Thank __________ you
Why ________ don’t _______ you have a good rest? 5. ______ (你为什么不) worry ________ about me. I will get well in two 6. Don’t _______ days. (担心)

B 7. Thank you ________ these beautiful flowers. A. at B. for C. of D. to 8. You’d better _______ in the sun. C A. not reading B. not to read C. not read D. don’t read 9. Please buy me some chocolate. = Please buy some chocolate _______ for _______ me .

call ____ a ______ taxi ? (叫出租车) 10. Could you please _______ fell off her bike and _______ hurt herself 11. She ______ seriously last Sunday.(fall/hurt) 12. Michael returned home yesterday.

didn’t______ go home _______ until yesterday. = Michael ______

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